Evil Dead (2013) Review

It wasn’t bad as an average horror film but I expected better and was ultimately disappointed by this gory but sadly unappealing remake. Now don’t start getting at me with being a downer. I am an optimist when it comes to films, and I judge films equally and so this review isn’t average because I didn’t like the original being remade. Here is my optimistic Trailer Review, and I loved the Original Trilogy which I have also Reviewed. The reason this film is average is because it’s just like everything else in horror, gore increases, story and character become meaningless. Oh and when a film claims to be the scariest I will ever see, I don’t think it is wrong to expect at least to be scared once.

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In the much anticipated remake of the 1981 cult-hit horror film, five twenty-something friends become holed up in a remote cabin. When they discover a Book of the Dead, they unwittingly summon up dormant demons living in the nearby woods, which possess the youngsters in succession until only one is left intact to fight for survival.

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Story: 45%       Acting: 70%      Characters: 50%      Dialogue: 40%

Horror: 35%      Style/Sound: 75%      Visuals: 80%

Total: 56%

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So here the story is that a group of friends have gone to cabin in the woods to help someone go cold turkey and recover from an addiction. First off why would anyone take someone in that position to a small run down cabin in an old creep woods? Why would you go to a place so far away from a hospital when recovering addicts have notorious health complications? But most importantly of all why didn’t they take her to a rehab facility? So damn stupid! The acting is good but I didn’t like the characters that much, idiots and morons! Let’s read this book made of human skin and written in human blood just for kicks, LOL. The dialogue is quite bad and whilst lines from the demon girl did bring laughter and tears from me and my friends I am not sure it was intentional.

Evil Dead - Reading the book

Bad score for horror because it wasn’t SCARY! I didn’t even jump once and I am a jumpy guy. Lots of gore and stupid ass foreshadowing! It drives me mad, like that damn broken step! The sounds and music where good and fitted well throughout the film, I liked the credits because of the music which made waiting for the post credit scene less annoying. On that scene, not really worth my time but I did like the voice recording from the original film. The visuals where the best thing in this film and really where great but I also wanted to see some more. This film didn’t shy away from any gore and went full on arm chopping, tongue cutting and blood rain pouring from start till end.


The best reviews I found would be these “Anonymous, forgettable and doesn’t hold a candle to the brilliant original” David Jenkins. “Despite much old-school splatter, it’s seldom frightening and oddly unfunny” Nigel Floyd. “There’s no suspense, and it isn’t scary” Christopher Tookey. “Lacking Raimi’s transgressive invention and wit, there really are some things that man should not meddle with” Siobhan Synnot. “Comparisons to the original are inevitable yet the filmmakers deserve the right for this to be judged of its own accord and it’s not a terrible movie” Stefan Pape.

My favourite scene would have to be when the blood rain falls and that creature comes out of the ground and goes after Mia. It’s the best scene because it is what I wanted, blood, guts, genuine thrills and good pace. Why couldn’t the rest be like that?!

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52 responses to “Evil Dead (2013) Review”

  1. gagekagnew says :

    I actually quite enjoyed this film despite the generic story. I believe it captures all the elements that made it great while being a little more focused on character development. I know this seems out of nowhere but I took a quick break from reviewing and reading your reviews to focus on school. Love the consistency on this site. Keeps me in check


    • Tim The Film Guy says :

      I mean the film had some strong points but it was far to generic for a good score. If I had been scared once the score would higher 😀

      Haha thank you, glad to have you back and that I could keep consistent 😀


  2. chrisdsav says :

    Great review keep up the good work.


  3. filmhipster says :

    I agree, the lack of good dialogue and horror made this far from the most terrifying film I ever saw.


  4. Hypersonic55 says :

    Dude I’m so glad you feel this way about the film. I saw that you liked my review so I assume that you know my feelings on the film. I’m just so gutted and disappointed with this film after all the hype it got before and after its American release. I watched the original film the night before and really liked it and then watched this film and I felt so underwhelmed.

    Besides the fact that I suck when it comes to jump scares (I moved at least 3 or 4 times) I didn’t feel any fear whatsoever. THE FILM WASN’T SCARY! WHAT KIND OF HORROR FILM IS THIS?

