Tim’s Best B Movies of 2012

This is my list of the best B movies released in 2012 that I had the pleasure of watching. I really enjoyed making my top ten list and now my list of B movies, sadly I didn’t get around to seeing that many B movies that came out in 2012 but I did watch a few. You might want to read my full reviews because they go into more detail. If anyone has any B movies they saw that I didn’t then please tell me if you liked them because I am always looking for more films. Please enjoy and comment below.

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#1: Dredd

Dredd 3D Banner

#1 on my list was a real favourite of my 2012 films, and if there were more people like me we’d get a sequel, but no! Thanks to nobody going to see in cinema! Dredd 3D is fantastic and beautifully brutal from the visuals to the sound. This film clearly learned from past failures and started with a very simple plot that is hard to screw up, this being done with people who clearly new the source material and from that knew that this was the best way to start a film about Judge Dredd. The only problems with this film is that it would need a more complex story out of the comics and an increased budget but apart from that I can’t find faults. So I would love to see a sequel which could easily fix the problems I found with this film and would love to see a Batman begins to the Dark Knight Style turn around. In other words it’s a great start. Full Review

My Score: 85%

#2: Grabbers

Grabbers Banner 1

#2 on my list is really fun and I’d recommend it if you can find a copy, or see it in cinema if comes out near you. This is a surprisingly funny and weird horror film. It reminds me a bit of Jaws and a bit of Tremors. Both very good films with this brilliant rewatchability, so it should be great then and it is! The cast are very good and I loved the whole crazy islanders vs. Alien thing because it pays off. Not sure why there isn’t an award for playing drunk because it’s really an art form (seriously!). Never seen a cast play drunk so perfectly before and it is so funny. My favourite drunk was Dr. Adam Smith played by Russell Tovey (Being Human). Full Review

My Score: 81%

#3: V/H/S

VHS Banner

#3 on my list is a fun anthology film and makes the list because I really liked some of the stories. V/H/S is an interesting idea for a film, as an anthology it is one of those films I have wanted for a while as I loved Twilight Zone, Creep Show and most recently Trick r Treat but it failed in a few places which annoyed me to no end. Out of the six horror stories told in this found footage film; I loved three of them but the others where slow and failed to impress me. It’s not something I think needs to be in the found footage genre as for the most part it just annoyed me, maybe having one the story with shaky camera would work but I guess the film title wouldn’t make sense if they weren’t found footage. I can still dream of a modern horror anthology which great. Full Review

My Score: 75%

#4: Iron Sky

Banner 1

#4 wasn’t as good as I expected but was still pretty funny and had some amazing CGI for such a low budget film. Feels like a high budget B movie, will help to mention that I like B movies. It’s more Sci-Fi than comedy but it does have its moments and it did make me laugh at times. If you want to watch a film with no brains but some very funny political jokes then this film is for you. The acting was actually pretty good considering it’s a comedy Sci-Fi about Nazi’s invading the earth, which takes skill. The special effects were clearly the winner in this film. The budget was a shockingly low $7M and when you watch it you will see why I say that. Full Review

My Score: 69%

#5: Starship Troopers: Invasion

Starship Troopers Invasion Banner

#5 is a film that just popped up in my viewing and was pretty fun to watch and better than of the other sequels. To start off do you remember the first film in 1997 which was super violent and fun to watch with great lines and visuals which was a signature of Paul Verhoeven’s work, then there was a sequel and it was terrible and then a 3rd film came out and was a little better but still really bad. Well basically this film is what the other films should have been about and I found myself really enjoying the action of this film and its general story which was actually pretty good and worked well in the Starship Troopers universe. Full Review

My Score: 64%

Now These Are B Movies


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37 responses to “Tim’s Best B Movies of 2012”

  1. Dude Bumshak says :

    Loved Dredd! VHS actually took me a couple tries to get through. The first 20 minutes are awful, but I enjoyed it a lot more in the end than I thought I would.


  2. The Focused Filmographer says :

    LOL. fun list. I hated VHS and laughed all the way through Iron Sky. not the biggest fan. but I did very much enjoy Dredd and wasn’t expecting to.


  3. goregirl says :

    Enjoyed Grabbers and VHS…never heard of the other three, and then again I am pathetically out of touch where new films are concerned. Iron Sky sounds fun…I’ll have to watch out for that one.


  4. Novroz says :

    I haven’t seen any of those…but a friend of mine hates Iron Sky so much because of the way it depicts women


  5. ruth says :

    I’ll rent Dredd when it comes out. Iron Sky was a hoot wasn’t it? Not a comedy classic by any means but I got a good laugh out of its sheer preposterousness.


  6. sati says :

    I haven’t seen Dredd yet but I heard good things about it, especially about the musical score. I really like Lena Headey, so I will definitely see it soon.


  7. Nostra says :

    Out of those movies I’ve only seen the first one and I wasn’t a fan of it. Don’t feel the need to watch any of the other ones.


  8. filmhipster says :

    This is a great list. I had the pleasure of watching 4 out of the 5. The one I missed was Dredd. As much as I enjoyed Grabbers, VHS was absolutely amazing and the big winner on your list for me. I gave it an 80% so we’re really close.


  9. jmount43 says :

    I saw Iron Sky and V/H/S and thought both movies were a lot of fun.


  10. mistylayne says :

    I am so sad I haven’t seen a single one of these. Bad, bad Misty. *sighs*


  11. Three Rows Back says :

    Finally watched Dredd last night and really enjoyed it; really bloodthirsty and Karl Urban nailed it. Didn’t really get a lot out of Iron Sky though; looked great but fell apart a bit.


  12. le0pard13 says :

    Oh, Hell YES for DREDD!


  13. Austin 'BishopReview' says :

    I feel bad that I didn’t see any of these movies.


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