Box Office Predictions (7-9th June) Results

Well my new feature seems to be doing well, got a lot of likes and comments so I am happy. My actual predictions however could have been better but overall I was surprisingly close on the numbers. The Purge through me off this weekend with stellar numbers and The Internship very much like the film itself disappointed. So check out the final results this weekend and I’ll be back on Friday for the most anticipated release of Man of Steel.


Returning Films

Whilst not taking #1 Fast and Furious 6 did take a surprising second place with little chance of slowing down. Now You See Me did similar numbers and the rest dropped the average amount.

New Films

The Internship

Prediction-The Internship


My prediction of it taking the weekend was dead wrong with it slumping to fourth place behind The Purge, Fast and Furious 6 and Now You See Me. Clearly this film came 5 years too late but average to negative reviews don’t help either.

The Purge



Apparently people where really in the mood for some horror this weekend, perhaps in prep for a couple of weeks of the normal blockbuster summer, comedies, action and big budgets. This seems to be a shocker all round as it’s over double the tracking numbers. Anyway well done to The Purge for winning this weekend because unless something horrible happens next week will be Man of Steel controlled.

My Prediction

  1. The Internship:  -$20M
  2. The Purge:   -$18M
  3. Now You See Me:   -$15M
  4. Fast and Furious 6:   -$14M
  5. After Earth:   -$10M
  6. Star Trek Into Darkness:   -$9M
  7. Epic:   -$9M
  8. The Hangover Part III:   -$8M
  9. Iron Man 3:   -$4M
  10. The Great Gatsby:   -$3M

Actual Results

  1. The Purge:   -$36.4M (+18.4M)
  2. Fast & Furious 6:   -$19.8M (+5.8M)
  3. Now You See Me:   -$19.5M (+4.5M)
  4. The Internship:   -$18.1M (-1.9M)
  5. Epic:   -$12.1M (+3.1M)
  6. Star Trek Into Darkness:   -$11.7M (+2.7M)
  7. After Earth:   -$11.2M (+1.2M)
  8. The Hangover III:   -$7.3M (-0.7M)
  9. Iron Man 3:   -$5.7M (+1.7M)
  10. The Great Gatsby:   -$4.2M (+4.2M)

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6 responses to “Box Office Predictions (7-9th June) Results”

  1. leocravenauthor says :

    Absolutely shocked by the Purge’s success; after I watched the Internship on Friday (and loved it!) I thought for sure you had predicted correctly…doh!


  2. Jules M. says :

    I was thinking the Purge should do good. The concept behind the movie is really a fascinating anarchistic theory, shame most of the reviews I’ve read said it did not really do much with it other than use it for a backdrop for a standard seige horror movie, but I will withhold full judgement until I see it.


  3. ruth says :

    Ahah, looks like we’re both wrong. I predicted Fast & Furious 6 would retain the top spot. Well one can’t underestimate the power of horror flicks!


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