Thor: The Dark World (2013) Review

Thor: The Dark World is one of the most fun and entertaining Marvel films I have seen, from the fascinating story to the side splitting humour to the amazing visuals. This was a really well made film and I have very few to no complaints. The story takes you to so many more places than previous films and expands on the universe created. The visuals are a great improvement on the first Thor film with less plastic and more leather and metal, Thor’s universe seems real. The new Director (Alan Taylor) has done a wonderful job of creating a sequel, blending past events naturally with the current story and just making it so damn fun. The film is really an action adventure film which is what this character really needs to work on the big screen. I’ll go into much more detail below but for now bookmark this if you are waiting to see the film, leave any comments below, if you have seen the film then check out the spoiler sections and I will look forward to hearing everyone’s thoughts.

“Some believe that before the universe, there was nothing. They’re wrong. There was darkness and it has survived.”



Marvel’s “Thor: The Dark World” continues the big-screen adventures of Thor, the Mighty Avenger, as he battles to save Earth and all the Nine Realms from a shadowy enemy that predates the universe itself. In the aftermath of Marvel’s “Thor” and “Marvel’s The Avengers,” Thor fights to restore order across the cosmos…but an ancient race led by the vengeful Malekith returns to plunge the universe back into darkness. Faced with an enemy that even Odin and Asgard cannot withstand, Thor must embark on his most perilous and personal journey yet, one that will reunite him with Jane Foster and force him to sacrifice everything to save us all.

Tim’s Film Reviews Recommended

Story: 80%     Acting: 85%     Characters: 85%     Dialogue: 95%

Sci-Fi/Action/Superhero: 90%     Style/Sound: 100%     Visuals: 90%

Total: 89%


The story is much larger in scope than the first film with a greater view of the other worlds under Asgardian protection The Nine Realms. However the story starts with an exposition detailing the past events with the Dark Elves, much like the first film did with the Frost Giants. But unlike the first film this set up more detail and the fighting was so cool. And after setting up what this film is all about we get straight into more action with Thor and the Asgardians trying to restore order to a realm which was left undefended after the bifrost was destroyed. I counted four realms that where visited in this film and I really enjoyed each of them, never boring. Past this the story details become very spoiler territory so I will just say this, Alan Taylor brought many events together to make a really entertaining story.


The acting is great with some pretty emotional scenes involved so watch out for them. But also a great deal of character acting, the whole cast worked really well together in this film. Thor and Loki work great as always but in this they feel even more like brothers and some of the back and forth dialogue is hysterical. Also didn’t hate Jane Foster in this one, which is always a plus. We also got some great scenes with Thor’s warriors (Sif, Fandral, Volstagg) just wish we got to see more of them because I really started to like them, in the last film we barely got a word of dialogue from them. Idris Elba also gets some more screen time and rightly so because he gets a scene or two to kick some Dark Elve ass, which makes Elba one of the year’s most kick ass actors. Now to the villain of the story which is a weak link in most Marvel films, I was hoping that this film would change this but Eccleston didn’t really get too much time to be a memorable villain, very little dialogue as well. Worked well in the story but I cannot see anyone quoting him soon.


The science fiction of this film seems a lot less “is it science or is it magic” questions and then they just give up on that which is great because I don’t care anymore. We have loki’s and the Dark Elves magic (or is it) throughout the film with some neat tricks and one that seems like a video games power up. But then we get spaceships and alien weapons, all very cool and somehow blends quite well with the magic/medieval feel of the world. The action is glorious especially the final fight scene in London (super spoiler for spoiler section). As a superhero film it’s hard to judge this, it’s not the traditional story for a superhero and I suppose Thor isn’t really that character so it needs to be more focused on his journey to save many worlds as this is his responsibility. Saves the day though. Great soundtrack used as well, really fits with the plot of the film and you could really feel it in big action scenes.


The visuals in some scenes are stunning, especially in Asgard whether it’s a landscape shot of the city or within the city itself it looks like a real place. In the first film there was exceptional amount of plastic CGI all over the Asgardian scenes. The majority of the scenes in this film felt more like Game of Thrones in texture because it is mostly shot on location with subtle CGI added later for obvious effect. This film had a lot of different visual challenges to overcome but it did and to great effect (pun intended). Each world seemed separate, every location had a different aesthetic and every weapon used had a history.




Seriously guys turn away now to avoid spoilers. Thor dies! I told you not to read this section. So many brilliant scenes and I really want to see this film again but I would love just to have a small clip from the film and it’s the best cameo I have ever seen. When Loki is joking with disguises and turns into Captain America it was so damn funny and Chris Evans was a great sport for going with the scene and pretending to be Loki playing CA. The great fight scene at the end as well with Malekith and Thor shooting through portals as they fight going from one realm to another was brilliantly done with great fighting and even humour added in. We also get the snow beast from the first film making an appearance both running around London in the last fight and also chasing birds in the last end credit scene. Speaking of end credit scenes any fans of Guardians of the Galaxy will be thrilled to see the collector and mention of the five stones that make up the Infinity Gauntlet used by Thanos, sadly no Thanos appears but a great lead into Guardians of the Galaxy next year.



Don’t forget my trailer review for trailer 2.

The best reviews I found would be these:

“THIS WAS BRILLIANT, I loved it, enjoyed it so much. It was so good seeing the Two brothers help each other, and the twists they put in are brilliant. I love watching a film and figuring out what’s happening and what will happen and being right, I love it. There will definitely be a 3rd one I will be very surprised if they don’t. 5 out of 5 stars!” Film and TV Reviews. Full Review 

“So overall it really is great entertainment and that next step in the Marvel adventure and don’t forget to stick around for the bit after the credits!!! You might just see someone who’s going to be involved very soon . . .” Let’s Got To The Movies. Full Review 

“So in conclusion Thor: The Dark World is another great film for Marvel, it takes the foundation from the first film and amplifies the story, characters and action by a lot more. Alan Taylor has done a really good job at giving us a more dramatic and realistic version of this fantastic world that Kenneth Branagh crafted. In truth it is the characters that make this film truly special and Chris Hemsworth and Tom Hiddleston are simply incredible and really elevate this film into something special.” Hypersonic. Full Review

“It’s as action-packed and visually spectacular as any of its Marvel stablemates – and arguably the funniest of the lot.” Film4. Full Review



My favourite scene would have to be the greatly choreographed multidimensional fight scene near the end of the film. Don’t get to say that very often, such a shame. Although the cameo scene would be another favourite.


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