Pacific Rim (Trailer #1) Review

Well 2013 is looking pretty snappy so far, got Iron man 3, Man of Steel and now Pacific Rim all put into surprisingly good trailers. I need to be calmed down; I am acting like a mad man right now. Ok so my thoughts on the trailer, loved it I really did. After I heard the premise I got worried, then I heard Del Toro’s the director I nearly had a heart attack. Then came the wait for a trailer and I am so relieved it looks good, even if the whole thing is going to be pretty much CGI it looks like high quality high detail CGI of which I expect nothing less from Del Toro. Let the films about skyscraper size monster fighting robots the size of sky scrapers begin! More I say!!!

Pacific Rim - Banner

Score: A

Top 5 Scenes

5. Empty City

Pacific Rim - Empty City

Love this shot really shows a lot. We have the abandoned city, a squadron of fighter jets, a little girl in awe of the spectacle and the streets looked like they have been abandoned for a while almost like they are avoided by the people.

4. We are so tiny

Pacific Rim - We are Tiny

Well we now know how big the monsters are going to be and damn, that’s a big boy. I like the shot because its the first we see of them in any kind of clarity but is still hidden enough to avoid spoilers. Also shows off the visuals a treat.

3. The first mech we see

Pacific Rim - The First Mech we See

Look at that beast! Know what I want for Christmas. That looks so cool and remarkably like they pulled it straight out of a cartoon, the many of which I watched as a child. As a first look I must say it does look really good and will be expecting some really good choreographed fights.

2. How the mighty have fallen

Pacific Rim - How the Mighty Fall

No!!! One of our mech’s have fallen to the dreaded monsters. On a lighter side the visuals are still making me go wow and we also know that there will be some if not a lot of losses for us, cant imagine those things are cheap.

1. City Fight!!!

Pacific Rim - Theres Going to be a Fight in the City

There is going to be a massive, epic and unbelievable finale battle between the mech’s and the monsters!!! Seriously it’s all I want. Del Toro make it so!

I am liking this new poster

Pacific Rim - Poster


Well that’s my views. Now what do you think about this newest trailer? Also what do think about me doing trailer reviews?

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10 responses to “Pacific Rim (Trailer #1) Review”

  1. filmhipster says :

    That poster is SWEEEEEET!!! Can’t wait!


  2. The Focused Filmographer says :

    Fantastic breakdown of the trailer, Tim. Yeah, I really like it and can’t wait to check it out. Evangelion+Voltron+Godzilla+Power Rangers+Gundam Wing! and add del Toro…SUPER! 🙂


  3. sidekickreviews says :

    The lady computer voice in the trailer sounds exactly like a character in the video game Portal. Keep doing trailer reviews!


  4. atothewr says :

    Great review – digging this trailer reviews. This movie looks great and knowing who is doing it just gives me so much confidence.


    • Tim The Film Guy says :

      Thank you very much and I am glad you like my trailer reviews, I think if I knew anyone else was making this film I think Oh No! Here comes the Godzilla sequel. But with Del Toro I expect greatness 😀


  5. theipc says :

    You should do tons of trailer reviews : )


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