Prometheus (2012) Review

It’s a good Sci-Fi film with great acting and an interesting plot, but sadly it wasn’t a great Sci-Fi film and definitely wasn’t this generations Alien. But I would love to see a sequel which could easily fix the problems I found with this film.

Ridley Scott, director of Alien and Blade Runner, returns to the genre he helped define. With Prometheus, he creates a ground-breaking mythology, in which a team of explorers discover a clue to the origins of mankind on Earth, leading them on a thrilling journey to the darkest corners of the universe. There, they must fight a terrifying battle to save the future of the human race.

The best advice I can give to anyone going to see this film would be not to have your expectations to the level that the hype has put it. Tim’s Film Reviews Recommended, just don’t expect it to be as good as Alien.


This is the best poster I have seen for a while.

Just as always I will not be giving away any spoilers so you don’t have to worry about reading this review before seeing the film, although you may wish to wait until you have seen the film. To start off let’s talk about the acting. The acting was very professional and you could feel the emotion but the main flaw I found with the characters and the film in general were that you couldn’t connect with the people. The main character Elizabeth Shaw (Noomi Rapace) was the exception to this with a fantastically realistic but strong character who survives at all costs, credit goes to her with a great performance as Ellen Ripley replacement. Sadly the characters you start to like (Captain Janek) get very little screen time and the one you don’t really care about (Charlie) get time that was more boring than interesting. Then there’s my main fault with this film, the crew don’t really mix very well and you get this feeling like their all in their own little worlds rather than experiencing something as a group so in that respect it loses some of its authenticity.

Think I have moaned enough about the characters now, so let’s talk about something more fun like the visuals. The special effects, physical props and visual landscape shots where both excellent viewing and brilliantly immersive to the universe that Ridley Scott’s created. There’s nothing quite like being four rows from the screen of an IMAX 3D showing of Prometheus and I would definitely recommend that experience. At one point the spaceship felt like it was landing two feet from your seat and that was a little shocking. The best thing I felt about this films look was the way that the ships interiors and the alien building was all real and built in the Pinewood Studios which gave everything a realistic touch which helps to bring you closer to believing your in that world.

Must Watch Trailer:

The best review I found would be “While it lacks Alien’s ferocious simplicity and focus, Scott’s determination to see his often loopy ideas through gives his film a single-minded vigour rarely found in pictures of this scale.” Robbie Collin. This is a good summary of the film really because the plot is very much its own. If nothing else this film is not like any other and for that Ridley Scott has made a great addition to his Sci-Fi resume. My favourite scene without giving anything away would be the end scene of the film and if you have seen alien you will know why, but the other would probably be anything involving the Android David (Michael Fassbender) because he was such a great character and played brilliantly by Michael Fassbender who was being great as always, so if there is a sequel which after watching the film I think there most likely will be then I’d hope that they bring David back but give him more face time and a better physical presence.

Finally I would like to address the question of whether Prometheus is a prequel to the Alien film. In my opinion it certainly was a prequel and the film does nothing but leave clues to the original films plot and origins. The end gives you the strongest connection to the original; they couldn’t have made that last scene more revealing to the alien origins if you saw the crew of the Nostromo land five minutes after the credits end. Simply put though this film needed to be more like alien and have a more structured and sensible plot that wouldn’t confuse viewers, I did feel that the film alienated (pure coincidence that I used that word) people who wouldn’t get some of the more subtle and complicated plot strands. So go watch it because the film is a great viewing pleasure and I would love to hear everyone’s views about the film in the comments section so we can have a little discussion.

I will be releasing more reviews and more recent films I have seen in Cinema.

To see more reviews I would recommend the site Rotten Tomatoes:

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26 responses to “Prometheus (2012) Review”

  1. colincarman says :

    An awesome poster indeed and I doubt we’ll see a smarter sci-fi film this summer


  2. wordschat says :

    I haven’t seen the Alien movies so this prequel was an introduction for me. There were more questions than answers but I guess that was the idea. Michael Fassbender who seems to be in everything I see in theatres and DVD lately was very good. I could watch another movie just based on his character. Again enjoyed reading the review.


  3. Franz Patrick says :

    I’m in the 1% but I loved the movie. I actually liked it better than “Aliens.” (“Alien” remains untouchable… for now. Or maybe ever.) Just to make sure my feeling is correct, I went ahead and re-watched “Alien” and “Aliens” the same day I saw this movie. And I am right. =P

    That “resurrection” scene creeped me the fuck out. Good stuff.


    • Tim The Film Guy says :

      I actually changed the rate from 89% to 91% after the second time I watched it because you get it a little more, so it crossed good to very good 🙂

      Alien reigns supreme!

      Really need a better system than using good and very good, i”ll come up with something more creative 😀


  4. Derek says :

    I was disappointed but still didn’t hate it or think it was a bad movie. It just had far more flaws than I expected going in based on the hype and the pedigree of everyone involved especially Ridley Scott.
    I did find that I almost immediately had issues with he pacing though. Things just felt off throughout the 2 hours and change


  5. fogsmoviereviews says :

    ABSOLUTELY a prequel. LOL.

    There’s no doubt anymore, is there? 😀

    We agree on this one Tim, definitely. David was my favorite character, too… unfortunately I dont think we were given a lot of other options, you know?


    • Tim The Film Guy says :

      Yeah definitely a prequel! wish we had more of David from the viral campaigns and stuff. I do think Noomi Rapace did a good job as a female lead though, not quite a Sigourney Weaver 😀


  6. theipc says :

    I thought this was pretty awesome but it wasn’t as awesome-awesome as the awesome I hoped it would be…


  7. conordcfc says :

    Brilliant review! Felt you really told a lot about the film, whilst carefully ensuring not to give away any spoilers! Check out my review if you find the time, thanks!


  8. Ripley Connor says :

    The film doesn’t open until Thursday at midnight where I live. Were the aliens depicted well or did Ridley rely on stereotypes of us as evil villains? I am excited to see my dad’s college buddy, Ben, play David. Everyone thinks that’s Fassbender but actually Ben, a terminator, plays the android.


  9. Cheesebadger says :

    The internet seems to be collectively disappointed by the movie, Then again the internet is obsessed with fucking cartoon ponies and still thinks Lost ended with everyone being dead the whole time, so the internet is not to be trusted.


    • Tim The Film Guy says :

      I think the internet is a little divided as to what was wrong with the film, to me it was the character development but to others it was the script, plot or direction so depends where you read 🙂

      haha not sure were on the internet you are looking to find cartoon ponies but it doesn’t sound fun 😀


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