Fall TV 2013 Part 4 Review

It’s simple I watch a lot TV and movies and well anything on a screen. So summer ending is a blow, big blockbusters gone (sad). But TV shows are back (Yay) and because it is fall we get a bunch of new ones for me to judge and ridicule Mwahahaha! This week I am looking at some of my favourite TV shows from year and just one new entry. The way I am reviewing the shows is based off the shows first three episodes because that’s how long I watch a show before I decide to keep watching a new show or drop it like led brick. This is the last addition for now and I expect to come back for these TV reviews in the cold, cold winter. So here come my views, if you think there is a show I am not watching that I should, please bring it up because I am always looking for suggestions.



Grimm (Season 3) Ep 1-3


Ah Grimm the series that treads the line between terrible and great without a moments notice. Regardless of its past seasons it’s getting better and so far I have really enjoyed this season, especially the Nick being all super charged and kind of off and on again dead. There never seem to be any story behind the scenes or something connects one episode to another, which I actually like because when they try to have some arcing story it sucks so bad! The Royal stuff is awful!

Watch It!



Dracula (Season 1) Ep 1-3


What I wanted from this series is a modern classic Dracula, not what I got though. Its set in old times but I don’t believe it for a second. Now then to the good parts, I do like some of the espionage stuff and science fiction elements, would like some more gore. I haven’t fully made my mind up about this yet but I’ll keep watching until I get bored, which maybe soon.

Give it a Shot


Almost Human (Season 1) Ep 1-2


Looking forward to this for a while and I am damn happy with the results. The first episode was good with some dialogue and chemistry problems but overall enjoyable and I get what I need for a pilot. The second episode though is damn good. We go into the future world of sex robots haha no complaints and boy was this one funny and action packed. Karl Urban and Michael Early get the right chemistry with a great buddy cop relationship branching off from the unique combination of Robot and Man working together.

You know a show is going to be fun when this is a quote.

“Don’t scan my testicle!”

Watch It!



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23 responses to “Fall TV 2013 Part 4 Review”

  1. sidekickreviews says :

    I still have to watch Almost Human, I keep forgetting. I’m curious what the ratings are but sounds like it’s going to be a hit!


  2. Kim @ Tranquil Dreams says :

    I’m still lingering in the Season 1 of Grimm. I think I have 9 episodes watched as of early summer..and then I stopped and somehow never got back into now. Maybe I should really get back into it and catch up 🙂
    JONATHAN RHYS MEYERS! I never even heard of this! I’m going to look for Dracula!! Love the guy SO MUCH!
    Thanks Tim! You just made my day 🙂


  3. Victor De Leon says :

    Love Grimm. Have always stuck with it. Dracula bored the hell out of me, so I bailed. I’m digging Almost Human. Good post, Tim! Thanks, man!


    • Tim The Film Guy says :

      Yeah Dracula is boring me too 😦

      Almost Human, lots of fun. Second episodes the best right? 😀


      • Victor De Leon says :

        I enjoyed the second very much! Great character development and the style of the show is starting to find it’s groove. I liked the drama, too. The ending of that last ep was profound and establishes that the show has heart. All around a solid watch. 🙂

        I just can’t get into Drac. Dunno why. Maybe it’s the approach and how they deviate so far from the mythos. I’m old school, I guess. I actually thought it was supposed to take place in the present day. :/


  4. V says :

    I’m enjoying Dracula! Which surprises me. Going to watch Almost Human tonight, it sounds like I’ll enjoy it.


  5. mistylayne says :

    I gave up on Grimm – it got way too boring. :-/


  6. mformariya says :

    My flatmate and I just finished the second episode of Almost Human, and it is amazing so far! The only issue is the small-voiced Minka Kelly…you really have to concentrate to understand what she is saying 😀 Seriously, get a voice, woman!


  7. caragale says :

    Haven’t seen Dracula, but I just binge caught up on season 2 of Grimm. I liked it much better than season 1, and I’m looking forward to season 3! And I like Almost Human so far! As for other show recommendations, I have gotten surprisingly attached to Sleepy Hollow. Also, American Horror Story is incredible this season. 🙂


  8. drakulus23 says :

    I’ve never seen either one of these.


  9. Emma says :

    I think Dracula improved after the first episode.


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