The Last Airbender (2010) Review – Shitfest Edition

Now in 2008 when I saw Dragonball Evolution I thought it would be at least quite a few years until another childhood cartoon of mine would be raped in the a##! But no they couldn’t wait to see me gouge out my eyes so they released this abomination 2 years later. Whereas Dragonball could be excused as a very difficult source to be adapted into the live action arena, The Last Airbender really isn’t and I can clearly see it being made properly one day. But M. Night can kiss my a## because I will never watch a film of his again.


If you like the first paragraph then please go over to Isaacs for the complete review which believe me gets so much worse, didn’t realise how much I swore in the review until I read it on his site. So many exclamation points and hate, but I really hate this film!

Click here for full review


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19 responses to “The Last Airbender (2010) Review – Shitfest Edition”

  1. CainTheConqueror says :

    For this review alone sir you are a gentleman and a scholar. I believe they hit us with a three piece combo with airbender, dragonball, and streetfighter. I love avatar and I myself have been boycotting M night shamalayan (however you spell that) ever since that movie and have actively encouraged my peers to do the same. I thought Airbender was the final nail in the coffin, apparently they wanted to add some trimmings and make it look nice as they lowered it into the hole so they gave him after earth smh.


    • Tim The Film Guy says :

      Thank you very much Cain I do try 😀

      Even crap follows the rule of three’s 😀

      I can’t spell his last name so I just refer to him as M Night. Boycott!

      Haha After Earth bombing at the box office still makes me laugh 😀


  2. boxofficebuzzab says :

    Words simply cannot express how terrible this film was. 😉 It takes the concept of “bad movie” to a whole new level. I’ve seen this one only once; it was at a drive-in, and it was stuck between Despicable Me and Toy Story 3. So I couldn’t leave in the middle of Airbender because I really wanted to see Toy Story. 😦


  3. ruth says :

    WOW!! 5% out of 100, can’t imagine it get any lower than that, ahah. Y’know I never care about this movie so I definitely would avoid it. As for M. Night, well I don’t care for his upcoming movie After Earth either, but I haven’t completely given up on him just yet.


    • Tim The Film Guy says :

      Oh its awful Ruth! AWFUL!!!! As soon as I saw it I put M.Night on my list of people who are getting punched in the face if I ever met them. I think I’ll actually be a little angry if After Earth doesn’t get destroyed by critics mwahahahaha


  4. lukebbtt says :

    I hate everything M. Night stands for. With the exception of Sixth sense – and maybe Unbreakable – I hate all of his films. Takes good ideas and ruins them.


  5. Zoë says :

    Such a brilliant write up!


  6. thelastsongiheard says :

    So… you didn’t like it then? 😛 My son liked the movie and the TV series… in fact, he loves the TV series… and the movie? Well, he’s only six (nearly 7, as he’ll tell you LOL)


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