World War Z (Trailer #1) Review

It’s a big budget zombie apocalypse film so regardless of how the trailer goes I am going to be in a cinema watching this. The trailer starts off pretty good with a nice little family in the car and all that then all hell breaks loose on the streets. However it uses every action trailer does now which is the Inception BWOOOOONNNGG, seriously stop using that noise on every trailer. Carrying on, the next few flashing shots show the global effects of the zombies and that this is very wide spread, well so I am with the film so far. Then about one minute and 19 seconds into the trailer you see the zombies and well it’s not good, when I say not good I actually mean awful. At some point in the production of this film one of production team said to the other “how much CGI should we use” and gets a reply “All of it, all of the CGI”. I just can’t believe the sprinting hoard of CGI zombies that somebody being paid too much said was okay got into this film.

World War Z - Banner

Score: C



Max Brooks’ epic tome of a fictional time of global war against the undead is brought to life in this Paramount Pictures/Plan B production. Quantum of Solace’s Marc Forster directs from a script by Changeling scribe J. Michael Straczynski. Brad Pitt stars as a journalist covering the disaster, with Mireille Enos, Anthony Mackie, and Bryan Cranston heading up the rest of the cast.


Top 5 Scenes

5. It’s a Big Deal

World War Z - It's a Big Deal

This is the first shot of a wider effect of the zombies as you see an open view of thousands of people running out of a park in New York City on rush hour traffic. I liked this shot because it’s a little haunting that you probably couldn’t get away with so many people compressed together like that, most zombie films have relatively few people running around but this takes it in a bigger immediate scale of an outbreak of Zombies.


4. Zombies Attacking Helicopter

World War Z - Zombies Attacking Helicopter

I can just see this scene being very fun to watch in the cinema and it looks to be set around a large hoard of zombies attacking the military, which if there is any benefit to having enormous hoards of CGI Zombies it’s a good few shots of them being blown to bits by the military.


3. Blur of CGI Zombies

World War Z - Blur of CGI Zombies

*Tim is now slow clapping*really good job there guys, can’t wait to pay £7 to see that again*Sarcasm*taking tips from I am Legend I see*sincere*. Ignoring the fact that zombies don’t run how bad could they have made this scene look! The movement looks so fake it’s embarrassing!  Actually I am going to talk about running zombies, the problem? They don’t look dead. When you make the zombies run they look healthier than I do. So what I see in this scene is a bunch of crazy people running at machine guns.


2. Well There Goes The Neighbourhood

World War Z - Well There Goes The Neighbourhood

Dropping the bombs on the dead and watching them fly. It’s what this film is probably going to be relying on to gain audience’s attention. On that subject I will warn that after endless rewrites and productions problems that this film will most likely be terrible in every other category other than action and maybe not that.


1. Pyramid of Zombies

World War Z - Pyramid of Zombies

Are you serious! What are they ants!? Zombies aren’t organised or clever and they sure as hell don’t work together. I feel like if I don’t forget about the stupid zombie effects this film will drive me mad so let’s just think they are possessed people. That actually helps a little, I feel the rage subsiding. Still this shot looks to be an interesting shot in the film, so we will just have to wait and see.


World War Z - Poster

Well that’s my views. Now what do you think about this newest trailer?


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39 responses to “World War Z (Trailer #1) Review”

  1. adlibitur90 says :

    Before seeing the trailer, I had read so much about it and I was excited for it but the trailer let me down purely because of the terrible CGI zombies, I’ll still probably watch it though.


  2. mistylayne says :

    I think the book was phenomenal and this film looks like it has absolutely nothing in common with the book…


  3. atothewr says :

    I love Zombie movies, but this trailer really just isn’t doing it for me. I think it is the Zombie part of it. I just don’t like the way they move together. Nice review.


  4. ruth says :

    Not a big fan of the zombie genre and the cast/filmmakers aren’t gonna make me go watch this. Plus the trailer is as dumb as the zombies!


