Tim’s Top Ten Films of 2013

This is my list of the Top Ten Films released in the year 2013. I have reviewed each one of them or a review is pending and consider them to be all worthy of their position. If you notice any films that you loved and that are not on the list then this could mean one of two things, either I disagree or I simply didn’t see it (there’s a lot of those). I will also be releasing my worst films of the year and what I thought were the best/worst sci-fi films of the year. Lastly I will post my most anticipated films of this current year 2014, ohhh exciting.


#1: Gravity


#1 on my list takes the number one spot for one reason; it’s the only film this year to get my 100% score. The film is very powerful and is visually beautiful with equally impressive character development. The 3D is used in a way that is extremely rare in most films, it’s actually used. Other than the visuals the other great aspect is the character development from Sandra Bullock, seeing her survive the ordeal this story portrays is a fascinating character study.

“How about you Ryan, you have anybody down there, looking up in the sky waiting for you to come home?”

Full Review

My Score: 100%

#2: The Hunger Games: Catching Fire


#2 on my list was a very pleasant surprise, I didn’t think too much about the first film but this really impresses me and its position is well deserved. 2013 is a great year for replacement directors. It’s a more thrilling story, it’s a well-paced and smartly presented film and if you are a fan apparently it’s more loyal to the book. It’s just winning on all fronts, or it’s as good as Caesars teeth are white.

“You fought very had in the Games, Miss Everdeen. But they were games. Would you like to be in a real war? Thousands of your people dead. Your loved ones….Gone.”

Full Review

My Score: 96%

#3: The Hobbit: The Desolation Of Smaug


#3 is yet another improved sequel on last year DRAGONS!!! Smaug you scene stealing marvel. What more could you want? And in case you were wondering, yes the sequel is better than the first film. It had better flow, more action and you know stuff actually happened most of the time. It’s essential what you get when adapting the events of the book rather than the journey featured in the first film. Out of everything featured in this film I must say that the visuals effects are by far the most stand out improvement over the first film. Smaug was a sight to see and worth the price of submission.

“Dragonfire and ruin! That is what he will bring upon us! He cannot see beyond his own desire!”

Full Review

My Score: 94%

#4: Pacific Rim


#4 on my list is a film I have took down a few points because the excitement around the film has dropped, still a great action film and blockbuster, best of the summer. Guillermo del Toro you glorious bastard! I walked into this film with high expectations and I mean really high expectations and yet somehow I still got more than I hoped for. This film wasn’t just giant monsters crashing against giant robots (which would have been enough for me) it had real characters and real emotions which make you care about them and that is incredibly important. The visuals go without saying but am saying it anyway, they were so EPIC in both scale and quality.

“Today at the edge of our hope, at the end of our time.  We have chosen to believe in each other!  Today we face the monsters that are at our door, today we are cancelling the apocalypse!”

Full Review

My Score: 92%

#5: Man of Steel


#5 on my list wasn’t the most excellent film as the trailer promised but I still consider it to be a great film, little work needed on the dialogue but the action cannot be put down. Somehow the team behind this film have made superman both more down to earth than any superman film before whilst also making him far more powerful and raw as a superhero. The visuals are just unbelievable and I’ll devote a paragraph to discussing that, the acting is good and General Zod is just wow.

“My name is General Zod. I have journeyed across an ocean of stars to reach you. Your world has sheltered one of my citizens. He will look like you, but he is not one of you. To those of you who know his location, the fate of your planet rests in your hands. To Kal-El, I say this: Surrender within 24 hours, or watch this world suffer the consequences.”

Full Review

My Score: 91%

#6: This is the End


#6 is a really fantastic surprise of 2013, didn’t expect much and by far this is my favourite comedy of the year. I couldn’t believe how funny this film was and how much I laughed. The cast were great, the visuals weren’t bad, the dialogue and humour is right on the money, and even the story moved along really well. I would recommend this film to anyone who liked Pineapple Express and Superbad.

Jay Baruchel:   “The power of Christ compels you!”

Jonah Hill:   “Is the power of Christ compelling me Jay?  Guess what?  It’s not that compelling.”

Full Review

My Score: 90%

#7: Kings of Summer


#7 Review pending but here is a brief opinion. The Kings of Summer is a great and quirky coming-of-age indie movie full of charm and strong performances. Nick Robinson and Nick Offerman play a great father and son duo and hit big laughs and deep feels multiple times.

“Yes, I experienced a childhood on the planet Earth. I’ve heard the story of the boy who cried wolf.”

My Score: 90%

#8: Frozen


#8 is another film with a review pending, but here are my general thoughts. Didn’t really anticipate this film all that much, story didn’t hook me or anything but the film surprised me. The story is fun and unique at parts for a Disney film and the music is brilliant. Disney have really impressed me with their recent animated features Wreck it Ralph and Tangled where very good films and this is a great continuation of that.

“Only one crazy enough to be out in this storm is you dear. You and this fellow.”

