Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues (Trailer #1) Review

I was writing a review for another trailer but this came out and obviously got pushed to the front of the queue. Now like everyone when this was announced I was excited, I loved the first film and a sequel sounded great but I had my doubts about a successful sequel so many years later, however this trailer has lowered my fears but there still there. Trailer looks good, it’s funny and the cast seem to remember their characters. Feels more like a long teaser but for now it will do and hope for a great film to equal its predecessor. Hope you enjoy the trailer and stills I managed to grab. Add your comments and likes at the end.


My Score: B+

Release date: 20th December 2013


After the 1970s brought prosperity to the Channel 4 news team, the group disbands and hits rock bottom until a 24-hour news channel is being put together and the group is recruited to join the channel. In an April 2012 interview, director Adam McKay said the script was a work in progress. He stated that the story might include a custody battle and bowling. In a May 2012 interview, he was quoted as saying that nothing was set. The story is moved from San Diego to New York, at the onset of the cable news era in the 1980s. Kristen Wiig plays Brick’s love interest.

Top 8 Scenes

8. The Elite Unit Are Back


When you see them all doing that stupid walk down a busy street you just remember everything you loved about the first film. The cloths are ridiculous in true 80’s style, but Brian Fantana takes the lead in an unreliable in character cloths ensemble.

7. A Scene Born For Ron Burgundy


Extra credit goes to the man taking a drink, great comic timing and really adds to the scene. An egotistical, misogynistic, and narcissistic man like Ron Burgundy would so easily make a racist mistake like this and keeps with the character perfectly, am sure they’ll be more of it to come.

6. Oh It Was My Hand

Anchorman-2-It-Was-My Hand

What?! That doesn’t make any sense, but again it’s Ron so obviously he’d mistake his own hand for another person’s foot.

5. Baxter!


Yay Baxters back and somehow eating fried chicken haha, I just really hope he’s as funny as in the first film.

4. You’re Not That Great


Apart from James Marsden being the new golden boy of news Anchoring, Bricks unwanted repeat of Ron’s insult is the best part of the scene.

3. Brian Fantana on Sex Panther


Easily one of Pauls best characters and he just looks so funny here I don’t even know what to say but haha what is happening here. Also I can’t quite tell but is that someone famous next to him? Because I know there is supposed to be lots of cameo’s and guest appearances.

2. Brick’s Romance


His face right there gives me faith that this film has the same great characters as the first. Gotta love Kristen Wigg as well the two of which should make a unique couple on screen.

1. Ron, a Sombrero and an Apple


I have no idea what is happening in this scene but I nearly cried laughing at this picture, I missed it the first time I saw the trailer but when doing this review it really stood out as being a what?! Moment and I love it. December’s going to be a fun month.

New Poster (Click for full size)


Well that’s my views. Now what do you think about this newest trailer?

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32 responses to “Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues (Trailer #1) Review”

  1. markmc2012 says :

    Pass, gave up on the first one after maybe 30 minutes.


  2. The Focused Filmographer says :

    I love the sombrero/apple shot! haha. I am ready for this one. The trailer wasn’t as stand-outish for me, but it was much better than the previous ones that just teased the same stuff


  3. CainTheConqueror says :

    Loved the first one and I love this trailer! However I made the unhappy mistake of watching the um…sequel? of thrown together extra clips…it made my head hurt and left me with a bad taste but this looks really good. Plus, Megan good…


  4. atothewr says :

    The first was hilarious, but since I have really soured on Will. I hope this one will bring some of his comedy magic back. He’s kind of stuck in a rut right now. Nice review.


  5. Hypersonic55 says :

    I loved the first film, i just hope that this film is going to be just as good, if not then i’ll cry. Anchorman was one of those films that didn’t need a sequel but just like every other film in existence Hollywood feels the needs the need to make another film based on the success of the previous film. I hope this is worth my time, it certainly looks funny enough.


  6. Tyson Carter says :

    Looks amazing. Ron as a Dolphin/Seaworld announcer or something got my attention 🙂


  7. davecrewe says :

    My only real concern from the trailer is the near complete lack of Veronica Corningstone – I think she has a brief appearance but she’s wearing sunglasses so it’s hard to tell. I think her straight man was pretty important to the appeal of the first film! Still, hopefully this will be on par with the original.


  8. adlibitur90 says :

    I can’t wait for all the cameo’s! Sounds like there’s gonna be loads of them like the first one.


  9. Fogs' Movie Reviews says :

    My take: Not a fan of Kristen Wigg’s Brick impersonation, though I suppose that’s the only type of person they could hook him up with. Brian Fantana’s commercial looks hysterical. LOL. Definitely IS awesome to see Baxter. LOL. I love that he’s got a full meal and he’s drinking from a straw. LOL!! 😀


  10. Tom says :

    YES!!! THanks so much for posting this Tim! I think like you a few of my fears have been calmed a bit. i think it’s important to take into consideration how much time has passed between this and the original; it should be more than enough time to construct another really solid story that has ample room for slapstick and smart comedy. and the characters all seem to be intact as well. my hopes for it being close to as good have improved dramatically. i can’t wait…


  11. Tom says :

    YES! YES! and more YES!!!


  12. Nick Powell says :

    Awww Baxter drinking soda.


  13. lukebbtt says :

    Comedy sequels never work. I’m skeptical.


  14. theipc says :

    I’ve seen this trailer and it looks humorous – but it’s not really my type of comedy – I am sure we’ll watch it when it comes out for rental : ) Good work, Tim!


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