Moon (2009) Review

Moon is a fascinating film with a tiny cast, small budget, and being only 90 minutes long is far better than most films I normally watch. Sam Rockwell is excellent in this film! If you haven’t seen him in Seven Psychopaths please do because he is great. The visual effects are really surprising and for the life of me I don’t know how Duncan Jones pulled this off with $5M, most couldn’t do it half as well with $50M. This film is Kind of hard to review without spoilers so just expect a few.

“You look like a radioactive tampon… like a banana with a yeast infection.”



For three long years, Sam Bell has dutifully harvested Helium 3 for Lunar, a company that claims it holds the key to solving humankind’s energy crisis. As Sam’s contract comes to an end, the lonely astronaut looks forward to returning to his wife and daughter down on Earth, where he will retire early and attempt to make up for lost time. His work on the Selene moon base has been enlightening — the solitude helping him to reflect on the past and overcome some serious anger issues — but the isolation is starting to make Sam uneasy. With only two weeks to go before he begins his journey back to Earth, Sam starts feeling strange: he’s having inexplicable visions, and hearing impossible sounds. Then, when a routine extraction goes horribly awry, it becomes apparent that Lunar hasn’t been entirely straightforward with Sam about their plans for replacing him.

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Story: 85%       Acting: 100%      Characters: 85%      Dialogue: 80%

Sci-Fi: 85%      Style/Sound: 90%      Visuals: 85%

Total: 88%


The story is a fascinating one to think about and does what small science fiction films should ask questions. In this it’s all set around isolation and the moral implications of cloning, SCI-FI! The film has a great setting for isolation, the moon where Sam must work alone for 3 years. Of course he has a robot assistant GERTY which is always a good choice in these films. The performance from Sam Rockwell is brilliant and has a rare opportunity to act whilst talking to himself, in this case literally. Character wise it’s basically just Sam which makes it even more impressive since it’s an entertaining film for the whole 90 minutes. The dialogue is good and whilst not the strongest part it’s still better than most.


Some spoilers here. The process and moral dilemma of cloning is an interesting one and touched on in this film far more realistically than most. Helium 3 is actually a possible fuel source so well done Duncan Jones love me some realistic Sci-Fi. The sounds and music is great, with a brilliant voice acting role for Kevin Spacey as GERTY. Considering the budget of only $5M this film had some great visuals. The moon, the base, the costumes, GERTY, I didn’t see any flaws in any of it and I was very impressed. Just going to say it, its because it’s a British film.


The best reviews I found would be these “Moon is a gripping sci-fi tale, but also has a lot of heart and humanity” Cosmo Landesman. “They do make ’em like they used to – a fresh blast of old-school sci-fi, bursting with ideas and a stellar turn from Rockwell” Simon Crook. “Intriguing, imaginative, and thematically ambitious, Moon gives ample proof that Jones is a serious talent, pushing his concepts into intellectually and spiritually challenging territory” Jay Antani. “Sam Rockwell should have been nominated for Best Actor at least twice” Josh Larsen. “A throwback to the golden era of 1970s sci-fi, Moon is a long overdue and morally relevant antidote to the overblown bombast of today’s science fiction” Matthew Pejkovic.

My favourite scene would have to be when GERTY helps the two Sam’s, it was surprising how touching everything in this film was. The sneaky hand entering the computer password.

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48 responses to “Moon (2009) Review”

  1. Jaina says :

    Moon is one of my favourite sci-fi films. It’s got a fantastic atmosphere throughout and the reveal of what’s going on is handled brilliantly. The score always blows me away. Great film.


  2. The Focused Filmographer says :

    a fair review here man. I like and own MOON. and that’s a sweet poster you found for it too.

    When it comes to Duncan Jones I think MOON is prob his best. I wasn’t the biggest fan of The Source Code.


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