Fall TV 2013 Part 1 Review

It’s simple I watch a lot TV and movies and well anything on a screen. So summer ending is a blow, big blockbusters gone (sad). But TV shows are coming back (Yay) and because it is fall we get a bunch of new ones for me to judge and ridicule Mwahahaha! Others have done something similar, The Verbal Spew Review (she’s great) has done a review of the fall schedule so check that out. The way I am reviewing them is based off the shows first three episodes because that’s how long I watch a show before I decide to keep watching a new show or drop it like led brick. Also I will not review the comedy series until the last post. So here come my views, if you think there is a show I am not watching that I should please bring it up because I am always looking for suggestions.



Sons of Anarchy (Season 6) Ep 1-3


Sons of Anarchy is a brilliant TV show and so far the series has got me hooked again, however the last couple of seasons have had a slight lack of entertainment and dark humour but so far I have seen that coming back subtly. The one thing I want from this season is that Jacks gets to win something because no matter what he does he always loses and it’s so sad! I mean as a drama it gets an emotional response but I always like a little win for characters, because I am nice like that.

Watch It!

Cannot stop laughing at this! “Step into my lab”


Revolution (Season 2) Ep 1-3


This series is so weird! I nearly quit this show three times last season but I stuck with it and as the season ended I was glad I did. Big stuff when down and it was interesting, that plus a massive cliff hanger led to this second season. As a SCI FI nerd I find a lot of this series to be fascinating, the concepts are great and the visuals are pretty excellent as an end of the world series goes. The characters and the script would probably be the main problem for most; sadly like many series before it this wasn’t resolved until way into the first season and when half of its viewers had given up (sad). Season two so far has delivered some more interesting characters and a more focused story. Something about the “USA” or “Patriots” being the bad guys is really interesting and pretty bold for an American tv series especially one with so few viewers. If this gets a third season I would be shocked so I would watch this as long as you can because there’s nothing really like it.

Give it a Shot!


Boardwalk Empire (Season 4) Ep 1-3


I love this series! And it never disappoints when I watch it, making it a very rare series. This series has a great grasp of historical realism and made up characters that fit perfectly within it so you wouldn’t be able to know the difference. Truly fascinating series and season 4 is no different with the first couple of episodes being a fascinating series of events, but right now I am most interested in Al Capone and the character played by Michael Shannon because that storyline is very entertaining and with the most recent episode devastating! There are so many characters and stories in this series that you are sure to love one if not all of them. And if you like the feeling of nobody is a safe character then this is for you.

Watch It!


New Shows

Agents of SHIELD (Season 1) Ep 1-3


Marvel + TV + Whedon = Greatness! Or so I thought but sadly that is not what I got. The first episode was pretty good but generally lacklustre and I just put that down as pilot jitters but episode two didn’t do great either with horrible unoriginal storytelling and some of the characters are really getting on my nerves. Episode three though was pretty poor, it started with a fascinating first half which looked to be the best episode so far but then in its second half they rushed through to try and set up a villain for a later date and when you put it all together makes absolutely no sense. The worst thing about this series though is how little I care for any of the characters, I like Coulson but only from the films, I couldn’t care less about most of the others because they aren’t really characters but very stale and boring. But the worst are those two scientists who I cannot stand! Every scene of them just irritates me! Argh!

Disappointed! Give it a Shot.


The Blacklist (Season 1) Ep 1-3


The only reason I watched this show was because it stared James Spader and he’s always a good character, plus the trailer was interesting enough for me to tune in. Three episodes in and I do not regret it, fascinating stories and villains to hunt down makes this worth a good watch. The clincher though is Spaders character being one of the criminals on the list, he can be dark, and he is very mischievous and funny and there is always something being hidden under his sleeves. I am a fan and it’s been breaking some viewer records so well done for it and Spader. Good luck fighting the Avengers next year.

Watch It!


Hostages (Season 1) Ep 1-3


This is another one where its concept and main star was my reason for watching it but unlike The Blacklist this was a waste of my time. Watched it for a while but it just doesn’t keep me interested for enough time. It has one card to play and its milking it as long as it can. Don’t watch it because it will take forever to conclude a stupid story. We’ll meet again Dylan McDermott next week for American Horror Story, Wait he’s not even in the new one dammit!

Don’t Watch It!


Sleepy Hollow (Season 1) Ep 1-3


This was a surprisingly good show; so far I am genuinely enjoying it with no main complaints. I was afraid of a weird movie to TV flop but they have changed it a lot so I think it really works in its own right. If you like supernatural or Grimm then Sleepy Hollow is along those lines, with its own unique way of telling a weird story. The characters are interesting and watching Ichabod Crane adjust to 21st century life is always worth a chuckle. The visuals are not bad at all and the headless horseman is pretty kick ass! Just wish the horse was black. This may not be for everyone but its at very least entertaining.

