Troll Hunter (2010) Review

Surprisingly convincing documentary film about Troll Hunting, didn’t expect to say that today. I watched this about a year ago and thought I had reviewed it but it turns out I didn’t so here we go. The story was basic but works really well when the story is about…well just look at the title. The acting was pretty good all round but the troll hunter guy stole the show with a great stoic performance. The visuals in this film are great and considering the small budget it all looked surprisingly real and real environment interaction was perfect. The film was a very clever mix of horror and fun, the horror was the lesser of the two but at times worked very well, the fun was all over but dark enough so that it doesn’t feel like it is at all mocking the films plot.

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When bears are found dead in Norway, the students of the Volda University Thomas, Johanna and the cameraman Kalle decide to investigate. They stalk the trailer of the mysterious hunter Hans expecting to find an explanation for the killings. The reluctant Hans tries to flee from the youngsters, but he agrees that they film him in action provided they follow his orders. Sooner the trio of students learns that Hans is actually a troll hunter that works for a secret government agency. Further, several dangerous trolls have escaped from their territory and Hans is assigned to eliminate them.

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Story: 80%       Acting: 85%      Visuals: 100%      Dialogue: 75%     

Fun/Horror: 70%      Style/Sound: 80%      Characters: 70%

Total: 80%

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The films story is very good at pulling you in and fooling you into believing the craziness is actually real. The film gets around to exploring a lot of mythology around trolls which I think is fantastic, loved those stories, we got bridge trolls, cave trolls, mountain trolls and even three headed trolls. The acting was pretty good for a movie of this kind and you wouldn’t be able to get many people to work in a film about troll hunting and to do it with a straight face, and faces don’t come much straighter than Otto Jespersen as Hans the troll hunter who kicks ass and takes names hunting the trolls by himself all over the mountainous ranges. There’s a great scene in the film where Hans is in  his trailer showing the documentary group all of his equipment and trophies, what I liked about it was the no nonsense way the cast went with it. The documentarians laughed a little and thought it was a bit silly (soon regret it) but Hans doesn’t think it is at all funny and there is no hint of joke in his face and it really sells the story better than anything else.

Troll Hunter - Mountain Troll

The visuals where fantastic, from start to finish and from fighting a bridge troll to chasing a mountain troll in a jeep, the visuals didn’t wonder and stayed sharp throughout. I expected this film to produce the same CGI rubbish you get in most B Movies but I was wrong and very glad too. Something specifically they did well was how the CGI monsters interacted with real objects like trees, the ground and cars, it’s something that can really ruin the experience if done wrong but they pulled it off great with the forest scenes looking pretty realistic. The film wasn’t especially good with horror but it really worked with its sense of fun and adventure, whilst the cave trolls where pretty scary and that scene in the cave was pretty good it hardly compares to some of the more breath taking shots like in the mountain clearances. You get a great shot of mountain troll which are massive and are really fun to watch with the whole lot trying to get away in this small jeep. I did like the style and I think if it was set in any other area than Norway it wouldn’t be nearly as convincing.

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The best reviews I found would be these “Delightfully silly and likely to etch the battle-cry of “troll!” into audiences’ minds long after its end” Film4. “Given that the cast improvised all the scenes live on set, the dialogue has a surprising ring of truth, and is shot through with an unexpected, often unsettling, humour” Nigel Floyd. “This is a monster movie with a love for mountainous, tree-lined Scandinavian scenery and an even greater love for setting memorably ugly, hulking and destructive mythological creatures against it” Robert Abele. “Troll Hunter is both creepy and funny, a clever combination for this sly monster movie” R. L. Shaffer.

My favourite scene would have to be the part in the trailer where the hunter guy is going through his records and proof and it just all looks super convincing. It sounds stupid but for a second I thought it may be true and that’s pretty good for a film in a language I don’t understand.

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38 responses to “Troll Hunter (2010) Review”

  1. Parlor of Horror says :

    I thought this film was awesome and your right, the cgi worked wonderfully. Despite the fairytale notion of trolls, all aspects of the film were quite convincing. Great write up.


  2. markmc2012 says :

    I checked this one out from my library but didn’t get around to seeing it. Maybe I should check it out again.


  3. fringevoid says :

    I remember watching a preview for this and thinking, “there’s no way this is actually a movie.” But I found out it was and it’s been on my “to watch list” forever. Better finally add it to my Netflix queue.


  4. ruth says :

    I keep hearing about this movie from all kinds of blogs, clearly it’s well-loved. Not really my cup of tea though, sorry Tim!


  5. sanclementejedi says :

    I liked this one much better than I thought I would. I ended up enjoying it quite a bit despite my aversion to found footage films. I think I watched this steaming on Netflix if people want to give it a watch.


  6. Jack Flacco says :

    I’ve had this film on my to-watch list for a long time yet never got around to it. After reading your review, I think I’ll have a go at it. Thanks for this.


  7. wordschat says :

    Troll Hunters? I thought that was double speak for a teenage getting stupid get laid comedy


  8. jmount43 says :

    I Troll Hunted long before Troll Hunting was cool. It’s how I met my ex-wife. It’s not always easy to tell who’s Troll and who’s semi-human when it’s dark.


  9. Erik says :

    Good review! I loved the film as well. 🙂


  10. sidekickreviews says :

    I like your review better than the trailer! I’ll give it a shot and let you know what I think after I watch it 🙂


  11. Last Road Reviews says :

    Good review. I have this on DVD, but yet to get around to seeing it. After the hurricane I lost nearly 95% of my collection (though when having a large collection even taking that loss you can still have a decent amount left).

    But a few people sent me some flicks and one of the films was Troll Hunter.


  12. Fogs' Movie Reviews says :

    Yeah, this was definitely a good one Tim. Like you say, the movie does a good job of setting up a decent plot and characters so it doesn’t seem like a completely preposterous concept. LOL and then it just has some fun. Nice review, I agree with your assessment!


  13. The Focused Filmographer says :

    I was impressed with how much I liked this psuedo-documentary. It did draw me in just like you said and was surprisingly believable. what fun it was. and the special effects…not overdone!

    I couldn’t believe how it progressively became even more exciting as the story developed. Great review here man.


    • Tim The Film Guy says :

      What I have been surprised about is how many people either agree or have a copy and want to watch it after my review 😀

      The film is very impressive and I am glad it was fun, thanks for commenting 😀


  14. mistylayne says :

    I’ve owned this for over a year now and still not watched it. *sighs*


  15. filmhipster says :

    I’m really glad you liked it. I thought I was the only one. 🙂


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