My Score: 90%

#9: Star Trek Into Darkness


#9 is a film that would be slightly higher on the list but I have rewatched it and have taken a few points off. The story is very good and benefits from the always brilliant plot driver of revenge. The acting was great and had the same brilliant performances from the first film with the added bonus of Benedict Cumberbatch being full on badass! We also get some great dialogue going on in this film; you will quote this films villain. 

“Let me explain to you what’s going on here. You are a criminal! I watched you murder innocent men and women. I was authorized to end you! And the only reason you are still alive is because I am allowing it! So shut your mouth!”

Full Review

My Score: 90%

#10: Thor: The Dark World


#10 was a really fun superhero film, out of all the hero films it made me laugh the most so it gets this position with a chuckle. This was a really well made film and I have very few to no complaints. The story takes you to so many more places than previous films and expands on the universe created. The visuals are a great improvement on the first Thor film with less plastic and more leather and metal, Thor’s universe seems real. The new Director (Alan Taylor) has done a wonderful job of creating a sequel, blending past events naturally with the current story and just making it so damn fun. 

“Some believe that before the universe, there was nothing. They’re wrong. There was darkness and it has survived.”

Full Review

My Score: 89%


Honourable Mentions: Batman: The Dark Knight Returns Part 1 & 2, Oblivion, Prisoners, Cloud Atlas, V/H/S/2 (Safe Haven).

Ending this top ten film list a bit weird guys.

Best Game with a Story

The Last of Us


This game was really excellent and I am just talking about it from a film stand point. Not a big gamer but this really impressed me with its story, acting, characters, music and visuals. If this was a film that came out this year it would top this list and probably a lot of other peoples, honestly this year the gaming industry has in some weird twist shown Hollywood up in the story department. If you are a gamer then please play this, if you don’t game then watch the “movie” cut which I have checked out and linked in the next line. If you can get past the games introduction section and not be connected to the main character/ have your heart broken you are a monster. Click here to watch the full Cut scene movie

My Score: 100%

Honourable mention: Bioshock Infinite, Lara Croft

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105 responses to “Tim’s Top Ten Films of 2013”

  1. enchantedbyfilm says :

    I very much approve of seeing Frozen on the list!! It was my favourite film of 2013 after The Selfish Giant 😀 Absolutely wonderful Disney film. I was really glad too to see The Kings of Summer!!! Such an underrated film, I haven’t even heard anyone mention it!! Great list. I still need to see a few of these.


    • Tim The Film Guy says :

      Oh great, glad you enjoyed frozen, my review should be out on friday. Surprised Kings of summer isnt on other peoples list as well. Oh well its on my at least 😀

      Glad you liked the list and thanks for commenting. Which films on the list havent you seen?


  2. Terry Malloy's Pigeon Coop says :

    Some great picks here Tim. Really need to get around to seeing The Kings of Summer, really like the look of that one. Also, nice mention for The Last of Us, freakin’ loved that game.


    • Tim The Film Guy says :

      Thanks Terry. Kings of summer was a pleasent surprise. Lots of humour and feels 😀

      Oh how great was that game? Not alone though, quite a few brilliant story based games. Which other game would you say had a cinematic story?


  3. Genki Jason says :

    Great list! Can’t fault Gravity being at the top. That film was an amazing experience and the best use of 3D since Avatar… Actually, even better!

    Pacific Rim was also a lot of fun as well!


    • Tim The Film Guy says :

      Ooh its your first comment here. Glad you liked the list and gravity was fantastic.

      Every so often they find a use for 3D but I still dont think it should be used for nearly every film.

      PACIFIC RIM!!! Loved it. The hong kong scene was glorious action 😀


  4. keith7198 says :

    Mighty nice list. Me share some favorites, most importantly our #1 picks!


  5. sidekickreviews says :

    Ahh a top ten list with movies I’ve actually watched! Well most of them. 🙂 I totally there with you on Alan Taylor, I hope he can revive the Terminator franchise, that would make my year! I’ll admit I haven’t seen This is The End or Kings of Summer but I’m down with some good laugh. I like the quotes from each movie, well done and nice picks!


    • Tim The Film Guy says :

      I do try to be a reviewer for the common man. That’s right, your common haha xD

      Oh yeah he’s doing the new ones. Hope it works both for him and for us 😀

      You need to see This is the end and Kings of summer. Both very funny and surprisingly good 😀

      Thanks for the comment. Again watch them!


  6. ianthecool says :

    Yeah, Gravity is going to be on the top of many lists this year. Including my own.


  7. Victor De Leon says :

    Nice list, Tim. Some good picks there, man. Good job.


  8. mahabore says :

    Given that I haven’t managed to catch up with around 5 of these movies yet, I would still go with your list almost in the same order 😀 Have read enough reviews the ones I haven’t watched the pretty much rate them in the same order as you have 😀 That being said ‘Prisoners’ and ‘Pain and Gain’ would have probably found their way in here somewhere I guess….


