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I am watching Dredd 3D tonight so will be posting my review of that tomorrow hopefully. For now though I thought I would give my followers some information on how I actually give my scores to films and why I chose this form of rating system. Nah only kidding I am crazy and most of the Stuff i do is based on random thought processes. Please enjoy my nonsense. Oh and tell me if you are watching Dredd 3D tonight or if not you better have a good explanation for why not! I’ll except living in the USA because they sadly have to wait until the 21st. Oh and I recently reached 20,000 views so I thought that was really good (if I don’t say so myself haha).

This is essentially what my score comes down to.

Story  : 100
Acting  : 100
Visuals  : 100
Dialogue  : 100
Film specific  : 100
Style  : 100
Characters : 100

Mean Total  : 100

This is how my score for Total Recall (2012) turned out.

Story  :  60
Acting  :  60
Visuals  :  100
Dialogue  :  40
Fights/Chases  :  60
Style  : 60
Characters  :  40

Mean Total  : 60

Don’t ask me why it’s out of 100 but I don’t want to change it, so yeah I don’t have any explanation for it. But I will explain what I like in those categories I just wrote down.

Story: Generally stories change from film to film but I tend to like originality and something that makes you think about worlds in other peoples imagination, and that is why I love Sci-fi because it can go mad and all over.

Acting: Acting skill is what this category needs to score high, most films have actors that confuse good acting with crying and screaming but I believe that good acting is better found in the subtleties in a characters performance. A powerful performance can be easily done with shouting but great skill is when an actor can create an atmosphere even in silence.

Visuals: Now this category is one I put to when the film is made for example I wouldn’t say that Jason and the Argonauts visuals where terrible because today’s effects are so improved, that wouldn’t be fair as at the time those visuals where the best around and would get a 100 for that fact.

Dialogue: This category is basically whether or not I like what the characters say and how they are said, each film should have it’s own style in portraying this category. For example Arnold Schwarzenegger one liners where great and the Jokers lines out of the dark knight are great but wouldn’t necessarily mix well in the either of their films.

Film specific: This will change from film to film for example the total recall review had Fights/ chases but a comedy would have Humor or a horror would have Kills as the category.

Style: Style is just something that I will be judging a films feel and atmosphere and also it’s back story’s affect on the film. Style is kind of a gut feeling when you watch a film so it’s hard to explain.

Characters: This comes down to whether or not I liked the characters in the film, you would think this would be the same as acting but not necessarily as sometimes I will like a character even if the acting isn’t necessarily great and vice verse, sometimes I think the acting is great but I don’t necessarily like the characters.

61 – 100 is in green meaning it is in the good range

41 – 60 is in orange meaning it is in the average Range

0 – 40 is in red meaning it is in the bad Range

Basically the opposite of Rotten Tomatoes.

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  1. The Focused Filmographer says :

    Thanks for the breakdown. I think that’s great that you provide that!


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