2015 Or The Year Of The Blockbuster!

2015 could also be named the year of the sequel or of the NERD! With the recent news from Comic-Con of the Batman/Superman film being released in 2015 I thought it was time I wrote about the big one! Each time I tried to write about it new films got announced but I cannot see more films coming out so here we are. I have listed 18 MASSIVE blockbuster films coming out in 2015 ALONE and what’s scary is that I think I have actually forgotten some. I will be going through each of the massive films with some information on each and my thoughts, so read on.


Star Wars: Episode VII


Episode VII is the nerd film to watch in 2015, and whilst it won’t make the most money it will be very important to pop culture. The potential is massive and the unlimited possibilities the Star Wars universe provides will either be taken advantage of or be squandered once again. All of Nerdom is looking to you Abram’s so don’t screw it up!

The Avengers 2: Age Of Ultron


Joss Whedon’s mega assembly made mega bucks and so a sequel was guaranteed but the Age of Ultron!? I did not expect that and whilst as a nerd I am exceedingly happy I am also a little unsure how they will pull this off without Hank Pym (Ant Man). Still as long as they don’t say Iron Man built them I can let them off and would love to see Whedon’s take on the epic saga of Ultron. I hope they don’t play it safe because if done right this could be something special.



The reason I have put Batman/Superman is because Batman Vs Superman is still unconfirmed as a title and the idea of a film based around that doesn’t really click too well in my head. Any fight between them needs to really happen after they have known each other for a while, because otherwise it makes no sense. Still the first time we see Batman and superman on the big screen is guaranteed to be big and to most an unmissable film of the summer.



You may be wondering why this doesn’t top the list considering it is the sequel to the biggest film of all time; well it’s simple in 2015 it will be 6 years since the first film which ALWAYS hurts films and it won’t have the same fresh appeal the first had. However it will be enormous and if James Cameron can pull off some new visual techniques and work the aquatic side of Pandora then the film might even beat its predecessor. Either way I am excited and with such a long period between films I expect something breath-taking, pressures on now Cameron!

Bond 24


Whilst a Bond film normally does well and nearly always makes money, it’s the unprecedented success of Skyfall that makes this film a serious contender. Joining the billion dollar club in 2012 I want to see how well it does. Sam Mendes has also agreed to direct the sequel and it is believed to be based on the Bond Novel Devil May Care.

Jurassic Park IV


Whilst most will think this is just another money making cash cow I believe this project has potential. There are currently two theories running around about how this film will play out, one is that the film will be based around the idea of Human-Dinosaur hybrid (please no) or two that the park built on Isla Nublar will be turned into a working dinosaur park that has the island working as Dr. Grant wanted, until it goes wrong mwahahaha! With Safety Not Guaranteed director Colin Trevorrow attacked to direct and Spielberg’s rather hands on production role we may get another good Dinosaur flick.

Independence Day 2


Yay! It’s finally happening we get the sequel. Granted not everyone is a super fan of this film but I am and so I cannot wait. If Emmerich can repeat his success then this will be a great film and make bundles. Apparently the sequel will be set on an earth where the alien technology is common place and the aliens come back, and that just wets my appetite. Not sure about the two part sequel but we’ll see.

Finding Dory


I have mentioned how I am not a fan of Pixar’s recent sequel production but I am a fan of Finding Nemo and this sounds promising. Regardless of my studio concerns this film will be big and nobody doubts that. I wouldn’t want to be an animation competing with this film because I don’t se many even touching this one.

The Hunger Games 3


The Hunger Games which is the smartest of the teen book adaptations, not that there’s much competition, is going to end its epic trilogy in 2015. I have no idea what’s to come in the Hunger Game series but there’s hype and I know a lot people real excited for Catching Fire coming out in the winter so am sure it will be an event.

Fantastic Four


I hope Fox had a good reason for pushing this film’s release date back to 2015 because 2014 would have been far better market to release a new comic book reboot. All it had to compete with in 2014 was Days of Futures Past, Guardians of the Galaxy, Captain America Winter Soldier and The Amazing Spider-Man 2. Which sounds like a lot but compared to 2015 it really isn’t. I am however looking forward to seeing Josh Trank (Chronicle) take on the Fantastic Four and hope to see some massive improvements over the last attempt at the group.