Watch It!


Coming Up On Part 2


Arrow, The Walking Dead, Supernatural, American Horror Story


The Tomorrow People

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45 responses to “Fall TV 2013 Part 1 Review”

  1. caragale says :

    I’m addicted to Sleepy Hollow! Which is surprising because my initial reaction was “meh.” Agents of SHIELD has grown on me, but I still don’t love it like I was expecting too. I haven’t seen any of the others, but from what I’ve read of various reviews, your reactions seem like they would be similar to mine. SOA’s one people keep telling me to watch. One day…lol.


    • Tim The Film Guy says :

      Actually watching the latest Sleepy Hollow now, really enjoying it myself.

      Agents of Shield is getting better but its very slow to actually get to anything.

      Sons of Anarchy is pretty damn great, hope you get the chance to see it soon 😀


  2. cevans1982 says :

    I’m sticking with SHIELD, it is getting better and hopefully continue to do so into season 2 (if it gets renewed)!

    Ditto Revolution.


  3. Patricia says :

    A bit late to this post, but good list! I’m currently on Season 3 of Boardwalk Empire, hoping to catch up – it might even cure the Breaking Bad-sized hole in my heart. I found Sleepy Hollow a-okay after a few episodes, and didn’t really feel the need to continue watching it, like the plot was pretty dull. Does it get any better?

    Also, can’t wait for part 2. Any thoughts on The Walking Dead so far? This new seasons seems pretty promising, especially with Carol’s character.


    • Tim The Film Guy says :

      Oh you will love Boardwalk Empire, great series to get into after Breaking Bad 😀

      Sleepy Hollow is pretty good but episodes vary depending on the plot of each one. So one week its really entertaining and another will be a bit boring. Its a show that you don’t really have to keep too much of a track on.

      And part 2 just came out today so you’ll know most of my thoughts on The Walking Dead there. Look forward to talking about it 😀


  4. sidekickreviews says :

    I missed out on the last two episodes of Season 1 Revolution and never picked it back up. I heard season 2 is better.

    I’m enjoying Blacklist too, mainly for James Spader’s character. (He’s gonna kill an Avenger, I know it!)

    I’m keeping up with Sleepy Hollow, it’s not a bad show it’s actually fun, but nothing too exciting so far.

    The list of all the shows you keep up with is very impressive! And it’s only part 1. 🙂


  5. V says :

    Nicely done Tim! And cheers for the shout out :D. Am yet to give Sleepy Hollow and The Blacklist a whirl but am looking forward to it. I gave up on Revolution last year but might just have to give it another chance.


  6. Kim @ Tranquil Dreams says :

    I haven’t seen the majority of these although some do look interesting. I have however started Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD. I was disappointed or anything but then I kind of had this weird thing and ended up watching the 4th episode first…I never finished the first episode. So I guess its good I didn’t start with it 😉 But I’d continue watching it…its alright.


  7. sydneyaaliyah says :

    I agree with you on Hostage. I don’t like shows that give away the plot in the title. I wonder what’s going to happened, well someone is going to be a hostage.

    But, Agent’s of Shield, I love it if only to hear in each episode the references they make to New York and the Avengers. Last episode it was a reference to Captain America. And, I cried when Paulson died, so to see him walking around again, makes me feel better about the future of man kind. Although I am waiting for them to reveal he’s a robot or a clone or something.


  8. boxofficebuzzab says :

    Good round-up! I’ve been watching Agents of Shield, but like you, have found the show isn’t as good as I was hoping it would be. Still, I think the show has a lot of promise and has been getting better, so I plan to keep watching. 🙂 I want to check out Sleepy Hollow.


  9. Victor De Leon says :

    I’ve been enjoying Sleepy Hollow, The Blacklist and Hostages. I haven’t tried Revolution yet and I am way behind on Boardwalk Empire. Person of Interest, TWD and Elementary just rule and I’m digging Agents of Shield but I do get what you mean that it appears to be dragging it’s feet. Those two sci geeks are a bit distracting. All good picks, though, Tim!


  10. daviruz says :

    I could not agree with you more man. Spot on… Loving Sleepy Hollow and The Blacklist already… I really hope Agents of Shield picks up.


  11. Emma says :

    I’m liking Sleepy Hollow so far.


  12. gilbertspeaks says :

    Lot of great shows on this year:)


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