    The story sucked, the characters were idiots especially that dude in the glasses and the gore meant nothing to me because I’ve seen in all before. So what do you have left? A very hollow remake that lacks the fear and humour of the original.

    Mini rant over. Sorry about that. XD


  5. adlibitur90 says :

    I never understood why people were hyping this film up as the scariest thing ever, it looks embarrassingly awful. I’m starting to wonder if today’s generation are wussing out here XD


  6. table9mutant says :

    Great review. I’ll be skipping this one – just too gory for me. I could barely handle the original but appreciate it for the cult classic that it is. 🙂


  7. sanclementejedi says :

    Nice review Tim. I think a lot of folks loved the idea of this film a lot more than the film itself.


  8. Erik says :

    Good review Tim! It is indeed a disappointment. Gory as hell (good to see stuff like that finally) but not scary at all!


  9. Last Road Reviews says :

    I wanna see this but odds are video release. Where I live now is a bit closer to the cinema however a bit of a hike and no bus goes this way whereas my old house bus right up the block. Ain’t that a kick in the head.

    Great review. I’ll try to get there to see it but think I’d rather see Lords of Salem


  10. r361n4 says :

    Those can’t be the best reviews you’ve found for this, can they? Anyways I definitely get what you’re saying, especially about it not really being that scary, but I still had a really good time with this one. Definitely not on the same level as the originals but I thought it upheld the spirit of them pretty well. I do think the hype worked against this one though, people just expected so much after all of the SXSW buzz that it’s hard not to be disappointed. I’m glad you at least liked Oblivion though, I had a lot of fun with that one as well


    • Tim The Film Guy says :

      Haha no they are reviews I liked, maybe I should rename that 😀

      It maybe that I was swept up in hype but that doesn’t normally affect me, I just didn’t think as a horror film it was anything special. Sadly average 😦


  11. CMrok93 says :

    Bloody and gory for the sake of being so, but that’s about it. Didn’t hate it, just thought it was a very okay watch for the most part. Good review Tim.


  12. claratsi says :

    Interesting review and it confirms my initial fears for it without seeing yet, admittedly. But as a marginal horror fan (i don’t pretend to be a geek, fan-boy…whatever a horror lover is called, apologies for me ignorance) but I know what scares me and you point out…a really good point that in remakes in particular, gore increases, character diminishes. gore simply doesn’t scare me or entertain me. Not sure on your thoughts on Paranormal Activity but the first one was very scary for me, because it did something new and terrified the mind. The Walking Dead too for example, currently a great TV horror is gory but the story and care for it is exceptional, perhaps horror movies theses days simply dont get to do that in the time they have, but gore seems to be making a 80’s esque video nasty comeback, but not in a good way. Need to stop remaking and be as original as horror used to be, it is still possible, surely!?


    • Tim The Film Guy says :

      Funny actually somebody said he thinks america cannot make horror films anymore and just looks for foreign horror films and whilst i’d like to disagree, the best horrors I have seen in the recent years have been foreign films. What do you think?

      Glad you liked the review and hope you like the film more than me 😀


      • claratsi says :

        Think PA was really good, I always remember Martyrs being very good, a gory one no doubt but had something going on in it, but that is going back a bit. Let the right one in, meant something. I think America can make the best horror films but it’s such an industry over there that creativity is sometimes lost. First SAW was excellent than it got cashed in on like they always do!


  13. theipc says :

    That sucks that you didn’t like it more : (


  14. mistylayne says :

    SOOOOO glad I’m not the only one who felt this way. Totally underwhelmed by this. Not scary in the least and very hilarious. Gore was good, acting was passable and that drug addict’s brother was a pussy. Geez. Like man up, seriously. Blah. That’s what I say to this movie!


    • Tim The Film Guy says :

      Yay somebody agrees with me and you’re a horror fan so it means something 😀

      Couldnt care less when any of them died because they where all morons! Idiots should die and they should die quick!

      The most terrifying film you have ever experienced?


      • mistylayne says :

        I know – I am so excited to hear someone feel the same way because everyone else is raving.

        And yeah, I was just like, blah, blah, blah, die already.

        I don’t even know the most terrifying film I’ve experienced….I mean, the original Evil Dead scared the hell out of me when I first watched it (though I was 19). Hard to say the last time a movie scared me, which makes me sad.


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