The Walking Dead (Season 1) Review

This is my first review for a TV series and I hope you agree that I picked a good one to start off on. The first time I heard anything about this series was purely by accident when I stumbled upon the trailer, now I feel a bit stupid because when I first saw it I thought hmm that looks like a good film, until about an embossing week later I figured out that it was actually a TV series. When I knew it was a TV series I was ridiculously excited about the idea of a zombie TV series because there had never been such a series before and it looked fantastic. Luckily the first episode didn’t disappoint and if anything exceeded my expectation.  Don’t Open, Dead Inside! You all know the scene.

Warning! From Here On I Will Be Spoiling The First Season For You!

Season 1 (2010) Overview

The series begins with sheriff’s deputy Rick Grimes’ waking up from a coma in an abandoned and badly damaged hospital. Leaving the hospital Rick discovers a post-apocalyptic world overrun with zombies (or “walkers,” as they are often referred to in-show). Rick also discovers his wife and son are missing. Acting on a rumor from a fellow survivor, he arms himself and begins a perilous journey to Atlanta, Georgia, where the CDC is said to have set up a quarantined safe-zone in the city. Upon reaching Atlanta, he soon discovers that the city is instead overrun by the walkers.

A few miles outside the city, Rick’s wife Lori and son Carl have been hiding from the walkers with Shane Walsh, Rick’s partner and best friend. They have established a camp with a small group of fellow survivors. After being rescued from Atlanta by members of the group and reunited with Lori and Carl, Rick assumes command with Shane. A band of walkers eventually attack the camp, leaving several survivors dead and the remainder to seek aid from the CDC.

In the CDC, all but one staff member, Dr. Edwin Jenner, have either fled or killed themselves. Dr. Jenner explains that his research into the infection has not yielded a cure, and that he has not been in contact with anyone for a long while. Lack of fuel for the emergency generators soon initiates the building’s safety protocols, which will trigger an explosion designed to destroy the facility and prevent the escape of deadly diseases. Jenner and Jacqui, a member of Rick’s group, decide to stay and end their struggle. Dr. Jenner whispers something into Rick’s ear, and the group escapes just as the CDC is incinerated in the explosion.

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Story: 100%       Acting: 90%      Visuals: 100%      Dialogue: 90%

The HORROR! : 95%      Style/Sound: 95%      Characters: 100%

Total: 96%

The first season stayed remarkably close to the original comics (whom I have now read for the most part) and I must say are really good so everyone should check them out, anyway the story is similar but has a few good changes and they really made the series its own. One thing that especially stands out for me in the story is how similar it is to the normal zombie formula but still has its own unique feel. You have the Atlanta group, the two in the house when he wakes up and with such a short season of six episodes it felt like so many more because of how clever and fast moving the ffirst season was.

Check Out The Trailer (Which Fooled Me For a Week):

The main character Rick is played by the wonderful Andrew Lincoln who just plays this character so well (He’s English) that he managed to capture your attention and force you into understanding his characters horror after waking into a post-apocalyptic world, even looks a little like his comic counterpart. Let’s see who else we get, Shane (Best friend to Rick/ had sex with Ricks wife/ Competition for Rick as leader) Makes you wonder why there was all that conflict. Dale (Father figure to all/ Wise/ fixes cars) Why did he have to die! Glen (nice guy/ fast runner/ common sense) Rick would have died without you! And finally Daryl (Fantastic hunter/ Tracker/ Loyal) He might be my favourite because his character is forever changing.

The visuals! Consistently throughout the seasons of this show have demonstrated brilliant visual effects both practical and CGI. Everything from the buildings to the walkers was perfect, straight from the get go in the hospital. The whole hospital looked like the apocalypse had happened which was really good because what the viewer should see is the worst thing you should see after being put under in a hospital and I think they did that well, dead bodies everywhere, blood on the walls, everything ruffed up and damaged, warning written on walls like something off Left 4 Dead. Seriously imagine that next time they give you the silly gas at the dentist!

Keeping going with the visuals, I loved the walkers. They were done with a fantastic set of visual technique clearly done by people with experience in the horror business. The first scene I saw a walking up close and thought wow, was when that crawling walker on the ground without half of her body. The visuals on it looked perfect and the situation really demonstrated the sadness of this new world as this thing is mindless and practically broken down to nothing but still just keeps coming after Rick (Aww poor zombie). My favourite scene would have to be either Rick in Atlanta with the horse, hordes of zombies and the tank or when they are getting out of the city with the group because that had a great pace and thrill to it.


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31 responses to “The Walking Dead (Season 1) Review”

  1. John "Fake Name" Smith says :

    I have loved the show through and through. I can see why people were upset with the first half of the second season but I am a fan of the slow build because they always have a meaningful and mind-blowing payoff. Breaking Bad has a similar method and people don’t seem to complain about that. This show shines due to it’s focus on character development, not zombie action.


  2. Novroz says :

    I have been meaning to watch this for long…but still haven’t done it yet. I am still busy with British series


  3. Franz Patrick says :

    Do you think that the show has reached its creative peak?

    I loved the 1st season. The 2nd season was disappointment until the last two or three episodes. The 3rd season manages to keep my attention but it doesn’t excite me in such a way that it did the 1st. I feel like they try to pull off “surprising” or “dramatic” deaths for the sake of just having something surprising or dramatic. They don’t always fit well in the scope of the story. Buuut I’ll wait for your review of the 3rd season. LOL


  4. sidekickreviews says :

    The pilot episode was amazing. It felt like a movie and got me hooked to the show. I loved the image of Rick on the horse too.


  5. Natalie Stendall says :

    Love this show! The first series was great but I found the ending a little sudden. The second series was hit and miss – lacking action and walkers in parts. But series three, wow, definitely the best yet!


  6. Emma says :

    Thought the first season was great, second a little to slow for my liking and the third is awesome.


  7. Terry Malloy's Pigeon Coop says :

    I wasn’t overly enamored with the first season, I thought it tried to pack a little too much into each episode, particularly the first episode. I did think the visual effects were superb though and I’ve now watched all of season 2, which I think is much better, and what’s been aired of season 3. Good review.


  8. Patricia T says :

    Great review – TV reviews can be fun too! I hope you’re gonna carry on watching the show, I’m currently on its latest season and it’s a real nail-biter.


  9. ianthecool says :

    The first episode was fantastic. However, once all the other characters come into it, the show loses steam quickly. The zombies do have impressive visual effects mind you, I’ll give you that.


  10. atothewr says :

    Season 1 was pretty solid. Season 2 has a great first half and a so so second half, but it closes strong. I think Season 3, the current season, might be the best so far. They’ve really expanded this world and the world around it. If you watch more, I hope you enjoy them.


  11. mistylayne says :

    Love Walking Dead (and glad you’ve also read the comics! Me too!). They actually started filming this in my town, like the second I moved away. That was incredibly disappointing for me.


  12. Derek says :

    I still remember how psyched I was for this premiere episode and how much I was hoping that it would be really good. I still consider the pilot ep to be the best of this series so far. Frank Darabont did an awesome job.


  13. Victor De Leon says :

    Great job, Tim!


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