X-Men: Casting Successes and Failures – Tim The Film Guy

To avoid having the world’s longest post I will be limiting the casting to the first X-Men film. So you will have to submit a request for my thoughts on Vinnie Jones as Juggernaut (haha awful). First I will talk good cast then bad and explain why they were good and why they were bad from a comic book point of view. Some may disagree and I am sure I will be arguing with some in the comments but just shut up, like the post, share, comment and visit Zoë’s other X-Men posts. This should be fun.

Cast Image

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4 responses to “X-Men: Casting Successes and Failures – Tim The Film Guy”

  1. ruth says :

    I think all the casting for Xavier & Magneto (both young and old) are a massive success in my book. Major failure? That’d be Halle Berry as Storm, wish they had cast Angela Basset instead.


  2. boxofficebuzzab says :

    Great post, totally agree with your assessment!


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