The Campaign (2012) Review

The campaign isn’t really clever but it is really funny and if you don’t laugh at something in this film there is something wrong with you. If you like Will Ferrell (Anchorman) then this won’t disappoint as he is still doing what he does best. Zach Galifianakis (The Hangover) worked great with will Ferrell in this and would love to see them together again. The satire could have been smarter considering the upcoming elections but neither the less it’s still worth watching because it’s funny as hell. And Dylan McDermott’s character Tim Wattley (American Horror Story) was absolutely hysterical and I can’t believe he wasn’t in any trailer. That scene where he is in the kitchen put in tears, he plays such a good serious person.

When long-term congressman Cam Brady (Will Ferrell) commits a major public gaffe before an upcoming election, a pair of ultra-wealthy CEOs plot to put up a rival candidate and gain influence over their North Carolina district. Their man: naïve Marty Huggins (Zach Galifianakis), director of the local Tourism Center. At first, Marty appears to be the unlikeliest possible choice but, with the help of his new benefactors’ support, a cutthroat campaign manager and his family’s political connections, he soon becomes a contender who gives the charismatic Cam plenty to worry about. As Election Day closes in, the two are locked in a dead heat, with insults quickly escalating to injury until all they care about is burying each other, in this mud-slinging, back-stabbing, home-wrecking comedy.

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Story: 70% Acting: 80% Visuals: 70% Dialogue: 90%

Giggles ‘hehehe’: 80% Style/Sound: 50% Characters: 70%

Total: 73%

To start off let’s talk about the acting. The characters weren’t too complex so there not a great deal to talk about in that category, however the two mains are a couple a weirdoes which kept making me laugh so I don’t mind at all. Oh and I have said it before but the guy from American Horror Story was so funny, his scenes were so weird but he did it with that straight emotionless stare that just kept getting to me (hahaha). Who else was good? Oh Sarah Baker was quite funny and I find her funny in that new show ‘Go On’. Dan Aykroyd and John Lithgow played two very funny billionaire financers who like to buy their way into government, wound have like to see more of them as I love their work. I am a fan of his from the IT Crowd and I am glad he is moving into film and I hope this failing film doesn’t hamper that.

Check out the trailer:

Sadly with this film there isn’t a great deal to review, it made me laugh but I can’t really say why without giving away spoilers. I liked the satire used against some of the US politics actually pretty much any political system. The humour is non-specific but its crude at times and never subtle, from the snakes to someone getting shot it is simple but extremely funny when it works.

The best reviews I have found are these “If you’re solemnly looking for contemporary political observation, this isn’t the film for you. But laughs come rolling off the production line a-plenty.” Peter Bradshaw. Yeah it is not a smart affair but it does keep the laughs going. Also “The Campaign gets by on its stars’ comic compatibility and a relentless stream of jokes, many of which are laugh-out-loud funny. “Simon Braund. It does its best by throwing jokes at you relentlessly, hey are you laughing yet? No! How about now? These are so good here’s a bad one “Who says political satire is dead? Most of the audience for The Campaign will say it.” Nigel Andrews. I don’t agree but its still really funny. My funniest scene would be either the snake bite which is much funnier than the small clip on the trailer or any of the weird scenes with Tim Wattley, it’s not because he is named Tim! (It might be)

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15 responses to “The Campaign (2012) Review”

  1. CMrok93 says :

    It has the perfect opportunity to be a biting satire, but just ends up playing it safe and going down the route of a goofy comedy. No problem with that, but the comedy isn’t as funny as I would have liked to hope. Good review Tim.


  2. The Focused Filmographer says :

    I skipped this one along with casa de mi padre. It will be a Netflix movie for me. Nice review though. Abt what I’d expect.


  3. Natalie Stendall says :

    I really enjoyed The Campaign. It’s not super clever but it doesn’t need to be, it still gets a pretty strong message across with loads of silly laughs.


  4. sidekickreviews says :

    I’ve only watched maybe two Will Farrell movies ever … talledega nights and old school. I might check this out when it’s on DVD.


  5. ckckred says :

    I liked this one. I’m a fan of Will Ferrell, and the movie made me laugh. I also liked some of the satire that was added. Nice review.


  6. Nostra says :

    Looking forward to seeing this as it seems like a silly enjoyable film. Probably will be a while before it’s available over her though…


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