Fall TV 2013 Part 2 Review

It’s simple I watch a lot TV and movies and well anything on a screen. So summer ending is a blow, big blockbusters gone (sad). But TV shows are coming back (Yay) and because it is fall we get a bunch of new ones for me to judge and ridicule Mwahahaha! This week I am looking at some of my favourite TV shows from year and just one new entry. The way I am reviewing the shows is based off the shows first three episodes because that’s how long I watch a show before I decide to keep watching a new show or drop it like led brick. Next week I review the returning and new comedy shows coming out, so if you love your comedy then next weeks for you. So here come my views, if you think there is a show I am not watching that I should please bring it up because I am always looking for suggestions.



Supernatural (Season 9) Ep 1-3

Supernatural-season 9

Supernatural is such a hard TV show to watch because each season has such widely varying quality in story. So far this season is boring me just a little, not massively but I don’t rush to go see a new episode. Last season we got the Angels fall the earth which should be a massive problem with dire consequences, but we get to the show and like every season nothing has happened and there is zero urgency. If you’re a fan of the show like me you will watch new season regardless but its not one I’d recommend in a review sense.

Give It A Shot!


American Horror Story (Season 3) Ep 1-3


Coven! Tis the season of the witch. American Horror Story is great show to watch on Halloween if you haven’t got a bunch of horror movies to watch and if you want to catch up then you can pick any season in order. The great thing about this show is that each season has a different story and set of characters. Season 3 is all based around witches which are an interesting plot for the show to choose and so far has had some very interesting/strange ideas. Episode 1 and 2 didn’t have me all that interested and I felt it was heavily focused on the female audience, however in the 3rd episode the story started to get to the dark and freaky place that American Horror Story is known and loved for. I hope the show gathers on the progress of the last episode and if so then the season has my approval.

Watch It!


Arrow (Season 2) Ep 1-3

Arrow-Season 2

I love this series! And I did not start off that way and the first season started pretty rough. However what this series did that is so rare is change for the better with every episode that passed and eventually became a show I could not wait to see the next episode of, not because it would leave on a cliff-hanger but because it is so good. The last season ended with Oliver failing the city by not stopping the Glades from being destroyed in which his best friend died. This was a very good ending to the show because it showed that he will not win every battle and that there is great risk to the lives of Sterling city. However I was worried how the show would return. Luckily my fears where squished by a very entertaining first episode which was continually followed by fun, action packed and sometimes clever episodes. Cannot wait for episode 4 and I hope you all come back for season two or get on the first season soon.

Watch It!


The Walking Dead (Season 4) Ep 1-3


I have a love hates relationship to the series, love the first season, got bored by the second season, season 3 was very interesting a fun, but would season 4 follow a pattern. So far this hasn’t happened and the first episode was great but this show always makes a great entrance. The first episode had a wonderful look at what had happened after the fall of Woodbury and how the prison had changed…into the farm!!! I cannot stand another farm; every scene doing nothing in the prison will be marked as minus points. However they appear to be going out of the prison a lot which is very good and the season appears to be building to a mass exodus of the prison soon. However the third episode was slow and yeah that’s what I want to see in my Zombie TV show, people dying from getting the flu. The episode did end in epic style though with an unbelievable large herd of Walkers between Daryl and his sweet drugs!

Watch It!



The Tomorrow People (Season 1) Ep 1-3


Didn’t even know what this was until I watched the first episode. It’s an interesting series with some crazy ideas. We have a new species of humans called (haha) The Tomorrow People they all have the same powers of Telekinesis, Teleportation and Telepathy. It’s essentially a more boring version of Heroes, however unlike Heroes it isn’t too complicated that it will go up its own butt in the story. And for that reason I will keep watching it because it is going in the right direction and I love me some super powers. My favourite part is the bad guy, love that guy in everything. Also if you notice a resemblance between the star and you just can’t figure out who he reminds you of, it’s his cousin Stephen Amell (Green Arrow).

Give it a Shot.


Coming Up On Part 3 (Comedies!)