Prometheus 2


I know this film divided opinions but come on its still Ridley Scott in the Alien universe, it’s going to be big and with Ridley Scott being criticised I think he will come back with something really special to redeem himself. Also with (Spoiler) most of the cast of the first film dead there will be big opportunities to add some big names to the new film. NERDOM!

Terminator 5


I say Terminator 5 but Paramount is actually rebooting the series so yeah that’s happening. Depending on how the new films are done I will be there to judge them, please be another T2 or at least get Cameron to come back to his franchise. Arnold wants to be in the films but I think he should be discontinued, and from what I have heard The Rock maybe leading this film so if anyone is replacing Arnold it will probably be him.

Kung Fu Panda 3


This franchise is doing pretty well, two films both did well in critique and box office so of course here comes number three. I can guess we will see nothing especially special coming out of this film but I heard that Bryan Cranston is voicing something in this film I want to know what.

Mission Impossible 5


Wow another fifth entry of a successful action franchise but I actually care about this one. With Cruises age and the number of films I imagine this will be the last one. I have no news about the film but as long as it keeps the same fun as Ghost Protocol then I am sure we’ll be happy.

Pirates Of The Caribbean 5


Errr five! Just die already; you stopped being fun after Dead Man’s Chest. Regardless if I’ll be watching this film I can’t say it doesn’t have potential, as I have seen big sequels of a failing franchise surprise before, I always look for pleasant surprises. But after The Lone Ranger I wouldn’t get my hopes up.



The first film in Marvels Phase three could go either way. It could garner massive revenue off the back of The Avengers or it could be left in the dark as The Avengers sucks up all the superhero spend, much like I believe Iron Man 3 will do to Thor 2 this year. I still can’t get over them making an Age of Ultron film and then following that with a solo Ant-Man film, something doesn’t fit there. But I hope it’s great and it does well.



A World of Warcraft film coming out in 2015 is a terrible idea. It wouldn’t have been a strong film on its own but with 2015’s packed market I wouldn’t expect it to do very well. Still the franchise is massive and if everyone who plays the game goes to see it then money will pure in. The only news I have on the project is that it’s directed by Duncan Jones (Moon) whose name is really fun to say.

Assassin’s Creed


I’ve played the games and their cinematic appeal is clear. I cannot wait to see how this turns out because I think it will be the first game to film adaptation to be good. Time Travel, Assassins, big franchise, big stars and I see big money! Michael Fassbender has gotten huge over the past couple of years and as he plans to star and produce it seems to be somewhat of a passion project which very few games seem to get when turned to film. Hopefully this will be the surprise win of 2015.


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73 responses to “2015 Or The Year Of The Blockbuster!”

  1. guysfilmquest says :

    Sure, I’m three weeks late to the game in leaving a comment on this, but honestly there’s a lot of good information in this article (it’s actually something I’d publish on if you were interested in working with me on that).

    But I digress…

    Out of all of those, I’m actually really interested to see what happens with Fantastic Four. Sure, it’s not a film that I’ll probably enjoy as much as Superman/Batman, or Mission: Impossible 5 or the Avengers sequel or even the next Bond film, however, I do feel like there’s tons of potential with FF reboot, especially because they aren’t able to be part of the same universe as the Avengers, but I hear there is some potential to mix in with the X-Men and/or some other characters, so the sequels could be a lot of fun.


    • Tim The Film Guy says :

      You can publish it if you want, just link back to mine and do what you want 😀

      Glad you liked the post, big year!

      Fantastic Four is an interesting prospect, the last one was awful but I hope they can make a good one 😀


  2. The Focused Filmographer says :

    Yep, some massive movies coming out that year! I think my brain may go into overload. Geek meter on full alert! It’s going to be awesome.

    I, of course, look forward to Avengers: Age of Ultron, Prometheus 2, JP4, Bond 24 and Terminator 5. You can keep Pirates though. ha.

    Nice look at what’s coming, man. Thanks


  3. bcd796 says :

    Can’t wait to see: Avengers 2, Hunger Games 3, Finding Dory, and Independence Day 2


  4. Nerdy Girl Ramblings says :

    As excited as I am for 95% of these films… I get all anxious and weird when I realize that’s 2 years away and how much older I’ll be when they’re released… I can’t be the only one who gets aging depression when release dates are announced. 😛 haha


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