The Croods (2013) Review

The Croods wasn’t the best animated kid’s film but it had plenty of humour and impressive visuals to keep it in the green (my rating system). The voice acting was solid from its cast and the story whilst nothing new was enough to keep the viewer (me) entertained for 90 minutes. I can see kids really liking it with its slap stick humour and brightly coloured environment. Like with all Kids films it has an overall message which in this is family and change can be good, relatively simple but it works. Still waiting for How To Train Your Dragon 2 though, come on DreamWorks get your affairs in order.

“This is called a brain. I think that’s where ideas go.”


The Croods tells the story of the world’s first family road trip. When their cave is destroyed, the Crood family must embark on a comedy adventure into strange and spectacular territory in search of a new home. As if patriarch Grug (Cage) didn’t already have enough to handle, it goes from bad to worse when they encounter an imaginative nomad named Guy (Reynolds.) With Guy’s help the Croods conquer their fear of the outside world and discover that they have exactly what it takes to survive – each other.

Tim’s Film Reviews Recommended

Story: 70% Acting: 70% Characters: 75% Dialogue: 70%

Kids/Adventure: 60% Style/Sound: 55% Visuals: 75%

Total: 67%


The story was good. I liked the idea of a cave family that have just survived by fearing everything new. It’s essential every father daughter relationship ever and it works because most people can relate in one way or another. I liked the characters and actors especially Nicolas Cage, Emma Stone and Ryan Reynolds, they were funny and interesting with some pretty funny dialogue.


Kids will love this film. It’s got plenty of adventure and strange colourful environments. The style is very simple and whilst not very entertaining or attention holding for adults, kids will love the silly humour and slapstick antics. The visuals where good, nothing new but up to date and with good animation of fur and hair, weird thing to notice I know but it’s worth noting.


The best reviews I found would be these “The Croods isn’t particularly smart, but it has just enough wit to keep us engaged and just enough speed to keep us from feeling restless” Bilge Ebiri. “Fast-paced, inventive animated comic adventure of a Stone Age family gets an extra boost from the lively vocal performances of stars Nicolas Cage, Emma Stone and Ryan Reynolds” Kevin Lally. “The Croods is simple enough in its story and structure that its emotional honesty and touching message will catch you quite off-guard” Tim Martain. “The Croods” is a touching animated film that not only entertains, but also delivers a sweet message about families and how change can be a good thing” Jeff Beck.

My favourite scene would have to be when Gran says she would survive the trip and Grug says “Let’s do it”. It’s just really funny, stupid but it did make me laugh.

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20 responses to “The Croods (2013) Review”

  1. Natasha Harmer says :

    Nice review 😀
    I’ve been debating whether to see this film or not xD


  2. Josh says :

    I was pleasantly surprised by this movie. I went in expecting it to be generic and mediocre. However, it was fresh enough to keep from falling into that rut, and the humor and visuals kept it entertaining.


  3. Daniel says :

    I really laughed a lot during this cute flick. I must say, the unique stylization of the assorted prehistoric creatures was pretty cool. They took a few liberties with what animals of the period might look like (and they got very creative). In 3D, the colorful world presented was awesome.


  4. ruth says :

    I actually didn’t go to the press screening for this. I dunno, it just didn’t appeal to me, the jokes seem recycled somehow. So 67% isn’t exactly stellar, maybe I’ll just rent it on a slow night 🙂


  5. Hypersonic55 says :

    Cool review yo, I thought this film lacked a lot of what I liked in Rise of the Guardians when it comes to the story. The story tried the emotional stuff that normally works a lot better for Pixar and it didn’t quite communicate as well in this film in my opinion. Though the visuals were incredible in my opinion, I mean that introduction sequence that looked like a cross between American football and a massive game of tag is awesome and probably my favourite part of the film.


  6. Erik says :

    Good review! It is pretty decent, I quite liked it but I hope we are getting something much better this year.


  7. thelastsongiheard says :

    I wondered about this… James, my son, never seemed that interested and neither was I LOL Figured I’d wait for the DVD to come out on Redbox and then, maybe, consider dropping $1.33 on it LOL


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