It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Bobs Burgers, New Girl, The Big Bang Theory, Modern Family, Parks & Recreation, South Park


The Crazy Ones, Dads, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Mom

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21 responses to “Fall TV 2013 Part 2 Review”

  1. caragale says :

    I am OBSESSED with Coven. My fave AHS season yet! I like The Tomorrow People, but there’s definitely room for growth. It gets a little silly and/or annoying sometimes. I’ve been catching up on season one of Arrow, but I LOVE it. Can’t wait to start watching season two. I’ve seen the first season of The Walking Dead and I liked it, but I have a lot of catching up to do. As for Supernatural, I hate that it’s been so up and down. I catch it kind of sporadically and I like it, but I haven’t seen much of the most recent seasons.


    • Tim The Film Guy says :

      Its a good season, apparently they will make a spin off series based on the whole witch world they have created 😀

      Really liking the Tomorrow People at the minute, its getting pretty good. Love when a series gets better as it goes on 😀

      On the subject of getting better and better Arrow is my favourite show at the minute for that very reason 😀

      Season 1 was a great season of The Walking Dead, pretty good at the moment as well. Supernatural is cwazy ;D Can’t decide which way round it wants to play but what ever its fun enough 😀

      Thanks for the comments 😀


  2. boxofficebuzzab says :

    I’m also a fan of Arrow. I could tell they worked really hard to make it better with each episode in the first season. I’m enjoying season 2 so far, as well.


  3. sidekickreviews says :

    I’m looking forward to Almost Human, I’ll give that show a chance. I’m enjoying Tomorrow People, the story is focused on a some core central characters and a “bad guy” which is better than the mess that Heroes became after season 1. Heroes did go up it’s own butt. It also makes we want to ooze black blood out of my eyes for no logical reason, no wait that was a character’s special powers! 🙂


  4. Novroz says :

    I want to watch the Walking Dead but never really get around to do it (been busy with British TV). I have stopped watching supernatural since season 5 when everything becomes too weird for me.

    I am waiting impatiently for Doctor Who and Sherlock. This months, I am planning to finish Shingeki no Kyojin


  5. ruth says :

    The only show I’m looking forward to this Fall is Almost Human w/ Karl Urban. I gave up on Arrow even though Stephen Amell is so mighty gorgeous, but just like Smallville, the show just can’t keep my interest.


  6. ckckred says :

    I’ve been warming up to The Walking Dead lately. Wasn’t too fond of it first, but now I really enjoy it. I can’t believe that NBC pushed back Parks and Rec, that’s a real shame.


  7. daviruz says :

    I am a bit bored by The Tomorrow People but i will give it a try, you forgot to mention Person of Interest and Elementary or don’t you watch them? Arrow has always been a worthy watch. Nice one bro.


    • Tim The Film Guy says :

      I haven’t seen Person of Interest and Elementary. Well I saw some of Person of Interest but lost track and keep meaning to go back. I do like suggestions though so thanks for mentioning them 😀

      Yeah I am hoping Tomorrow people progresses some or it won’t be on my watch list for much longer.

      Love Arrow! Such a hard time waiting for the next episode 😀


  8. williamjepma says :

    I am so incredibly happy with how Arrow is doing this season, it’s easily become my most anticipated show each week. I really hope it keeps up its momentum, I want it to stay on TV for a long time. 🙂


    • Tim The Film Guy says :

      That’s how you know a show is really good, you cannot wait to see the next episode! Really has impressed me as a new tv show. Same as you I want it to carry on a while.

      Did you hear about Henry Cavill being a fan and wanting to show up as Clark Kent reporting? How cool would that be?!


      • williamjepma says :

        Oh man, I get giddy just thinking about it! I would personally love to see the Arrow universe exist in the same world as Man of Steel, and I can’t imagine a better way to that than have Clark Kent himself show up! 😀


        • Tim The Film Guy says :

          It would be ridiculous for superman to turn up but Clark Kent would be subtle enough to be a really cool way to link the universes. Imagine him trying to get a Q&A with Oliver but Oliver being too busy to talk to him. I want it to happen!


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