The Last Boy Scout (1991) Review

I got told that I would like this film after my Unstoppable review so decided to watch it yesterday and I liked it, it was fun and in Tony Scott’s style. It does the normal buddy cop film but that doesn’t mean it can’t be a little different with real intrigue into the characters back stories. The film is Bruce Willis going back to what he does best as a man who is good at his job but has trouble with his family and is in the wrong place at the wrong time (sounds very familiar).

Producer Joel Silver, director Tony Scott, and screenwriters Shane Black and Greg Hicks team up for this gridiron-set action thriller. Bruce Willis stars as Joe Hallenbeck, who was once a top-of-the-line Secret Service agent but has since become an alcoholic, flea-bag detective. While performing the chores of a two-bit shamus, he discovers his wife Sarah (Chelsea Field) is having an affair with his best friend. Joe is hired to protect Cory (Halle Berry), a stripper who has been getting death threats; Joe begins to sober up when Cory is blown to smithereens. Cory’s boyfriend, Jimmy Dix (Damon Wayans), was at one time a NFL football quarterback, but was thrown out of the game for gambling and addiction to Demerol. Smelling something fishy, Joe and Jimmy begin to investigate further and discover layers of corruption in professional football circles, leading up to Sheldon Marcone (Noble Willingham), a corrupt team owner who wants to pay off legislators to legalize gambling on pro football games.

Tim’s Film Reviews Recommended

Story: 75%       Acting: 75%      Visuals: 70%      Dialogue: 70%

Fights/chases: 80%      Style/Sound: 65%      Characters: 80%

Total: 73%

To start off let’s talk about the acting. All the characters seemed great and Bruce Willis always does great in these roles so I think he was in his element. I liked the way all the characters who would be in peril are made to be relatable to the audience and I think it worked because I liked the two main guys and I didn’t want them to die (that is the point people). Now let’s talk about the action scenes. The action scenes were very well laid out and for the most part very fluent with great fun chases and gun fights that seem to be very extreme at time but I prefer my gun fights that way, super explosive at times. Some of the best parts of this film are the characters Bruce and Damon getting to know each other and learning their pasts and eventually learning why they are in the circumstances they are now in.

The starts of this film really makes you guess what these guys where really about as it didn’t give you a great deal to go off, Joe was a down in the dumps and sleeping in his car, Jimmy was a wash out football player but has some morals in that he wouldn’t let a girl get drowned by a asshole. So now let’s talk about the visuals. The special effects in this film were Pretty normal for these kinds of film and never really showed anything amazing but it does go for some strong violence and gun play which I liked as a fan of over the top violence (muhahahaha). The best thing I felt about this films feel was the way that everything moved fast and didn’t really sit still for too long which made for quick and exciting viewing, plus the dialogue was really fun to go along with (In true Tony Scott style).

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The best reviews I found would be “The movie has a lot of laughs, its action sequences are thrilling, its surprises are startling, and it shows a real ingenuity in the ways by which it gets Willis into, and out of, trouble.” Roger Ebert. Roger you are an old favourite and I like his summaries because he gets it right mostly (Thrilling, Surprising and lots of laughs),  but I also liked this review “A slick, big-budget exploitation movie that’s preposterous, foul-mouthed and gratuitously violent, but also a great deal of fun. ” Chuck O’Leary. The films plot is rather out there but it is really fun and so it can’t be faulted because you are laughing too much. My favourite scene would have to be the scene in which Joe is making jokes at the people going to kill him so they are distracted, Willis can pull those scenes off really well.

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14 responses to “The Last Boy Scout (1991) Review”

  1. Nostra says :

    One of those movies which I always enjoy watching. It’s a lot of fun!


  2. jmount43 says :

    I have been so in love with Tony Scott’s “True Romance” for so long that I have forgotten all about this little gem of his. This is one of the best buddy movies I’ve ever seen. Thanks for bringing back some good memories, Tim. TLBS is not a perfect movie, but it is a fun ride all the way thanks to Willis and Wayans.


  3. theipc says :

    Like Mark said – “Touch me again and I’ll kill ya…” good good stuff. There’s a line in there that has kind of stuck with me ever since when: “This ain’t no game, Flash”. If you’ve ever happened by the staff page at my place, that’s how The Flash got her nickname : )


  4. Ben says :

    This was one of my favourite films as a kid. Willis at his action hero best. They don’t make films this over-the-top anymore and its damn shame!


  5. CMrok93 says :

    I just didn’t like this flick. Some of it was funny and some of it was entertaining, but it seemed as if it was trying way, way too hard and just didn’t do anything for me. Never been a huge fan of Scott and all that he’s done but it’s still sad to see him go. Nice review Tim.


  6. Mark Walker says :

    It’s been waaay too long since I seen this Tim. I do remember really liking it also. One of Scott’s better movies. Nice review man.


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