Box Office Predictions (26-28th July) Results

Okay so right off the bat I was way off with my Prediction, way off! And with that whimpering weekend total the summer blockbuster season has ended. So with that in mind these predictions will become less frequent, for example nothing interesting is coming out next weekend but I will be posting my predictions for 9-11th August. Go watch some movies!


Returning Films

Last weekend’s releases held up pretty well. The Conjuring only dropped 47% beating horror normal numbers. Turbo only dropped 37% which is good but it’s still not doing great. RED 2 dropped 48% but R.I.P.D. dropped a whopping 54% which off the back of bad numbers is really bad. WHY PACIFIC RIM, WHY?!!!

New Films

The Wolverine

The Wolverine - poster


I have seen the film and my review will be out this week. How this film being far better than X-Men Origins Wolverine made nearly half the same amount of money is shocking. But after disappointment I suppose it is to be expected. Still I’d hardly say it did badly, $55M is good for a $120M budget and looking at the international total we come to a worldwide total after 1 weekend of $140M. Sweet, Sweet MONEY!!!

My Prediction

  1. The Wolverine:   -$75M
  2. The Conjuring:   -$19M
  3. Despicable Me 2:   -$13M
  4. Turbo:   -$11M
  5. Grown Ups 2:   -$10M
  6. Pacific Rim:   -$10M
  7. RED 2:   -$9M
  8. R.I.P.D:   -$7M
  9. The Heat:   -$5M
  10. World War Z:   -$3M

Actual Results

  1. The Wolverine:   -$55M (-20M)
  2. The Conjuring:   -$22.1M (+3.1M)
  3. Despicable Me 2:   -$16M (+3M)
  4. Turbo:   -$13.3M (+2.3M)
  5. Grown Ups 2:   -$11.5M (+1.5M)
  6. RED 2:   -$9.4M (+0.4M)
  7. Pacific Rim:   -$7.5M (-2.5M)
  8. The Heat:   -$6.8M (+1.8M)
  9. R.I.P.D.:   -$5.8M (-1.2M)
  10. Fruitvale Station:   -$4.6M (N/A)


Well that’s my views. Now what do you think about this weekend and its new releases?


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11 responses to “Box Office Predictions (26-28th July) Results”

  1. ruth says :

    Ahah, so I was closer to the actual box office than you eh? It’s not for lack of faith in Wolverine, though the film did disappoint me 😦


  2. Daniel Prinn says :

    Yeah, I’m glad Fox still has a decent hit on their hands with The Wolverine. I still have to see that, I’m contemplating re-watching all the others before it… I might not have enough time on my hands to do that 😦 I might just do that with X-Men: Days of Future Past because that one actually looks AWESOME. I haven’t quite felt the real buzz on this one yet… Tim, with a low-balling film like this, you can’t beat yourself up with the difference between the prediction and the result 🙂 By the time the actual comes in, you’ll be within $20 million I think — and for blockbusters, being within $20 million of the actual number is usually my goal 😀


  3. theipc says :

    I was going to go give you a like on your post but WordPress is acting funny so — LIKE


  4. Kelley says :

    The Wolverine surprised me. I went to see it twice this weekend and there wasn’t much of a crowd. More people were going to see Fruitvale Station, which I am planning to see this weekend. I know a few people who are going to see The Conjuring for the second or third time.


  5. mikeyb185 says :

    Hey, not bad predictions. Wolverine should probably done better considering the big marketing push it’s been having. Some of these arent out in the UK yet so we’ll see how they do here


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