Indiana Jones Trilogy Review

This trilogy review was picked by my followers and I would like to thank you for picking a good set of films yet again. Not too surprising that this trilogy won and let’s face it who doesn’t love Indiana Jones, it was easily one of the best trilogies ever made (TRILOGY!). I am not including that film that shall not be named, a clue though it had a stuttering fool and aliens. All three of these films are filed with fun and adventure and I am happy to be reviewing them. “Don’t look, Marion! Keep your eyes SHUT!” This was clearly referring to the newest installment I will also be having another poll to decide what Christmas films I should review for you guessed it Christmas. Again thanks for the votes.

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Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark (1981)

The year is 1936. Archeology professor Indiana Jones narrowly escapes death in a South American temple with a gold idol – by poison dart, fall, and finally a giant boulder that chases him out the front. An old enemy, Rene Belloq, steals the idol and then orders Hovito indians after Indy. Indy, however, escapes back to the USA, where Army Intelligence officers are waiting for him at his university. They tell him about a flurry of Nazi archaeological activity near Cairo, which Indy determines to be the possible resting place of the Ark of the Covenant – the chest that carried the 10 Commandments. The Ark is believed to carry an incredibly powerful energy that must not fall into Nazi hands. Indiana is immediately sent overseas, stopping in Nepal to pick up an old girlfriend (his old professor’s daughter) and then meeting up in Cairo with his friend Sallah. But danger lurks everywhere in the form of Nazi thugs, and poisonous snakes in the Ark’s resting place. After Belloq, hired by the Nazis, makes off again with the Ark, Indy & Marion are determined to get it back, and they overpower the pilot of a German plane. But Indy finds himself confronted with a giant German thug, and after a frightening hand-to-hand fight Indy & Marion blow up the plane. Now the Nazis must drive the Ark to Cairo, but Indy regains control of the Ark after running the convoy off the road, one vehicle at a time. Once again the Nazis recapture the Ark…and Marion, heading for a Nazi-controlled island. There, Belloq will open the Ark…to demonstrate the horrific power it can unleash upon the world!.

Tim’s Film Reviews Recommended.

Story: 100% Acting: 100% Visuals: 100% Dialogue: 100%

Fun and Adventure: 100% Style/Sound: 100% Characters: 100%

Total: 100%

Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark - Poster

The story of the first film is fantastic and really clever, from the concept to the adventure that requires beating the Nazis. Truly I find this a perfect film, I do throw that around a lot but I love this film. The main character Indiana Jones is played perfectly by Harrison Ford where he brings the same rebellious fun characters that I love him for (Han Solo, Indiana Jones, Rick Deckard) I dare you to disagree. The characters in this film are all truly fantastic, from the good guys to bad guys who let’s face it has to be the Nazi’s because unless it’s Darth Vader you can’t do any better (or worse). The visuals where really good for when it was made and you have to respect the all of the physical effects as well as the sheer amount of locations, let alone how well they made it look like the 1936’s. I love a film that has so many memorable scenes and this film clearly has that in excess, sadly I wish more modern films had the same nevertheless at least we had this film. My view is that this film is so popular because of the adventurous spirit, the feeling that the world hasn’t been completely discovered and that there are still new worlds to be found. My favourite scene would have to be either the bolder scene at the beginning with the statue switch or the sword vs. gun scene because it makes me laugh every damn time I see it. As for my favourite lines though, it’s hard to beat this one. Belloq: “Where shall I find a new adversary so close to my own level?” Indiana Jones: “Try the local sewer.”

Check out the trailer:

Bolder Scene:

Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom (1984)

Eminent archaeologist Indiana Jones is back in his second adventure, this time to tackle the great terror surrounding the mysterious Temple of Doom. After crash landing in India, Indiana Jones and companions Short Round and Willie Scott end up in a small distressed village where the residents claim a dark power has stolen their precious stone… and their children! Agreeing to assist the village, Indiana and friends make their way to a nearby palace and inquire further into the strange happenings. Assuring Indiana he has no idea what he’s talking about, prime minister Chatter Lal offers them to spend the night in the palace. However, it is that evening that Indiana discovers a secret passage into a booby-trapped temple and stumbles onto something he thought was long extinct. It seems the age old cut of Thuggee cult is attempting to rise once more, believing that with the power of the five Sankara stones they can rule the world. Now, it’s up to Indiana to put a stop to the Thuggee campaign, rescue the lost children, win the girl and conquer the Temple of Doom.

Tim’s Film Reviews Recommended.

Story: 80% Acting: 85% Visuals: 90% Dialogue: 95%

Fun and Adventure: 80% Style/Sound: 80% Characters: 85%

Total: 85%

Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom - Poster

Although the second film is my least favourite out of the three it is still pretty amazing and keeps most of the Indiana charm and fun. The plot for the second film really goes for it with more visuals and a far more ambitious plot, however I think it missed the world travelling that you feel from the first film as most of the film is set in India, however this setting does prove to bring us a lot of memorable scenes. The main character Indiana Jones in this film still being his charming and fun self and is played just as perfectly by Harrison Ford. As for the villain other than the fantastic Kali ma scene I didn’t find him all that great and nor did I find there being a big enough bad guy for indy to face off against, you just replace those batty Nazis. I loved that scene when the two swordsmen are doing that exact same fancy work from the guy in the first one and they Jones is missing his gun, it’s funny but also brings memories back from the first film. The diner scene when they have all of those weird dishes and I always remember that monkeys head as a kid that was freaky. My favourite scene though would have to be Kali ma scene when the priest guy takes out the sacrificed man’s heart; something about it is funny and scary at the same time.

