Captain America The Winter Soldier (Trailer #1) Review

I didn’t really have any thoughts on this film until now. I liked the first film but it wasn’t anything special and the sequel sounded interesting especially with that title (that’s right I read comics) Bucky! Gone to the dark side (sad face). But wow this trailer makes the film look great and I don’t really know that much more than I did before the trailer, which is good (few spoilers). The scope of the film looks pretty massive and after the Avengers that is really needed, whether this scale will help or hinder is too hard to tell but me like. Also listen out for that music because I think its part of the films score and its pretty good, its different than most of the marvel cinematic scores. Enjoy the review and please tell me your initial reactions to this new trailer.

“I thought the punishment usually came after the crime” – Politically charged words from Captain America!


My Score: A+

Release date: 26th March 2014


After the cataclysmic events in New York with The Avengers, Marvel’s “Captain America: The Winter Soldier” finds Steve Rogers, aka Captain America, living quietly in Washington, D.C. and trying to adjust to the modern world. But when a S.H.I.E.L.D. colleague comes under attack, Steve becomes embroiled in a web of intrigue that threatens to put the world at risk. Joining forces with the Black Widow, Captain America struggles to expose the ever-widening conspiracy while fighting off professional assassins sent to silence him at every turn. When the full scope of the villainous plot is revealed, Captain America and the Black Widow enlist the help of a new ally, the Falcon. However, they soon find themselves up against an unexpected and formidable enemy—the Winter Soldier.

What I liked

#8. “Well all the guys from my barbershop quartet are dead, so no not really”


Liking this little banter section, bit of a jokey feel which is nice. Tad morbid but I laughed my ass off mwahahaha. Also get some funny talk of dating in the office which is something I always think is funny in these top secret spy films which this essentially is. Nah am too nervous to date, but I’ll jump out this plane to fight some villains.

#7. “Is he wearing a parachute?”


Haha yes jump you super powered freak. Love the look and I think it’s very cool but from a practical stand point I have to mention how incredibly unlikely it would be for him not to die instantly as he hit that water. It would be the equivalent of running into a brick wall at 150 mph.

#6. Liking The New Suit


You may notice a wide variety of suits in this trailer but I am assuming this will be the latest one used. This is based mainly on the fact that it looks the best. It’s sleek and dark which makes it better for black ops which appear to be the main focus of this Captain America lead SHIELD film.

Also going to mention that hanger in the background later on.

#5. Elevator Fight Scene


What a small space for a superhero fight. I do like a good few against many fights. The fight looks fun and I am sure in the film we will get more than the flash bits we saw. However the line “Before we get started does anyone want to get out?” Is a bit weird because they’re in a moving elevator, so is he going to throw anyone who said yes out of the window to their death? Haha to which I approve.



I thought there was only one! Is that the 42nd one made? Where is that? Who am I talking to? That looks very cool and clearly a good way to increase the scope of the film with a bunch of the damn things flying around, feel like spaceships. I also like how they take off now using jets which is a bit more believable than them using propellers. Out of water!

#3. The Falcon


He actually looks really cool which is surprising because when you think of a character called the Falcon who dresses in wings. But they are pulling it off and I genuinely think some of the stunts will be excellent.

#2. Bit of Knife Play


Don’t see many knife fights in films anymore; I always think there fun with a lot choreography and skill. It’s weird seeing a knife fight in a big superhero film; it’s such a small weapon. Something about The Winter Soldier is reminding me somewhat of a sober Joker. Looks cool.

#1. Helicarrier Down! Helicarrier Down!


Wow the stakes are big in this film, we got carriers falling! Didn’t even get that in The Avengers. The ships also have a lot more weaponry than in the first film’s carrier. Not sure if this is because it’s a new model or whether this carrier is one taken over by the bad guys and has been retrofitted with more aggressive weapons. I can’t wait to find out.

What I Didn’t Like

#1. SPOILER!!!


Is that Nick Fury down for the count on that operating table? Because it certainly looks that way and I am not a fan of big spoiler drops in trailers. Granted it’s a pretty short spot but I noticed it and I wish I didn’t.

New Poster



Well that’s my views. Now what do you think about this newest trailer?

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56 responses to “Captain America The Winter Soldier (Trailer #1) Review”

  1. cevans1982 says :

    A++ this looks AWESOME. The great thing is that with the success of Marvel Studios’ films they’re able to bump up the budget (and it certainly shows) and fingers crossed they do the Winter Solider storyline justice!


  2. Nerdy Girl Ramblings says :

    I’m pretty stoked about this movie… that last scene of the preview where he catches the shield… awesome.


    • Tim The Film Guy says :

      That was pretty excellent. I haven’t really heard anyone complain about this trailer and for good reason it looks pretty damn good. Just hope it lives up to the HYPE!!!

      Thanks for dropping by you Nerdy Girl 😀


  3. boxofficebuzzab says :

    “Well all the guys from my barbershop quartet are dead, so no not really” — that made me crack up as well. 😉 Loved the Captain America/Black Widow character. I think their characters have a really interesting dynamic, glad to see them teaming up for this movie. I may actually be more excited about this movie than the Thor sequel now. 😀


  4. The Celtic Predator says :

    RLM can be a little too snobby at times, but trust me, they’re funny as hell.


  5. The Celtic Predator says :

    Hey Tim, I also wanted to ask if you’d heard or seen anything by Red Letter Media. They are an independent filming company based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and they have gained a great deal of internet fame for their “Mr. Plinkett Reviews” of the Star Trek: TNG films and especially for their reviews of the Star Wars Prequels. They also do a bunch of monthly youtube reviews of recent films called ‘Half in the Bag.’

