The Walking Dead (Mid-Season 3) Review

Well well well, looks like we are back to form with season 3. After a mostly disappointing season 2 I dreaded the series would never go back to being great, however with a far greater story being set with the governor and the prison (Read the comics, I kind of knew what was coming). The story and the acting has been particularly stellar this season and I don’t expect this to change when the series starts back up in February (Damn cliff-hangers!). I have really liked the way that the story would swap between Woodbury and the Prison as I found it never let the story go flat or soapy like at the farm.  This season had strong violence and horror but also powerful emotional scenes and to be honest they really did spectacularly well with this season, It’s brought back the fans because it now deserves them. I am finding it hard to write the first non-spoiler paragraph so after this I will spoil as much as possible, so enjoy.

The Walking Dead Season 3 - Banner

Warning! From Here On I Will Be Spoiling The First Part to Season 3!

Season 3 (2012-2013) Overview

The third season begins several months after the group escaped the farm, with Lori far into her pregnancy. They stumble upon an overrun prison and begin to convert it into their new home. While searching the place for supplies, Hershel is bitten by a walker and Rick is forced to amputate his leg. They soon meet a new group of survivors, who are prison inmates. In exchange for food, they clear out a different cell block for where the inmates (most of whom end up killed) can reside away from Rick’s group. A walker breakout then splits up the group. T-Dog is bitten in the struggle and sacrifices himself to save Carol. Lori goes into labor, and insists that Maggie perform an emergency Caesarean section to save the baby. The operation kills Lori, and Carl is forced to shoot her to prevent reanimation. After grieving over their losses, the baby is named Judith.

The Walking Dead Season 3 - Prison Fighting circle

Meanwhile, Michonne and Andrea are taken to the town of Woodbury, a safe haven from the walkers. They meet the Governor, the town’s leader, and learn that Merle Dixon – Daryl’s older brother – has taken refuge there as well. Michonne is immediately suspicious of the Governor and the settlement and decides to leave, but Andrea refuses to go with her. Merle is ordered to hunt down Michonne — wounding her, and then capturing Maggie and Glenn while they are out scavenging. Michonne eventually arrives at the prison, then guides Rick, Daryl, and Oscar back to Woodbury on a rescue mission.

The Walking Dead Season 3 - Maggie Fighting Zombies

The team saves the couple, but Oscar is killed and Daryl is captured. Michonne stays briefly and attempts to slay the Governor; only to kill his undead daughter Penny (whom the Governor had kept chained in a back room of his apartment) and stab him in the eye during a scuffle. In the aftermath, the Governor calls an assembly and publicly accuses Merle of treason, reuniting him with Daryl as the mob decides their fate.

Back at the prison, Carl meets another band of survivors — led by Tyreese — and allows them to take shelter.

The Walking Dead Season 3 - Merle and Daryl

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Story: 95%       Acting: 100%      Visuals: 100%      Dialogue: 95%

The HORROR! : 100%      Style/Sound: 100%      Characters: 100%

Total: 98%

The Walking Dead Season 3 - Poster

When I first saw the trailer for season 3 I was really excited because it all looked amazing, but that is what trailers are designed to be. So then I started to think how it could go wrong, with the prison being the new farm or the same of WoodBury. But I was right the first time and couldn’t have been happier with the first couple of episodes. Every episode after just built on the success of the last which is something I so very rarely see on TV, as for the finally I couldn’t believe how action packed they got it. This season really had something for everyone, the new character brought in a lot of conflict and fun which is why it is needed, but we also lost quite a few of the main cast which I also found good (Off with their heads!). Carl is no longer a whiney kid but now a rather responsible young man with some pretty good kills on his belt, plus he doesn’t just wonder off every episode just add some excitement to the episode, now he wonders off and does something productive like saving Hershel with medical supplies but he also has a love interest of sorts with Amy (Isn’t that cute?). Nevertheless they have changed me from hating him to liking him which is wise since he is one of the longest living characters from the comics.

Check Out The Season Three Trailer:

I still love this trailer! The music, the action, the characters and Merle at the end was fantastic.

The main character Rick is now a dictator, well not really because he still likes everyone’s opinions and is still the good guy. Go Rick! Everyone else seems to have grown up as well now knowing the dangers of being exposed in the world of walkers, this I really liked because there is nothing worse than characters that don’t learn anything or even change but this they really did. T-Dog No!!! We hardly knew you, literally I can’t remember much about you but I liked you never the less and I am glad you died a hero. Daryl and Carol seem to be in some kind of relationship (Bowchica bowow). Glenn and Maggie are really getting on well, sex in a tower baby. Glad they didn’t die in the finale and I really hope that Daryl and merle don’t die in the returning series because I would like to see them get a long awaited reunion talk. And finally we get to know the stoic katana wielding warrior known as Michonne who is quickly becoming one of my favourite characters, I really like how little she talks and yet I still know what she is thinking.

