Thor – The Dark World (Trailer #1) Review

Not the best trailer but the films quite far off so let’s call this one a teaser and praise it for that. Plenty of interesting scenes going on in this trailer, got battles, new characters, new villains, old villains and London for some reason. Easily one of the weirdest starts to a trailer, it starts off with a shot of London, then it goes to a floating truck, and for the first 40 seconds I have no idea what’s going on. Who’s is that voice over in the beginning? I don’t recognize it but I like it. My biggest complaint at this trailer is how scattered and unorganized it is, far more reminiscent of a teaser. Also think there is a massive spoiler going on in this trailer, so massive I think it’s just a tease as it would be unbelievable to show in a trailer. So onto the trailer and my top scenes and don’t forget to leave your comments at the end.


My Score: B+


Marvels “Thor: The Dark World” continues the big-screen adventures of Thor, the Mighty Avenger, as he battles to save Earth and all the Nine Realms from a shadowy enemy that predates the universe itself. In the aftermath of Marvels “Thor” and “Marvels The Avengers,” Thor fights to restore order across the cosmos…but an ancient race led by the vengeful Malekith returns to plunge the universe back into darkness. Faced with an enemy that even Odin and Asgard cannot withstand, Thor must embark on his most perilous and personal journey yet, one that will reunite him with Jane Foster and force him to sacrifice everything to save us all.

Top 8 Scenes

8. A Realistic Valhalla


Less shiny and yet more majestic, the Asgardian home world just looks so much better than in the first film. One of my main reasons for looking forward to this sequel was the new director who had previously worked on Game of Thrones, a series famous for showing a fantasy world in a realistic way. Clearly we get to see this in action with many scenes, but I thought this was noteworthy because it looks really old and new and has this grand scale to it all.

7. Malekith’s Bad Parking


For some undisclosed reason Malekith (I think) is crashing his ship through the grounds of some library in London. It all looks cool but it makes no sense to me. Why does a Dark Elf need a ship, use magic! Why is he crashing some of it into the ground? Drunk off pixie juice?

6. Does Jane Foster Die?


I highly doubt they’d spoil this kind of a scene in a small trailer. My current theory is that Malekith is projecting a vision to Thor of his loves death; this makes the most sense to me because it is right up Malekiths street.

5. First Look – Malekith


First look of the villainous Malekith, this films big baddy or is he. Whilst having half black face half white is the normal depiction of Malekith I think they may have given us a clue as to who truly is in charge in this story. Malekith has in many situations worked with a fire demon called Surtur who is a Thanos type character only more mystical. I think he may be the reason behind Malekith’s half burned face. But that’s only a theory from a nerd (me).



Seems like a deeply emotional loss for the God of thunder, in the trailer it appears to be because of Malekith taking Jane Foster, but I still think that’s a vision so boo hoo Thor. This still reminds me of the glass case of emotions joke from an Avengers Meme, hysterical.

3. Hey look it’s Skrillex


No offense Hiddleston but all you need is the glasses is this scene. Joking aside I do love the scene of Thor asking for Loki’s help, it’s a staple of the comic’s relationship between the two. Loki is a trickster and will always find a way out, but Thor is the hero and will always beat him, what makes it interesting is the game of back and forth which I hope to see in this film. We already get a glimpse of this in the scene as Thor asks for help with a threat and Loki accepts with a smile.

2. Hammer Time


Thor taking out the trash in this epic battle scene that should turn out to be my favourite of the film, however not my favourite still of the scene, notice how the enemies are in full armour and actually look to be from a medieval time. So go Thor and beat those raiders into the ground.

1. Epicenter of War


This still is truly epic! The rain, the battling, Thor’s poses the scenery and mid-air explosions all just amazing in one shot. If it was a bit sharper I’d love to get a poster of that for my room, it just looks so damn good. Also this scene was shot in Bourne Wood, Surrey go Britain. Why is a lot of marvel stuff getting shot over here, this, Guardians of the Galaxy, Avengers 2?



Well that’s my views. Now what do you think about this newest trailer?

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45 responses to “Thor – The Dark World (Trailer #1) Review”

  1. adlibitur90 says :

    I wish I could get excited by this film (hell I saw Avengers 8 times in the cinema) but I’m kind of sick of the whole Marvel world now :/ I think the over the top fangirling has got to me.


  2. sati says :

    I really like this trailer. I hope Jane doesn’t die, I love her chemistry with Thor.


  3. Hypersonic55 says :

    I can see what you’re saying and can agree with you on some of the points. That floating truck was literally just a wtf moment yo. I’ve got loads of expectations for this sequel, even though I loved Thor there was a lot of room for improvement especially on the Asgard side of things. I really hope Alan Taylor brings the best out of Thor’s universe in this film yo.


  4. ruth says :

    Fun post, Tim! Yeah I agree it’s a bit all over the place but I guess that’s common with this being a teaser. I notice right away the more gritty, realistic look to the Asgaard universe, though I do love the shiny stuff of the first film, even if his palace looks like a big pipe organ, ahah.

    That Epicenter of War scene is definitely the ‘money shot’ as it were. Bourne Woods was used in Gladiator as well, it must be the only forest available in England, ahah. My fave scene is the part w/ Loki of course, man I LOVE Hiddleston’s voice!


  5. dawsonreviews says :

    Hi, I’ve nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award. If you want to accept the award, please go to:


  6. Amonymous says :

    I thought it was an impressive sizzle reel. Not expecting the wow factor just yet. Marketing is similar to the campaign run for The Avengers. The next trailer will “put the hammer down”!!


  7. Jack Flacco says :

    Oh, my wife’s gonna love this movie! Can’t wait.


  8. Erik says :

    London is getting trashed again. lol I have no interest in this one. Didn’t care about the first one either. lol


  9. lukebbtt says :

    In reference to my earlier article about my predictions for Thor being a let-down:
    I concede. You win, Tim.


  10. GaryLee828 says :

    I didn’t even watch the first one b/c it looked lame. lol. This series has too much CGI and looks fake. Sort of like those recent “Clash” movies.


    • Tim The Film Guy says :

      I think the new one should be far less CGI’d, from what I have seen from set photos and leaked images its got a lot more practical in its effects. Also benefiting from a Game of Thrones Director 😀


  11. Chris says :

    I’ll agree that I was kinda underwhelmed by the trailer. I’m still really looking forward to the movie, of course, but this does definitely feel more like a teaser than anything. Hopefully we’ll get a better trailer later on.


  12. Fogs' Movie Reviews says :

    LOL. Funny stuff in there Tim. 😀 Love the Skrillex line.

    Meanwhile, I thought the trailer was good but not great. They lost me at what you have as scene 6. I hope thats not the movie’s finale, that looks flat out lame. Then they won me back by bringing Loki in. 😀


  13. le0pard13 says :

    Great breakdown, Tim. It’s got me curious, alright.


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