The World’s End (2013) Review

I loved what Wright did in the first two films. Shaun of the Dead was a brilliant riff on zombie films and Hot Fuzz was the same with buddy cop films, and all I wanted was the same treatment for an alien invasion. Sadly though I think they missed the mark massively and I found this film very disappointing, sadly Wright’s worst film to date. The film as a comedy was weak and barely had any laughs in comparison to their previous work. The story was equally weak and had near to no coherency; rapidly shooting from boring slap stick fights to heart felt back stories and breakdowns. I have a lot more complaints but when it comes down to it the films a comedy that isn’t funny. I’ll go into much more detail below but for now bookmark this if you are waiting to see the film, leave any comments below, if you have seen the film then check out the spoiler sections and I will look forward to hearing everyone’s thoughts.

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In “The World’s End,” 20 years after attempting an epic pub crawl, five childhood friends reunite when one of them becomes hellbent on trying the drinking marathon again. They are convinced to stage an encore by Gary King (Simon Pegg), a 40-year-old man trapped at the cigarette end of his teens, who drags his reluctant pals to their hometown and once again attempts to reach the fabled pub – The World’s End.

Tim’s Film Reviews Maybe Recommended

Story: 70%     Acting: 85%     Characters: 80%     Dialogue: 60%

Comedy: 40%     Style/Sound: 70%     Visuals: 50%

Total: 65%

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The story started slow…agonizingly slow and whilst it was picking up rapidly it hit a plateau about half way through the film which made me lose interest in what was happening, don’t get me started on the non-sense ending. As far as the acting goes they all did a good job but like I said at the start there were some excellent emotional scenes but I couldn’t care less about them when it drags away from the comedy which just doesn’t match! As for the characters I thought that Pegg and Frost swapping their normal roles would be good but in practise it just doesn’t feel as funny. Frost plays a good straight face but Pegg just cannot hold the lovable loser role.

The Worlds End having a drink

The dialogue was fine at times but as a comedy it just wasn’t very funny, in Shaun of the Dead it was more physical humour and in Hot Fuzz it was more funny dialogue but this film didn’t win in either category. Where this film really fails though is the complete and utter wasted opportunity that an alien invasion film had. If you think zombies and buddy cop films have a lot of material to work with then you must be able to find plenty of comedy but clearly not. I did feel an awful lot of similarities between this films alien and the aliens of The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, the problem with this is that I both felt I had seen it before and it totally didn’t match the theme of the film. There is actually a part where the alien says “Fuck it” and then it left?! What?!.

The Worlds End Pub names

The visuals were weak and stupid most of the time, with terrible fight scenes and I mean terrible, seriously look out for the bathroom fight. I can’t think why this is though, Wright has never had a problem with fights and visuals before but as his worse film he let me down here as well. The only reason I didn’t put this lower was that it had good background and scenery visuals, still average though.

The Worlds End the cast


The best reviews I found would be these:

“While I can’t say that it’s my favourite film that Wright has made, I can say that it’s a good time at the cinema and very much worth your time, especially if you’re a fan of the previous films.” Hyper Sonic. Full Review 

“The World’s End takes a little while to get going, but once it does it not only meets the sterling standard of excellence set by the previous two films but also reaches a new level of emotional depth for the entire trilogy.” Rorschach Reviews. Full Review 

The Worlds End pegg


My favourite scene is either Pegg jumping unto the car for no reason or Frost accidentally smashing his arm through a window when he is drunk. I pick them because they are the funniest scenes I can remember. Please comment with your favourite scenes.


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35 responses to “The World’s End (2013) Review”

  1. davecrewe says :

    Came back and read the entirety of this after catching this recently – I agree with most of your comments (particularly that the alien invasion conceit was mostly wasted and it needed to be a lot funnier), although I found the look of the fight scenes really appealing – they were some of the highlights of the film for me. Good review!