Check out the trailer:

Kali ma Scene:

Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade (1989)

After Adolf Hitler & the Nazis fail to obtain the Ark of the Covenant, Hitler orders the SS and Wehrmacht to go after the cup of Christ – the Holy Grail. Indiana Jones is pressed back into action after a mining magnate’s lead researcher disappears mysteriously. The lead researcher is none other than Indy’s dad, the feisty Professor Henry Jones. Meeting up with Dr. Elsa Schneider in Venice, Indiana & Marcus Brody discover that a 2nd marker that reveals the location of the grail is buried in the catacombs of a converted church. Escaping from rats, fire, gunmen, and a ship’s propeller, Indy discovers that his dad is being held in a castle on the German border with Austria. When he & Dr. Schneider reach the castle Indy locates his father, but Elsa proves herself a turncoat, and even worse – so is the mining magnate, Walter Donovan! After Indy & Henry escape the castle, they head to Berlin to get the map & Henry’s diary that provides critical information to those who seek the Grail. Marcus, however, is kidnapped by Nazis in Iskenderun, and Indy & Henry meet up with Sallah and start their own journey toward the ‘Canyon of the Crescent Moon’. They run into Donovan & the Nazis, and a huge fight ensues. Will Indy obtain the Grail and gain eternal life for himself & his father, giving the world a future of light, or will Adolf Hitler & the Nazis triumph and send the armies of darkness marching all over the world?

Tim’s Film Reviews Recommended.

Story: 95% Acting: 100% Visuals: 100% Dialogue: 100%

Fun and Adventure: 95% Style/Sound: 95% Characters: 100%

Total: 97%

Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade - Poster

The last film not only brings back most of the feel and themes of the first glorious film but also brings in Sean Connery, Sean Conner as Indiana Jones’s dad! I am giddy. This film proved that having ridiculous Nazi enemies are most certainly the most entertaining to get smacked around by an archaeologist. Loved Sean Connery in this film, easily one of my favourite dad appearances in a film (normally doesn’t work). My favourite line from Sean Connery is “The quest for the Holy Grail is not archaeology; it’s a race against evil”. My favourite line off Indiana Jones is when he is argueing with his dad and then he takes one of the Nazis guns and kills three men and utter the words “Don’t call me junior!” Lastly I think this film finishes the trilogy on a high which I really appreciate; only wish more films could do that Like in the Indiana Jones Trilogy. My favourite scene would have to be when he is going through all of those trials to get the Holy Grail and save his dad. However my dad’s favourite line would be when the Nazi in charge Walter Donovan drinks from the wrong cup and dies, the grail knight then says “He chose… poorly. “

Check out the trailer:

Grail Scene:

And For My Favourite Scene!


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27 responses to “Indiana Jones Trilogy Review”

  1. mistylayne says :

    Temple of Doom is my favorite, followed by Last Crusade with Raiders trailing behind. Raiders just never did it for me (although the face melting creeped me out as a kid).


  2. sidekickreviews says :

    Wow a perfect score for Raiders! What other movies get a perfect score from you?


  3. supermarcey says :

    Thanks for calling it a trilogy!


  4. atothewr says :

    Great reviews. I still don’t see why there is so much hate for the fourth one in the series, sure, it had its flaws, but I still enjoyed it.


  5. wordschat says :

    Gotta go Gremlins for Gizmo and to later see movie reviewer Leonard Maltin get wrapped up in film for the sequel. Yes Indiana Jones meets the 3rd Kind aliens was as low as it could go.


  6. Brian says :

    Never heard of these.


  7. VictorsMovieReviews says :

    And of course they had to muck-up the whole series by making the 4th film.

    Anyway, may favorite Sean Connery line is, “you call this archeology?”

    As for the Christmas movie review I voted for other: “National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation”


  8. Rincewind says :

    You had missed out Ernest saves Christmas so had to put that one in on others. Such a crap movie but interested what other people thinks..


  9. ckckred says :

    I love Indiana Jones as well. The original’s my favorite action movie of all time. Nice review.


  10. filmscorehunter says :

    Kingdom of the Crystal Skull was actually a good film. I don’t think any new Indiana Jones movie would’ve lived (or ever will live) up to the ridiculous amount of hype that was generated by the fanboys. I did enjoy the reviews for the first three Indiana Jones films you actually reviewed.


    • Tim The Film Guy says :

      Booo! haha 😀

      Glad you liked the review and i agree that it is probably not possible to make a new one to impress the fan boys.

      Oh and those videos are now fixed, so please check them out for some nostalgia 😀


  11. theipc says :

    Excellent work here!!


  12. mformariya says :

    I love Indiana Jones 🙂 I like The Last Crusade better than Raiders of the Lost Ark though 🙂 Nice write-up!


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