Tim’s Worst Films of 2012

This is my list of the worst films released in 2012 that I had the misfortune to watch. I really enjoyed making my top ten list, but now it’s time for my worst of list and I really hate making almost as much as watching the films on it. You might want to read my full reviews because I have heard my reviews of terrible films can be quite funny, my angry nature as I write about them must clearly bring tears to people’s eye. If anyone disagrees then you can just bugger off, otherwise please enjoy. Next post will be my favourite B movies of 2012 so keep an eye out.

Worst Films of 2012 - Banner

#1: Piranha 3DD


#1 on my list deserves it believe me. The film is terrible, just terrible. The first film wasn’t bad and had some alright points in it but this one just gave up and it really tells. Not a huge surprise that it’s terrible but I will be explaining why it was so bad. The advice I would give to readers is, avoid it at all costs. All costs! Tim’s Film Reviews: no and if you get the chance burn all the copies. The main characters where as bad as I expected (Terrible). Now I am not asking for much in these types of films but you can at least be funny, why weren’t they funny? The scenes that made me crack a smile where with David Hasselhoff, just doing…well you know just being his ridiculous self. Full Review

My Score: 10%


#2: Red Lights

Red Lights - Banner

#2 actually makes me angry just thinking about it. This film is exactly the thing I hate about false trailers, they lie! If you lie to me then you are automatically my enemy (just for anyone who lies to me). The trailer actually looked really interesting and I nearly went to cinema to watch it. However the trailer contained a few features that where completely missing from the actual film. Not going into what those things where but it really made me angry. The film is also very boring, which considering the idea behind it is not only shocking but also unforgivable. The film bores and angers me and is the reason I very rarely review films I don’t like. I manly don’t like to give them the time of day but since I watched this anyway for Halloween I thought why not. Full Review 

My Score: 22%


#3: The Darkest Hour

The Darkest Hour - Banner

#3 is just badly made and has a weird mix of good and terrible visuals. I don’t really get why it was set in Russia, but at a guess I would say it was just cheaper which sums up this film nicely. The start was very slow and I just didn’t really care about these people being portrayed which meant the first 20 minutes was a waste of my time, so not a good start. When the lights go out in the nightclub I just thought finally kill these fools before I turn this film off. I liked the initial attack but as quick as the good came it turned to bad with a bunker type scene which lasted 5 days in the film but also had me thinking it was five days in a bad way, didn’t really get the point of that whole bunker thing but serves the story which I would have changed as well. Full Review 

My Score: 28%


#4: The Watch

The Watch Banner

The watch felt like somebody put a group of comedians into a room and told them to make jokes about an alien invasion, worst thing about this film is its non-existent direction by anybody behind the cameras. Nevertheless it’s funny at times because the people they picked are generally funny comedians so it’s hard not to at least smile at them being uncontrolled. It’s pretty bad as a movie but it does make you occasionally laugh so it’s nearly got an average film score. I wouldn’t tell anybody to see but I also wouldn’t scream no! If they said they wanted to see it. Full Review 

My Score: 39%


#5: Lockout

Lockout Banner

Not sure why Guy Pierce felt this film would be a good idea, I do feel that if they made some changes and increased the budget it could have been a much better film. However this film did do very well and feels like a budget B movie with Guy Pierce. It’s not a bad action film but it is easily forgettable. If you want to watch a film with no brains, some decent action scenes and good humour from its lead Guy Pierce. The main characters where at times very funny but mainly just the odd joke from Guy Pierce. The rest of the cast do as expected of this type of cheap film, everybody except the main characters were basically glorified extras. In terms of humour the best parts where within the trailer, that always gets my blood boiling and my left arm tingling…oh I feel faint. Full Review 

My Score: 42%

I Dare You Not To Laugh


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54 responses to “Tim’s Worst Films of 2012”

  1. Ben says :

    Luckily, I didn’t see any of these films last year! Looks like I dodged a bullet.


  2. myreelpov says :

    Hey dude, I have nominated you for the Super Sweet Blogger Award! Please don’t feel obliged to accept, I picked your blog among others because it’s a dam good read! If you do want to receive it, follow the link 🙂 THANKS!


  3. NeveR says :

    Piranha 3dd was just epic. 🙂


  4. ruth says :

    Ouch man, some misfortune indeed, glad I’ve avoided all of these. Though people going into Piranha 3DD is really bringing it upon themselves, ahah.


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