  5. Emma says :

    I don’t think the sprinting zombies look all that bad. It’s a different take on the traditional view of zombies. I’ll be seeing this on the big screen.


  6. Hannah Rae says :

    I can see your point about the CGI; that is massively disappointing! I hope they are at least putting some non-CGI zombies in…! Hordes of rampaging corpses lost their spook factor years ago, but it’s even worse when it’s all done with computer. I want my shambling, prosthetic-made, gored-up corpses back!

    However, for the sheer ‘they filmed it outside of my house’-ness (the Glasgow bits), and the fact that it’s based on a book I like and is a zombie film, I’ll be there on opening week 😉


    • Tim The Film Guy says :

      “I want my shambling, prosthetic-made, gored-up corpses back!” So do I 😀

      Filmed it near you? very cool, did you get a chance to see any of it?

      Haha yeah like we’d miss a zombie film, laughable 😀


  7. le0pard13 says :

    Agreed. CGI’d zombies, and the new ant-swarm paradigm, seem like filmmakers grasping for new ideas. Or, zombie movies are finally threshold.


  8. theipc says :

    I tried reading this book and it was so boring I couldn’t finish it. I hope the movie is a TON better.


  9. keith7198 says :

    I’m pretty jazzed about the film. Half zombies/ half worker ants!


  10. The Focused Filmographer says :

    YES! glad you mentioned I Am Legend. This trailer makes me expect to see Will Smith pop up somewheres in it.

    the CGI is so awful and unfortunately, it really detracts from anything else worth appreciating in the story the trailer is telling. I’m not excited for this one, but, of course you already knew that seeing it on my “prediction” post.

    Great trailer review. good choice. I agree.


    • Tim The Film Guy says :

      I did think Will Smith would make an appearance with his dog but alas he didn’t haha 😀

      Oh that CGI is going to be a problem for me 😦

      Thanks for commenting and I am glad you liked the review 😀


  11. myreelpov says :

    I would have liked to see this film but cannot watch anything with zombies in it, they are my worst nightmare. Even people pretending to be zombies would probably have me in tears, so will have to give it a miss and just wait for the reviews haha!!


    • Tim The Film Guy says :

      That’s really interesting, I have had friends who are afraid of clowns and spiders but not Zombies. Well I have had friends afraid of horror films in general, is that you? Or is it specifically Zombies?

      It is an obvious thing to be afraid of, but it’s weird I haven’t heard more people afraid of them in films and stuff, guess The Walking Dead is off the table then haha 😀

      I hope you enjoy the reviews, I can imagine them being very funny, its just that kind of film 😀


      • myreelpov says :

        Yeh I don’t like horror either but it’s Zombies in particular, I Am Legend was pretty strenuous to watch and they aren’t even real Zombies, I wont even watch ParaNorman! No I wouldn’t watch Walking Dead even though my boyfriend keeps saying I would enjoy it. Maybe he can guest review all the scary stuff I can’t watch haha.


  12. Ripley Connor says :

    it scared me! and i’m an alien-terminator-human! it’s tough to scare me!


  13. Brian says :

    Wow, that is some pretty atrocious CGI. World War Z should have been done Ken Burns documentary style.


  14. filmhipster says :

    I think it’s awesome. I cannot wait to see this, lets just hope it’s as epic as we all want it to be.


  15. Fogs' Movie Reviews says :


    I saw this post come through my email, and my one and only thought was… I hope he rips into it for those stupid CGI Zombies!

    Tim? You gave me more than I was hoping for 😀 😀 LOL Thank you sir.

    Seriously for a second though WTF? Someone OK’ED this? How &#$%#%@$# Dumb!


    • Tim The Film Guy says :

      I think that is the happiest comment I have ever gotten 😀

      The best thing about looking through this trailer is that I kept thinking this looks good then the zombies of the zombie film pops up and I just cringe, then the trailer looks good again until the zombies start doing a crazy pyramid thing and your just like oh no!

      Thanks for the comment fogs, its always fun 😀


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