  9. ruth says :

    Nice Tim! Most of these are on my Honorable Mentions except FROZEN, love that one, it’s even on my Top 5. Many of these were on my top 10 of the first half of the year but there have been sooo many great films in the latter half that they all fall out. In any case, I’ve got my Top 10 picked, I just have to do a quick write-up for each one.


  10. Three Rows Back says :

    Didn’t rate Man of Steel or Thor 2 nearly as highly as you Tim but a great list otherise and a great read.


  11. griff says :

    Nice list, most of these would find there way onto my top 20 except for maybe Star Trek – lets just agree to disagree on that one lol. That Last of Us game might be one of the best games I have played ever. It was that good.


    • Tim The Film Guy says :

      No love for into darkness then? Fair enough at least you liked most of my list 😀

      The Last of Us was a truly excellent experience. Both in game play and in storytelling it really showed how well the format can produce quality content.

      Thanks for commenting Griff and what would take #1 spot for you?


  12. Hypersonic55 says :

    Interesting top ten man, while don’t agree with some of the film choices, it is your opinion and I have to respect it (bcoz I’m a nice kind of guy). Glad to see Frozen and Thor made it onto list, Frozen and Catching Fire were really unexpectedly good last year. Looking forward to your worst list, I can only imagine what’ll end up on the list.


    • Tim The Film Guy says :

      You don’t have to respect shit. This is tim’s film reviews not the Oscars, by all means argue 😀

      I’ll get us started. What film off my list did you really not like?

      Really enjoyed the autumn/winter line up of films. A lot of strong films and I really was impressed by a lot of them. 5 of this list came out in a two month period 😀


      • Hypersonic55 says :

        I’ll do whatever I like lol. And the Oscars, for all the films that do win, there’s a number of films that get ignored or wrongfully not chosen. So yeah that award place does not have my respect haha.

        Anyways moving on, films I disliked was This Is The End, not nearly as funny as people claim it to be, kind of stupid really. Then there’s Man of Steel, that isn’t completely without merits, but ultimately just wasn’t the version of Superman I hoped for. The more I thought of it after the summer ended the mote annoyed I got. Still pissed that it was my most viewed film of last year. ):(

        The latter part of 2013 really saved the year from being kind of sub-standard for me.


  13. theipc says :

    Good list, Tim! GRAVITY is number one for me too : )


  14. manonlesko says :

    I feel ashamed not having much tome for movies in 2013. I’ve seen only 3 from your list and I really need to catch up but I loved your reviews and I’m even more excited to watch the rest now 🙂


  15. mistylayne says :

    I really need to see Gravity. I can’t believe I haven’t seen it yet.


  16. ckckred says :

    Nice list! Good to see Gravity up there and This Is The End was a big surprise for me as well.


    • Tim The Film Guy says :

      Thanks. Gravity was brilliant, just enough time to tell a very simple but very powerful story. This is the End made me cry laughing and that kind of result made it a guarantee on this list 😀


  17. The Geek Mind says :

    Nice selections Tim 🙂
    Blackfish would be in my top 10 – and I’ll be writing a review on that soon!
    Catching Fire – really should have seen this at the cinema and sadly missed out. Regretting it now since everyone has been telling me it was awesome, and I loved the first one.


  18. daviruz says :

    Enjoy ur list and i must say i concur. Seeing Frozen soon (this evening 😉 ). Not seen Catching Fire, yet to play last of us but i will also agree. MY friend loves the game. U might also wanna check out Beyond: Two Souls as it has a nice story frm a movie point of view. Great list mate. (y)


    • Tim The Film Guy says :

      Glad you liked the list and I hope you enjoy Frozen. Listen out for ‘Let It Go’ great song 😀

      The last of Us is really brilliant. Hope you get the chance to play it and I actually forgot to put Beyond two souls on my honourable mentions list, great story and acting from the voice cast. Games this year have really shown some respectable quality.

      Thanks for commenting 😀


  19. jjames36 says :

    Great top ten, Tim! Even if I don’t particularly like some of the selections as much as you do, it was a lot of fun to read.

    And I completely agree on Disney and Frozen. That really is an excellent movie. 😉


    • Tim The Film Guy says :

      Ok so you agree with Frozen being on the list. But which film do you really disagree with being on this list? Come on, let’s discuss/argue films 😀


      • jjames36 says :

        Alright. I can discuss. 😉

        I gave D grades to The Hobbit and Man of Steel. I dislike both, though I think are moderately entertaining.

        I gave C grades to Thor, Star Trek and Kings of Summer. Of the lot, I think Kings of Summer is the closest to being a really good movie, but I don’t think it taps enough emotion to go with its humor. Nor do I think it develops side characters as well as it might have.

        I would currently have Gravity as the 11th best of the year and Catching Fire as the 12th (I know this because both just recently fell off of my Current Top 10 page); I have no issue with anyone putting either in their Top Ten. Both are excellent.

        I think This Is the End is very funny and gave it a B-. While it’s not on my list, I can see how it might make others’.


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