Winner of The Best of Bruce Willis

Since the ‘Expendables 2’ is coming out next month I thought it would be fun to do ‘the best of’ for the three biggest action stars, done Schwarzenegger a while ago and will link that below, this is obviously Willis’s best films and next week I will be doing Stallone’s best films. Just to point out that although films like ‘Pulp Fiction’ are excellent Willis was not the main character so will not be on the list. But that won’t hold back Bruce because he has done some great films mainly action but also some great Sci-Fi which makes me a fan.

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The Best Of Bruce Willis


What’s the Best Bruce Willis Film? Results



Die Hard (1988)

“Yippie Ki Yay Motherfucker” Can’t believe I haven’t reviewed this before. Bad German and his henchmen take over office building near Christmas and have plenty of hostages, but one of those hostages is cops wife who is in the air vents causing havoc. Cop kills henchman, this annoys Hans then he falls out of a window and it finishes. I really love this film and I am not quite sure why I described the film in a very stupid way just then, still it’s a great action film and easily one of my all-time favourites. You can watch this film over and over again and it’s still fun. Tim’s Film Reviews Recommended.


I think the main thing to think about when talking about this film is that it can only be unique once and this easily was a unique action film with its office building setting, one good guy against a bunch of bad guy thieves and that whole feeling that this guy seriously needs a holiday after this like no one has ever before needed a holiday. With the sequel it didn’t really meet up because it was fairly similar but then it’s next sequels where very good because they both had new ideas and scenarios to go with. As for the characters it was perfect because of the sheer contrast between the villain Hans Gruber (Alan Rickman) and John McClane (Bruce Willis), This kind of chemistry of distain for each other is what I think is missing from most action films today because they don’t seem to grasp what causes conflict, which is contrast. My favourite scene would have to be when Hans pretends to be one of the hostages and does an accent, that whole scene was a perfect example of what made this film great which is the chemistry between its two mains.

Must Watch Trailer:

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4 responses to “Winner of The Best of Bruce Willis”

  1. Novroz says :

    Die hard has no competition there 😉


    • Tim The Film Guy says :

      This wasn’t really a surprise winner to anyone haha, the Schwarzenegger poll did surprise me though as predator beat terminator, it wasn’t just me voting for it i promise haha 😀


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