Thanks, Info and Funny stuff

Ok this post is basically to talk a little bit about my site stats. Thanks to people who have given me awards for blogging and what have you. Next will be information about my site such as top commenters, most popular posts and where most of my referrals come from. Lastly will be the funniest Searches that got to my site which sometimes really make me laugh. Oh and that trilogy poll will close tonight, so get voting.

Thanks Guys

Thank you to everyone who follows my blog. Either following the blog itself or through my Facebook page or twitter account. Currently I have 104 following the site, 146 following on Twitter and 31 likes on Facebook. So thank you guys because I never thought that I would get that many people following my site.

I have gotten a surprising amount of awards but I can only recall the ones who told me through my about page, so I will just state the ones I can find and what they gave me. I would also recommend each of these blogs because they are all great.

The Liebster Award from Claratsi

Versatile Blogger Award from Misty Layne

One Lovely Blog Award from Ripley Conner

I am also an honorary alien-human-terminator, this is the ultimate award!

The Liebster Award from words chat

The Liebster Award from Written in Blood

The Versatile Blogger Award from LOstnWOnderland

I honestly don’t get why I am nominated for these awards, I wouldn’t say I was lovely or versatile but I am an alien-human-terminator. So if you want to know how to succeed follow these rules to success from Mr Burns below.


Information, stats and what not

I started this site on the 13th April this year just to do stupid little reviews because I watched way too many films and my friends said I should write them down. First day I somehow managed to get 6 views which I think was 3 from me and 3 from friends who knew about the site. In average my site gets about 133 views a day which to me is really cool. I have since starting my reviews gotten over 22,000 hits which still shock me. The bulk of my views seem to come from the USA which is interesting because I would have assumed that most would come from the UK my native lands.

Most of my Referrals have come from Google search which isn’t really surprising but some of the search terms are very funny and I will be putting my favourite ones at the end. Then from Facebook which I think will be my friends so thanks to them. I got a few from the Grizzly Bomb which is a great site which I also write for from time to time. Lastly there are a bunch of referrals from other blogs that have me noted on their sites blog rolls, recommended sites that kind of stuff so thank you everyone who has me on there as it helped me a lot.

Now for who comments the most on my site, I know who you are.

#1 – Misty Layne with a total of 51 comments!

#2 – Terrence Faulkner of The Focused Filmographer with a total of 26 comments!

#3 – AWR atothewr with a total of 24 comments!

#4 – Isaac of theipc with a total of 22 comments!

#5 – Dan of Dan The Man’s Movie Reviews with a total of 21 comments!

Funny Search Terms

The following searches are genuinely what people put into Google and found my site. First off I will be going through the top 5 funniest searches and then I will go through which have been searched the most to get to my site. This gives me a real insight into my readers.


#1 – ‘ben stiller as gandalf’ easily winning this list.

#2 – ‘ted fights duck’ it happens and I did talk about it but it still makes me laugh.

#3 – ‘worst 2011 film blog’ that’s just mean!

#4 – ‘my fav couple twilight’ get off my site!

#5 – ‘sci fi movies flying creature’ Never mentioned flying creatures, not once.


Top 5 Seaches

  1. comedy movies 2000 to 2012      46
  2. top 10 comedy movies 2000 to 2012        37
  3. blade 2 cover     31
  4. the amazing spider-man (2012) review  25
  5. iron sky ships  25

Best is somebody searched ‘tim the film guy’ 5 times, IAM FAMOUS!


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24 responses to “Thanks, Info and Funny stuff”

  1. mistylayne says :

    What can I say, I like your site! 😉 Great job with all the hits and stats. 🙂


  2. Nic says :

    I get a lot of hits related to orgies for my site. My best guess is I reviewed “A Good Old Fashioned Orgy” once.

    There seems to be theme revolving around sex and nudity. Maybe that’s the true secret to getting views. Sexy stuff.


    • Tim The Film Guy says :

      Surprisingly I don’t get too many searches about orgies, but at the same time I write for another site which gets most of its results off Google images (if you know what I mean). Haha 😀


  3. AndyWatchesMovies says :

    Way to go, Tim!
    Out of curiosity…Do you think you delivered Ben Stiller as Gandalf?


  4. sidekickreviews says :

    About 70% of my hits are from Google Image Search. I’m envious of your “flying creature” while I get searches for actress name followed by “naked or nude”!? 🙂


  5. atothewr says :

    Thanks for the nod. I think I just added another comment to my total. Keep up the good work.


  6. Ripley Connor says :

    Thanks so much for the plug! We both started our blogs the same day except you are WAY more popular. Again more prejudice against us alien-terminator-humans. This world is so sad.


  7. The Focused Filmographer says :

    Haha. A real fun post Tim! Thanks for sharin the stats…always fun. Love ur page. Dont get around as often as I’d like. But It’s always fun. Thanks and keep up the great work man.


  8. theipc says :

    I come here 132 times a day to see if you’ve put me on your blogroll yet but it’s never there… then you mention me in your text and still don’t link to me… WTH Tim??? Just Kidding of course – keep up the good work!!


  9. Brian says :

    I come here for the flying creatures, I stay for the duck fighting.


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