Week Hiatus

Just a short one guys. This week I have a lot of work to do and so will not be posting anything. Might be posting something over the weekend but nothing else. I am sure you’re all devastated (Ha) that you won’t be able to read my wonderful words for a whole week, but you must find a way to handle this like adults.

However if you cannot handle going cold turkey make sure to check out my Iron Man 3 Review.


Pretty Much How I Feel

So wish me luck and I will read and write soon.

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Very opinionated about films!

24 responses to “Week Hiatus”

  1. Nostra says :

    You deserve it, enjoy it and awaiting your return!


  2. sidekickreviews says :

    Slacker! Haha, just joking. Hope you are recharged and ready to go!


  3. ruth says :

    Hiatus?? What, what?? πŸ˜€ Well enjoy yourself man, “see you” when you get back!


  4. Jack Flacco says :

    Nothing like taking a break away from it all. Take all the time you need.


  5. The Celtic Predator says :

    Yo man, just wanted to let you know that I placed your and Claratsi’s blogs on my blogroll, so that should send a few more readers your way, hopefully. I thought it was appropriate, since I like both of your guys’ blogs and yours are the first ones I ever followed. Cheers!


  6. atothewr says :

    Good luck. We’ll see you in a week.


  7. Mr Rumsey says :

    Good luck with it all and be back soon!


  8. keith7198 says :

    As long as you come back!


  9. Wordschat says :

    Khan! Getting busy sucks as I too continue to be. Cheating by Twitter and Facebook mini line reviews. Hope your work not stressful Tim.


  10. Kim @ Tranquil Dreams says :

    Good luck Tim! Hope to see you your posts soon πŸ™‚


  11. filmhipster says :

    Expect a pay cut!


  12. Fister Roboto says :

    Now I want to do this before the my insane season starts at work. Have a fruitful week off, Tim!


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