Machete Kills (Red Band Trailer #2) Review

Now that’s more like it. I didn’t like the first one because it was a bit dull and boring. But with this you get action, laughs, terrible CGI and lots of sexy ladies. I think with a film like this you need a good red band because otherwise you are restraining 90% of the film from the trailer. This reminds me a lot more of the grindhouse trailer for the first one, even the voice over guy. Enjoy the review and please tell me your initial reactions to this new trailer.


My Score: A-

Release date: 11th October 2013


The U.S. government recruits Machete to battle his way through Mexico in order to take down an arms dealer who looks to launch a weapon into space.

What I liked

#5. The Music

If there’s one thing a ridiculous action film like Machete Kills needs it’s some fun off the walls music, and this music fit perfectly with this trailer. Bang, bang, bang goes quite well with gun shots, machete slices and helicopter kills.

#4. Death and Explosions!!!


Tried to get a good picture of someone getting slaughtered but it moved too quick so here’s a nice big explosion. Always love a good red Band trailer, you get all the blood and violence to really judge an R rated film.

#3. The Ladies


Why hello there ;D. I wasn’t actually a fan of the huge all-star cast of this film but this trailer has turned me round because they all seem to have parts and they make me laugh. Sofía Vergara looks like she is having a blast with her insane character and I like that. Even Gaga seems pretty funny in this, running people off roads and getting nut punched.

Also kids from the 90’s should recognise Alexa Vega of Sky Kids fame.

#2. Helicopter Kills


Never seen a trailer show two kill scenes involving a person being shredded with a helicopters blades before, but I like it. It’s why I watch these films, for the excessive kills. One of my friends hates the first film for stuff like this and he didn’t like the scene when he sliced open a person’s stomach and used his intestines to jump out a window and break through the window on the below floor. Best part of the film!

#1. “I am a genuine high calibre people fuckeruper”


Mel Gibson plays crazy with such ease it’s scary. Loved the idea of him playing a bad guy because…well just look at those eyes! His costume is mad, he sounds crazy and most importantly his dialogue so far is making me laugh (hopefully on purpose).

What I Didn’t Like

Dodgy CGI.

Flashy actions scenes, makes my reviewing difficult.

New Poster


Well that’s my views. Now what do you think about this newest trailer?

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41 responses to “Machete Kills (Red Band Trailer #2) Review”

  1. sati says :

    I love how all those toxic actors like Lohan, Gibson and Sheen always have Rodriguez to hire them 🙂


  2. The Vern says :

    That trailer got me more excited to see this then the general one. It’s more over the top and really embraced its campyness. Yes The CGI is a bit of an overkill too but I can live with it. I really liked Sofia Vegara, Lady Gaga, and Mel Gibson in this trailer


  3. table9mutant says :

    Looks sort of fun. Guess I better watch the first film. 😉


  4. Glittering-Diamonds says :

    I adored the first film and I’m dead excited for this, I love a bit of silly action!


  5. filmscorehunter says :

    I loved the first film. I hope the reviews are just as good for this one; it looks like a whole lotta fun (Mel Gibson is fighting while wearing a cape!).


  6. cevans1982 says :

    Looks like Gibson will be an appropriately maniacal baddy in Expendables 3 then!


  7. Parlor of Horror says :

    recycled the crotch gun in From Dusk til Dawn. That weapon needed more scene time!


  8. Parlor of Horror says :

    I actually like the first one a whole lot and I’m sure I’ll like this one, too! What’s funny is this started out as a joke, a fake trailer for the Grindhouse films he and Tarantino did. Rodriguez had no intention of making this into a real film but it got such a buzz, he changed his mind. And Trejo is a cool anti-hero and/or bad guy. Loved his part in Sons of Anarchy!


  9. Tom says :

    amber heard. amber heard. amber heard. amber heard. guns. bullets. amber heard. amber heard. amber heard. amber heard. machete. amber heard. amber heard. amber heard. amber heard.

    Those are my Top 15 reasons I want to see this film.


  10. mikeyb @ screenkicker says :

    I like to think Mel Gibson is playing himself in this


  11. ruth says :

    Ahahaha, well of course those fembot-looking busty ladies would be the highlight of the trailer 😉


  12. gilbertspeaks says :

    I can’t wait to see this. Great review!!!


  13. Brian @ Hard Ticket to Home Video says :

    That girl from Spy Kids grew up right.


  14. theipc says :

    I agree with Luke – can’t wait!!


  15. lukebbtt says :

    Hola, motherfucker!
    I think this will be much better than the first. I cannot wait.


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