Silent Night (2012) Review

Welcome back from your Christmas breaks and family dinners. Hope you all had a fun time. First review back from Christmas, why not a Christmas horror film because well I am weird…Mwahahaha. The film is not scary, nor is it particularly good or original but it is quite funny at times and delivers some of the cheesiest lines I have ever heard in a B movie Horror. The cast are pretty good as well, some not knowing it’s more funny than scary and then those who do (Malcolm McDowell), the mix works well for me and just makes watching it more fun. I haven’t seen the original but most say its better so I will be checking that out. Lastly, I would recommend this film if you are looking for a detox from all the good will and cheerfulness of Christmas, it’s got that feel of a film designed to bring you back to horror after all the Yule Tide goodness.

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A loose remake of the horror classic Silent Night, Deadly Night, In 1984, the slasher classic Silent Night, Deadly Night stunned audiences, was banned across America, and remains the most notorious Christmas movie in history. Now, Santa is back, and he’s got a brand new bag of tricks. As their small midwestern town prepares for its annual Christmas Eve parade, Sheriff (Malcolm McDowell) and his deputy (Jaime King) discover that a maniac in a Santa suit is murdering those he judges as “naughty.” Their sins? Porn, adultery, greed… And he will make sure they rest in heavenly pieces. Donal Logue, Ellen Wong, Lisa Marie, and Brendan Fehr co-star in this brutal and darkly humorous tale of Christmas gone badly.

Tim’s Film Reviews Recommended.

Story: 65% Acting: 70% Visuals: 75% Dialogue: 75%

The Scares/ Fun: 80% Style/Sound: 80% Characters: 70%

Total: 73%

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To start off let’s talk about the acting. The acting was good for the most part, with some cheesy parts and ridiculous lines everyone got their turn. Malcolm McDowell was my clear favourite playing the Sheriff and just does it for laughs, to be fair it worked. My favourite of his lines would have to be “A big mistake, bringing a flamethrower to a gunfight.” [Set ablaze without firing a single bullet], truly ridiculous line but funny nevertheless. Jaime King plays a Deputy and does it in a completely different way than McDowell; she tries a more serious approach and works well alongside the pretty stupid script and storylines. Not much else to say about the other characters, just there to be slaughtered. Story wise its ok I suppose, not much detail but to be honest it doesn’t really need a great deal more than crazy guy dressed as Santa kills naughty people at Christmas time, there was a side story but I really couldn’t care less. I just want more ridiculous death scenes linked to Christmas in some way.

Silent Night - Bad Santa with Flame Thrower

Okay let’s move onto the visuals. The special effects, physical props and gory goodness are pretty well displayed in this film, doesn’t break the ground but its not bad. The kills in this film are pretty fun, they are all around Christmas themes and are some really obviously coming. The one I am particularly talking about is the mostly naked porn star running a field of Christmas Trees next to a wood chipper, I mean come on! You just got away, run to civilization not to the wood chipper (Literally the best weapon for any horror movie bad guy). There were plenty of silly deaths but that was definitely my favourite and is pretty funny if you like lots of horror B movies. On a side note, I am not afraid of Santa but if I saw a guy walking around with that scary ass mask and wielding any kind of weapon, I’d run in the other direction.

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The best reviews I found would be these “Apart from some modestly inventive carnage and an undeniably humorous hambone turn by Malcolm McDowell, there’s really nothing here to make genre fans dash through the snow (or maneuver through traffic) to megaplexes.” Joe Leydon. Malcolm McDowell was very good in this, but I agree it’s nothing special. Also we have “Steven C. Miller’s remake of the nasty 80s original keeps the violence and mayhem but adds both personality and humor with the result being a fun slasher” Rob Hunter. No idea about the original but I will be seeing it soon, but plenty of violence and humour so I agree-ish. Lastly “This holiday season, horror fans should be sure to unwrap Steven C. Miller’s Silent Night for an unexpected holiday treat, even if it’s not all mistletoe and sweet candy canes.” Matt Donato. It’s a great cure for the holiday season, mainly if you are horror fans. My favourite scene would have to be the scene I mentioned earlier about the Wood chipper and half naked woman.

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10 responses to “Silent Night (2012) Review”

  1. sati says :

    I really like horror films and this one sounds kinda fan 🙂
    I wish Jaime King would appear in better and more popular films, though – she is so pretty and she was great in Sin City.


  2. Brian says :

    Malcolm McDowell must have some SERIOUS financial debt.


  3. wordschat says :

    This looks like fun that I’ll check out for sure. Lately Netflix, Cinema Now, Xbox Video have become my place to see movies I wouldn’t normally pay ten bucks to see. Your reviews give me good fodder to look for – thanks.


  4. Last Road Reviews says :

    The flamethrower in a gunfight line was kinda funny. But besides that you know my thoughts on this one


  5. theipc says :



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