  2. table9mutant says :

    Good review. But should be 70%. 😉


  3. Ben says :

    I thought this film would have been so much better if they completely removed the alien invasion aspect. I liked the idea of five old “friends” trying to complete the pub crawl. I was really enjoying the beginning of the movie and thought Pegg was doing a half decent job. After the aliens invaded, it got confused and became a mess of a movie unfortunately.

    I did like the bathroom fight scene because it was the only one that was silly and felt like five random blokes fighting, rather than the “skills” they all seem to develop as the film progresses. Completely agree about the ending though.


  4. gagekagnew says :

    c’mon Tim…. couldn’t you just lie to us and say this was a fantastic way to wrap up the trilogy so that all can be just in the world?


  5. Buzz says :

    I’m right with you on this one Tim.
    I found it a very dissapointing film though the cast gave it so much promise. For me there were just a few feeble laughs, far from what I expected a comedy to offer and far from what I expected Pegg to deliver.
    Wish I’d saved my money!


  6. Beer Movie says :

    Only read the intro as I am keen to check this out. Shame that it didn’t work for you. MY expectations are lower than most people’s with this one, so hopefully I will enjoy it.


  7. ruth says :

    I love Hot Fuzz so I’ll still give it a shot. I’m way more interested in this than This Is The End. Too bad it isn’t as good as it could’ve been.


    • Tim The Film Guy says :

      I am right with you, expected nothing from This is the End and yet it was really good. Expected great comedy from The Worlds End and came out not amused 😦

      I hope you enjoy it Ruth 😀


  8. myreelpov says :

    Whaaa? I disagree about the fight scene in the bathroom I really enjoyed it and thought the robot/alien things were great how they just face grabbed – awkward fighting is much more realistic. Also Pegg nailed the lovable rouge for me and I thought the emotional scenes were a nice touch. I agree it wasn’t the best but your review is a little harsh for me 🙂


    • Tim The Film Guy says :

      What was the plan to grabbing their face, how does that subdue them? The emotional scenes where good but just was too much for a comedy film.

      Ultimately I get harsh when a film doesn’t work within its genre. Especially when the people behind it have done so much better. A comedy film that isn’t that funny doesn’t get a good score I am sorry 😦


  9. Morgan R. Lewis says :

    Skipping the main review due to the spoiler warning. You guys in the UK must have gotten this before the US (which makes sense), since I haven’t seen an American review yet. Sorry to hear it disappointed.


  10. Mr Rumsey says :

    Really disappointing to hear
    I’ve only read the first section, as I still plan on seeing this. Shame that you think it isn’t all that.


  11. Nick Powell says :

    I just looked at the scores as I am trying not to read any reviews until I see it myself. Disappointed in seeing what you gave it.. but still cannot wait myself!


  12. Three Rows Back says :

    Agreed that it’s not in the same territory as Shaun or Hot Fuzz, but I still had a good time with it and there were more than enough jokes that hot the mark. Nice review by the way.


  13. Terry Malloy's Pigeon Coop says :

    Shame you didn’t think much of this Tim. I had fun with it although I do agree a lot of the jokes miss their mark. There was more depth to the characters this time round I felt, though. Not a patch on Shaun but still pretty good.


  14. theipc says :

    I skipped reading other than the first paragraph as I want to see this.


  15. Joseph@thecinemamonster says :

    Oh man, I am really looking forward to this. I was skeptical to begin with and now your review is affirming a lot of my worries. Hopefully it all works out. Awesome write-up as always!


  16. Anonymous says :

    I’m a huge fan of their work but this film was terrible. Every time pegg tried the wild & crazy bit I cringed, there were so many failures on every level that I nearly walked out on this one. The one and only time the audience and I laughed was when frost broke the glass pane reaching for the door knob. Such a waste of a drinking movie.


  17. Tim The Film Guy says :

    That was the only time me and my friends really laughed! Haha on the same page 😀


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