    I don’t agree with all of their views regarding the movies that they review, but I wanted to bring your attention to them because I have had a lot of fun watching their stuff. I highly recommend googling “Plinkett Reviews” and checking them out either on their webstite or on YouTube. Their Plinkett reviews of the Star Wars prequels and Star Trek ’09 are my favorites, and they are hilarious while also being insightful. As a movie fan yourself, I hope you’ll check them out. They’ve been invaluable for me in my growth as an amateur film critic.


    • Tim The Film Guy says :

      You seem very passionate so I will trust your opinion 😀

      I’ll check them out, always love a new YouTube channel to follow.

      Haha thought you had been hacked for a sec there, one of the most random comments I have received 😀


  6. dawsonreviews says :

    Great review 🙂 the trailer makes it look so different from the first film, I hope it can live up to it…


  7. ruth says :

    Awesome review Tim! I’m super stoked for this as well but then again I liked the first film. Yeah bummer about Bucky gone to the dark side but that last scene where he caught the shield is awesome! Oy, I didn’t even see that bit about Nick Fury, major spoiler alert!


    • Tim The Film Guy says :

      Thanks Ruth 😀

      Hopefully this will be a really good film. Maybe even political with the questions being asked.

      Wasn’t sure if talking about Bucky was a big spoiler or not but I think he will be a really good villain, certainly has potential 😀

      Got a favourite part?


  8. sanclementejedi says :

    I am super pumped up for this film and thought the trailer looked amazing!!!


  9. midnightrain890 says :

    hate to advertise on someone else blog but have to
    first loved the trailer and really great review but i was wondering if everyone could visit, follow or comment at


  10. table9mutant says :

    Nice review. 🙂 This looks alright! I actually liked the first film more than I was expecting to. But he’s nowhere near as hot as Thor!


  11. Amonymous says :

    Between side-stepping a truck like it’s nothing, knife-flipping in mid battle, and catching Cap’s shield, Winter Soldier looks like a badass villain. I. AM. SOLD.


    • Tim The Film Guy says :

      He is a great character in the comic arc and I hope he becomes a great villain in the marvel cinematic universe. I have always said that the Marvel films need a better set of villains, hopefully this will be one 😀

      We are both sold so far. Any favourite parts?


  12. keith7198 says :

    I absolutely love this trailer. I liked the first film but this one really strikes a chord with me. Ed Brubaker’s Winter Soldier arc in the comics is one of the greatest Cap stories ever written (and Epting’s art was breathtaking). This trailer took me back to the comic run and I can’t wait to see this film.


    • Tim The Film Guy says :

      Glad you like the trailer! I know the comic series you are referring to and its so GOOD! Even a part of the way towards the comic would make this a great film 😀

      Got any favourite parts?


      • keith7198 says :

        Of the trailer? Yes quite a few. I love the look of the Winter Soldier. They have it down perfectly. I also thought the action scenes involving him look killer. I’m also glad they aren’t tweaking Cap’s personality (At least so it seems). He seems to be struggling with the modern approach to things and that could make for an interesting conflict. And of course I’m excited about Sam. I really like that character and I was wondering how they were going to make Falcon a truly cool hero. I’m really encouraged there as well.


  13. Tom says :

    “I thought there was only one! Is that the 42nd one made? Where is that? Who am I talking to?” — L-O-f**king-L dude. that was so funny. but man that does look crazy. and in reference to your question before that with the elevator scene, surely when he asks, “does anyone want to get out?” that means he’ll just toss those suckers out the window. lol. I might have to actually see this, despite not seeing the first. (breaking a big rule of mine)


  14. The Celtic Predator says :

    I don’t know whether it’s the music or what, but this is an extremely well put together trailer. I hope the sequel elevates the Captain America series from the woefully average aftertaste of the first film. These trailer images have got me pumped 🙂


    • Tim The Film Guy says :

      The music, the imagery and pinch of humour. Yeah its a good trailer 😀

      Got any favourite parts?


      • The Celtic Predator says :

        I actually think my favorite part of the trailer is Cap’s quote: “This isn’t freedom, it’s fear.” If the writers have any brains (which I think they do), they’ll emphasize and reference the recent controversial actions of the US government both at home and abroad, and have Cap act as the country’s “moral compass” so to speak. It will make Cap seem even more likable and make what might be at first glance a nationalist title be a very self-aware patriotic one. Also, do I see Cap’s old suite at 2:05??????


        • Tim The Film Guy says :

          “I thought the punishment usually came after the crime” Was my favourite line. Both are pointing in a very political and current story. I hope they don’t wuss out on us.

          I think his costume will develop as the film goes on or maybe he’ll reject the new one symbolically returning to his original suit 😀


  15. Chris says :

    Yeah, this was a pretty impressive trailer. Looking forward to the next Captain America!


  16. Mel says :

    I think maybe the elevator joke is edited badly and in context it will make more sense.


  17. le0pard13 says :

    Agreed! If I wasn’t exactly psyched previously about the film, this removed all doubt. I also think it interesting that Marvel is releasing this in April, the pre-summer season month. Given that this will prove to be a big release, are we seeing the expansion of the official summer movie season by studios? Great look at the trailer, Tim.


    • Tim The Film Guy says :

      We are all agreeing then 😀

      Well so far marvel has found great success with spring releases. Avengers and Iron Man 3 came out in april – may and made well over a $1B.

      Not sure if any other studios are moving there but if they are watching then its likely they will start moving nearer to spring releases.

      Thanks mike, did you have a favourite scene?


  18. williamjepma says :

    So excited to see this! I really hope it lives up to the hype from this trailer.


  19. theipc says :

    This looks epic – even though I had to watch it on a PC with no sound : (


  20. Victor De Leon says :

    This trailer left me woozy. So much going on! I can’t wait to see this, now.


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