Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn (Live Action) Web Series Review

This is the first time I have ever reviewed a Web series but this one is really quite good and I thought I would promote it and give it a sparkling review because I want this in a full length film. The series is to pre date the Halo 4 game story that is now out and certainly does well for promoting the Halo universe and develops a fantastic character group consisting of fresh recruits which is a good place to start. The visuals in this film are spectacular considering relative low budget and nothing looked phony like most video game adaptations. This series isn’t just for fans of the Halo game series who want more, it’s also for people who haven’t even seen the game before. Not a huge fan of the game myself but I have played a couple of the games and this Web series seriously makes me want to get the new release.

In 2525, as mankind has begun to colonise space, a group of cadets are training to fight against human insurrectionists. One of these cadets, Thomas Lasky, has doubts about his abilities as a soldier and his convictions for this war. Whilst he struggles with himself, the planet is invaded by an unknown alien race. Reeling under the assault, Lasky and his squad mates are rescued by John-117, one of the UNSC’s legendary SPARTAN-II super-soldiers. John must inspire Lasky to fulfill his potential as a soldier and a leader to fight against an enemy deadlier than any that humanity has faced before.

Tim’s Film Reviews Recommended.

Story: 85%       Acting: 90%      Visuals: 100%      Dialogue: 80%

The Sci-Fi: 90%      Style/Sound: 85%      Characters: 90%

Total: 88%

To start off let’s talk about the acting. The acting was very good for the most part and really surprising because whenever I hear young actors I instantly think they will be bad but they actually weren’t at all and where really quite convincing. The main characters in the film where really well developed and played out much more like a film than a TV series and if you watch the series back to back then that’s how it plays out. Something that kept popping into my mind when watching this series was why is this better than almost all of the game adaptations I have seen before, why have they managed to grasp the concept of the Halo universe and develop real characters when so many other films have failed to even come close. All I can say on the matter is if you are making a game adaptation then keep a close eye on what has been achieved here. Tom Green who plays the main character in this story is actually really good and I will be keeping an eye on his career. Even Master Chief was acted out pretty well by Daniel Cudmore who I think played Colossus in X-Men. But one of the most impressive things I felt was how you cared about the characters that die, you learn to know them and then you care what happens.

So let’s talk about something more fun like the visuals. The special effects, physical props and visual landscape shots where both excellent viewing and brilliantly immersive to the world that is the training facility in the Halo universe. In terms of visuals the film just kept getting better and better as the series continued, with explosive action when you first see Master Chief on the scene. I do believe that this series has the largest budget for any web series to date and you can clearly see why and how well they have used the money because there wasn’t a single thing I would say that was wrong with the visuals, seriously most films don’t have some of these visuals which when you think it’s budget is only $10M and its got nearly a full length runtime when put together its really impressive stuff (Stewart Hendler I am keeping an eye on you). There was one thing I was worried about when I started watching this, how would they do Master Chiefs armor  Because I have seen some okay cosplay designs or they could have done some stupid CGI thing but what was made is really great. The look and movement almost looks movie quality and he really gets to kick some ass in this series with gun fights and explosions left right and center when you get to the fourth part in the series.

Must Watch Trailer:

Sadly there aren’t many other reviews out there so I will just skip to what part I found the best. My favourite scene would be the part where you first see Master Chief and he saves the recruits, he just really was cool in his scenes and fights where really spectacular. Oh I also really liked the first set of scenes where the corridors are filled with cadets being killed and scattering in the chaos.

Finally here is your first instalment that I am sure you will enjoy; you can find the other parts to the series in the links at the end of the video. Please enjoy and comment below.

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23 responses to “Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn (Live Action) Web Series Review”

  1. jonoghue says :

    well I hate to feel like the only one with a negative comment, but the main thing I just did not like about forward unto dawn was master chief. they should have at least used Steve downs’s voice, and his dialog was very corny. this is what ruined the show for me. besides that though, it was surprisingly excellent.


  2. jmount43 says :

    Tim, I feel so dumb. I keep seeing your Facebook page off to the side and it has never dawned on me to click the ‘like’ button. I just remedied that!


  3. keith7198 says :

    Good stuff bro! I’m actually watching this right now (while playing through the Halo 4 campaign). Really enjoying it.


  4. Aaron Mulholland says :

    Not pandorum.. paycheck.. I’ve already read your pandorum.


  5. Aaron Mulholland says :

    Very good Sir, and completely agree. I was always into the halo games except Wars, Reach and ODST, so id began to lose interest. I knew i was probably going to buy halo 4, i didn’t know when, probably waited for someone to get it me, but yeah watched that series weekly, and loved it. I was desperate to see the next! I ended up preordering halo 4 because of the series. 🙂 Nice Review Tim.. now get on pandorum.


  6. sidekickreviews says :

    I watched parts 1 -3 so far. After I finish the remaining parts this weekend, I’ll read this review. Cheers!


  7. mistylayne says :

    Interesting. I have a lot of guy friends who play this (I’m not a fan of games like this just cause I find them boring) but the idea of a webseries intrigues me.


  8. Austin 'BishopReview' says :

    We both released reviews on web-series today…how awesome! I have not checked this one out yet, but I intend to soon.

    I’m unsure if you’ve seen the web-series Bumbloods, but if you haven’t I’d urge you to. I posted a link on my review of it.


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