The Walking Dead Season 3 - Whole Cast

The visuals! Consistently throughout the seasons of this show have demonstrated brilliant visual effects both practical and CGI. Everything from the buildings to the walkers was perfect, from the Prison to the Town of Woodbury. The prisons looked fantastic, looked battered and old with death and dust everywhere. The Town of Woodbury looked pretty damn good as well; we had make-shift walls which looked cool and a whole array of small town feel in an apocalypse. The visuals where just as good as the first and second season but also ventured outside of their one location setting with plenty of locations used throughout. I think this added to the consistently fun story which doesn’t let up because we never feel stuck in just one location. I mean come on there are zombies everywhere, make them run around a bit. Guessing the Governor will make them jump around after that finale.

The Walking Dead Season 3 - The Governor

The dialogue and scares did a great turn around compared to season 2 with so many zombies and so many bad guys from the governor’s lot to the bad guy prisoners. This addition of antagonists really added to both the thrill of what will happen next but also the dialogue we get from the whole cast. One thing I really loved about the sense of fear was the way they set up those tunnels in the prison, it was so much like a horror film with walkers left and right plus its dark and damp and people get easily lost (Loved it). My favourite scene would have to be either Rick’s reaction after knowing his wife died, which was fantastic with such a powerful performance from Andrew Lincoln we never get to see too much of Ricks emotions and so when it hits it hits hard. Or the finale which was fantastic, particularly the Governor and Michonne Fighting which as a fan of the comics and happy with the way it turned out. (Will the arm be next?)

I can’t wait for this!

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34 responses to “The Walking Dead (Mid-Season 3) Review”

  1. John DuMond says :

    Great review, Tim. I’m with you 100%, season 3 has been fantastic. I’m going to be going through TWD withdrawal until February.


  2. sidekickreviews says :

    I hope they can keep up the quality of the episodes for the second half of the season. If they can turn Carl into a likable bad-ass maybe they can do the same with Andrea?


    • Tim The Film Guy says :

      They could change her around but it would be harder than a Carl because he is a child and they naturally change their behavior as the get older but adults are more stubborn. I just hope they kill her, maybe she does something good for the prison group and the governor kills her that would be good 😀


  3. MikesFilmTalk says :

    Dude! I’ve nominated you for the Very Inspiring Blogger award! Check out my latest post. 😀


  4. Derek says :

    The fact that this season has completely turned around my previous hatred of Carl and now the kid is one of my favorite characters just shows how much better TWD has become now that the crew running the show don’t have any of the controversey and distraction from last season to deal with.

    My two gripes are the perception that there is room for only one black man in this cast and they get swapped out like gym socks and the way that Michonne is being so tightlipped with Rick for no reason that I can fathom.
    I don’t see any reason why she hasn’t shared more of her knowledge about the Governor or that she knows Andrea. I really hope they give a good explanantion for her being so stingey with the info.


  5. Emma says :

    I hadn’t seen the trailer for next episode – looks good. Why are they making us wait until February? Meanies.
    Rick’s reaction to the news of Lori’s death was very real. Felt a few tears alrite.


  6. Tyson Carter says :

    I am loving season 3, but still not a fan of Michonne. Silent, pouty and moody, not easy to warm too. Glen fighting the zombie strapped to a chair was excellent. I am not convinced how and why they kept the baby alive………seems everyone else is killed off easily enough. Always a surprise 🙂


  7. Patricia T says :

    Oh gosh, you watch fast! I just watched the mid-season finale a few days ago, and was literally screaming the whole time.

    I think Season 3 so far has been a bit uneven, there’s some really gripping episodes, but some not so much. They made a lot of bold moves / character deaths, so that’s really exciting. However, I absolutely cannot stand Andrea, she’s an inconsistent character and she’s just all-round terrible at making decisions.


  8. atothewr says :

    This has to be the best season so far. The story lines they have going on keep you interested each and every week. It also helps to keep things interesting since they aren’t focusing in on one group. I’ve also noticed they’ve added a lot more zombie kills this year. It seems like they learned their lesson and decided to show more zombie stuff. I really can’t wait for next year.


  9. mistylayne says :

    I can’t actually read this since I’ve only seen the first four episodes so I am liking it and leaving this comment instead!


  10. r361n4 says :

    Had to skip the bulk of this since I haven’t seen this sunday’s episode yet, I’ll get back to you when I have but it’s great to see some love for this amazing show 🙂


  11. Brian says :

    It’s been MUCH better this season. Lots more action, Carl is actually tolerable now, Lori’s died gruesomely, Daryl’s still awesome and Rick’s crazy. I don’t really dig Michonne as much as I hoped though. Too much glaring. And hopefully Andrea will die horribly in the second half of the season.


    • Tim The Film Guy says :

      Andrea is most likely to die 😀
      Glad you agree its better, Carl is actually tolerable this season! Shocked.

      Only disagreement with you is that I actually really liked Michonne. Otherwise we agree and thanks for commenting 😀


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