The World’s End (Trailer #1) Review

Edgar Wright, Simon Pegg and Nick Frost return for the final chapter in their Cornetto trilogy, Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz and now The World’s End. I heard about this film last year and I didn’t really know what it was about but knew who was involved and was really excited. Little did I know that the film was about a pub crawl that ends with an alien invasion, dear god a comedy alien invasion film is so my type of film! The trailer looks great and I have laughed quite a bit at the various jokes and I am sure it will be great, even the invasion looks great, and a skit of Invasion of the body snatchers but in Edgar Wright style love it. I can’t wait and neither should you, hope you enjoy the review and leave your extremely positive comments at the end.


My Score: A

Release date: 19th July 2013


Five childhood friends reunite after twenty years to repeat a legendary pub crawl from their youth (which they originally failed) returning to their hometown once again to attempt to reach the fabled pub “The World’s End”. Over the course of the night, they begin to realise that the real struggle is “not just theirs but humankind’s”, and completing the crawl becomes the least of their worries ‘tonight we are going to get totally annihilated’.

Top 8 Scenes

8. Edgar’s Style


Weird shots of people standing still or staring are featured in all of the Cornetto films and I always laugh at it. It makes no sense and its crazy but I love it and really want to watch Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz.

7. Outsiders


This is the look people in my cul-de-sac give to anyone new in the neighbourhood. It’s so simple and yet so creepy! You instantly feel that these few guys are now alone surrounded by enemies and I think it will really add to the comedy scenes.

6. Body Snatchers with Lights


It’s got that classic Body Snatchers scream face but with a twist BLINDING LIGHTS!!! That would be terrifying in dark woods but also when chasing Simone Pegg it’s so funny.

5. Fire Balls


Wow the visuals in this look surprisingly good! This is just an example but the whole trailer shows off some impressive CGI and practical effects. None of the other films have been over $10M so I doubt this will either.

4. The Fence Gag


Oh you silly boys and stupid slap stick gags, I am one of those silly boys so give me more.

3. Run Fat Boy Run


Got to be quick when the aliens come to get you, those bastards move quick.

2. Double Bird Flip


At this stage of the trailer it’s moving so quick I don’t know what’s happening, but I love that for one random moment Pegg is just putting up two middle fingers.

1. Stool Boxing


What?! At what point does somebody decide to use two stools to beat people up, I am laughing because I am assuming they must be drunk at this stage of their pub crawl. Frost you crazy fool.

New Poster


Well that’s my views. Now what do you think about this newest trailer?

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37 responses to “The World’s End (Trailer #1) Review”

  1. gagekagnew says :

    Sorry to comment so late but I realized you are in England and get to see this before me. This is one of my most anticipated so you better have a good review up! Keep reviewing my friend and maybe I will catch you when I am on the other side of the pond


  2. Nerdy Girl Ramblings says :

    I love Simon Pegg in general but Shaun of the Dead is definitely one of my all time favorites and a Pegg/Frost/Wright film only means i’m extra excited for it. I didn’t need a trailer to want to see this one but great review 🙂


  3. ianthecool says :

    Hmm. I was kinda liking where it was going before the Alien’s showed up.


  4. Hypersonic55 says :

    Nice review man, I’m definitely gonna have to watch the previous 2 films before checking this one out. But yeah I’m hyped, Edgar Wright hasn’t made anything I didn’t like yet so here’s hping he won’t disappoint with this film. 😀


  5. adlibitur90 says :

    Gonna say something and it’s not going to be good ….. I didn’t like the trailer and I’m a massive fan of Shaun Of The Dead and Hot Fuzz, still going to see it but I don’t know I only laughed at the fence gag part :/ *runs and hides*


  6. ruth says :

    As a fan of Shaun and Hot Fuzz, I definitely would watch this for the Wright, Pegg and Frost trio! I don’t know how different this would be from the other two, aside from the alien invasion part of course 😀 Some nice scenes you’re highlighting here Tim!


  7. The Focused Filmographer says :

    I knew you’d be a fan of this one. I like it, I just don’t love it! hahah


  8. Brian @ Hard Ticket to Home Video says :

    I like the way this is like Shaun of the Dead (with fighting the aliens, and also like Attack the Block with the blue-mouthed aliens) meets Hot Fuzz (with the something’s-not-right-here village). This can’t get here fast enough.


  9. atothewr says :

    Looks really good – kind of like Shaun, but with Aliens. I will have to see this one because the other two have been great. Nice review.


  10. lukebbtt says :

    The Riddick trailer is out. May I request a review of it please, kind sir?


  11. thelastsongiheard says :

    Awesome 🙂 BTW, if you haven’t already, you MUST watch Spaced. It’s what launched their careers in England… fantastic stuff. AND it’s on Netflix, so you have no excuses 🙂


  12. armanddc says :

    Looks great, Tim! After recently seeing Simon back in Star Trek 2, my excitement for anything he’s in went bonkers. I’m definitely going to see this, given that it’s going to have screenings in my area.


  13. Novroz says :

    This is one of my most anticipated movies of 2013 …. BUT I am not sure it’ll be played here 😦
    It’s a British movie and in a year, even fingers in one hand are too many to count it.

    But I am still wishing for it to be played here.

    I also laugh when seeing the trailer for the first time 🙂


  14. le0pard13 says :

    I love that they’ll have the fence gag (the third version of it) in this. Great look at the trailer, Tim.


  15. Natasha Harmer says :

    Can’t wait for this film! Hopefully it’ll be as good as the other two in the trilogy 😀


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