Resident Evil Retribution (2012) Review

This was bad, if I had a worst case scenario going into watching this film, I’d have to say they got it pretty damn close. The story was non-existent and felt like I was watching multi-level on a game, though funnily enough not a Resident Evil game. Then the acting was even worse, never been remotely good in any of the films but it was particularly bad in this film. The visuals where actually pretty good in this film, however it must be noted that it’s all CGI and green screen. I am so happy I didn’t pay to see this in 3D. The best dialogue was from the deaf girl and the less said about the others the better. I will admit it is an action film but I will damned if it is a horror film! The first could have that genre title but every other are not horror films. This film is just terrible and everybody involved should be ashamed.

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Following where the previous film left off, Alice (Milla Jovovich) and the others on the Umbrella Corporation freighter Arcadia face an attack by a fleet of airships led by Alice’s former ally, Jill Valentine (Sienna Guillory), who has been brainwashed by Umbrella through a red scarab device attached to her chest. When Alice causes an airship to crash into the ship, the resulting explosion knocks her out and throws her into the water. The Umbrella Corporation’s deadly T-virus continues to ravage the Earth, transforming the global population into legions of the flesh eating Undead. The human race’s last and only hope, Alice (Milla Jovovich), awakens in the heart of Umbrella’s most clandestine operations facility and unveils more of her mysterious past as she delves further into the complex. Without a safe haven, Alice continues to hunt those responsible for the outbreak; a chase that takes her from Tokyo to New York.

Tim’s Film Reviews NOT Recommended

Story: 20%       Acting: 15%      Visuals: 65%      Dialogue: 25%

Action/Horror: 30%      Style/Sound: 10%      Characters: 10%

Total: 23%

Resident Evil Retribution - Poster

The story is about as pathetic as a story can be, made no sense, story runs out like a crap game where they have to go from one level to the next which to say the least doesn’t work in films. I actually remember something that I loved from the trailer and as I watched the film it was nothing!!! Just some stupid last minute CGI crap that I already saw in the trailer, you know the one with the flying creatures and giant zombie battle. Don’t lie to me dammit, I am a very angry man and I will hunt you down Paul W.S. Anderson. The acting was abysmal from start till end and from the actors to the actresses. So to say the least the dialogue and characters where awful as well.

Resident Evil Retribution - Alice 3

The visuals where pretty good, can’t really complain too much but I can say that it’s all green screens with a shocking lack of location shots. The action was ok but I don’t like all the 3D gimmicks they try like when she throws a pick axe and it looks ridiculous. The horror, no wait it’s not really horror, it however a crap fest. The style and sound are about as pathetic and terrible as the rest of the films so there you go.

Must Watch Trailer:

The best reviews I found would be these “The script is incoherent and the acting is terrible — avatars would have been an improvement” Rafer Guzman. “A zombie plague may have laid waste the world, but apparently supplies of black leather unitards have yet to be exhausted” Jeannette Catsoulis. “The dopey video game adaptation series continues to chug along, providing consistently invigorating action that covers up a threadbare plot and nonsensical dialogue” Phil Villarreal. “You can put as much gloss on top of the shaky foundations and wooden acting as possible but it soon becomes apparent – you can’t varnish a turd” Ross Jones-Morris.

My favourite scene would have to be the last minute, it looked cool, it meant the end of the film, and it reminded me why I wanted to see the film. On the other hand it was a bare faced lie from the trailer! Arghhhhh!

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38 responses to “Resident Evil Retribution (2012) Review”

  1. Jarv says :

    The story was non-existent and felt like I was watching multi-level on a game, though funnily enough not a Resident Evil game.


    Spot on.


  2. fluffrick says :

    Hi Tim, I’m an apologist for this series, as you may know from my blog – I think it best to think of this not as a film, per se, but as a pioneering piece of cinematic DLC. If you like the series, it’s definitely one that you should take a look at on DVD or Blu-Ray.

    If the movies released to this point don’t float your boat, watching “Retribution” probably qualifies as cruel and unusual punishment. That said, who doesn’t want to check out the next movie after that closing shot?


    • Tim The Film Guy says :

      I’d be with u if that ending scene was the film, however I don’t even think they will do that for the next one. Glad u liked and hope u enjoy the next one, because I probably won’t 😀


    • Sir Phobos says :

      Could you elaborate a little on what you mean by cinematic DLC? DLC isn’t usually an all-encompassing experience. They’re smaller parts meant to compliment the main piece of entertainment.


      • Jarv says :

        I actually get that. If this was something that cost £3 and you got it free with Downloadable Content for the new Resident Evil Game then that’s about the standard it is.

        As a film? Fuck no. It’s horrid.


  3. markmc2012 says :

    I saw the first one years ago. It was okay, but I had no desire to see anymore.


  4. ruth says :

    Never been interested in this franchise at all. Unfortunately, I got to see Milla’s martial arts skills in the latest Three Musketeer movie, ahah.


  5. Sir Phobos says :

    I wasn’t as taken aback by how piss poor it was this time around, but I think that’s because the 4th one desensitized me a little bit to horrendously bad Resident Evil movies. It’s probably just as bad as 4. Jill Valentine was one of the worst things in this one. I think she was attempting to “act,” as it’s called in some circles. Also, fuck Wesker. That character is awful.

    I hope Milla gets paid decently for these.


  6. bakedmoviereviews says :

    The thing I don’t get with the Resident Evil movies is why they decided to do something so different from the games. The games themselves were so cinematic and could have translated so well to the screen.


  7. wordschat says :

    Yikes that is one negative review. I’ve only seen what I think is the last so far of the series with the arctic fight at the end. Was that this one? I barely remember.


  8. The Focused Filmographer says :

    I actually liked it far more than the previous RE film. Granted this wasnt the best film, and the ending was worse, but I was okay with what it was. You are right though, it is laden with tons of CGI work.


  9. Ripley Connor says :

    But that red insect brooch/necklace is to DIE for!


  10. Three Rows Back says :

    Always had a soft spot for the Resi Evil franchise!


  11. Last Road Reviews says :

    Not really a fan of the series but can tolerate the first 3. Afterlife was horrid. So skipped this. I’ll see it when it airs on cable


  12. filmhipster says :

    You know what the worst part is? He’s set to do Resident Evil 6 in 2014. I haven seen this yet but I have it all qued up to go. Maybe I’ll slip it down the watchlist a little farther.


  13. Victor De Leon says :

    yikes. I have a copy of this and I’m almost afraid to watch it now… 😦 thanks!


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