Tim The Film Guy Accepts The ALS Challenge

Okay well as inevitable as the tide. This was going to happen sooner or later. Didn’t think my sister would be the one to “Initialise” me into this campaign. But whatever, it’s for an important cause and am not a complete monster.

Make sure you all go to the ALSA website here and donate if you haven’t. Anyway click after the break to see me douse myself in ice cold water.


If you couldn’t hear what I said here is a little transcript.

“Hello this is my ALS ice bucket challenge. Thanks to Heather (my sister) for the nomination. I nominate Ruth Curtis and Terrence. So…

Ice. ohhhh….. So unbelievably cold. Oh i’ll take my glasses off.

Okay. Ready. Whow! Ah that is ice. Oh gosh, wish I was the Man of Steel.”

Ah yes I didn’t nominate any local friends for the Ice bucket challenge because I thought 1. Most have already done it or will eventually do it. And 2. The point of this is to raise awareness and spread the challenge as far as possible. So with that said I thought I’d nominate some of my fellow film bloggers.

Ruth at Flixchatter 

Curtis at The Hypersonic 

And Terrence at The Focused Filmographer 

Sorry guys but you have 24 hours.



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24 responses to “Tim The Film Guy Accepts The ALS Challenge”

  1. Tom says :

    Ha! Nice one man. Good to finally meet you. I only say that because our friendship has not been valid until now. Lol. Jk.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Writer Loves Movies says :

    Good one Tim. Sorry I’ve been away from your blog for a while, don’t mind if I so some catching up! 🙂


  3. emmakwall says :

    Brilliant, well done you!!!!!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. lauren says :

    Brilliant, well done!


  5. gilbertspeaks says :

    Kudos Tim for braving the ice water!!!!


  6. ruth says :

    The nerve you have nominating me Tim!! 😛 Well I guess I can’t escape from this. There’s no way I’m putting the vid on the blog but you can check out my FB page 😉


  7. The Focused Filmographer says :

    ahh man. I wasn’t expecting a nomination for this for quite some time. Tim, ya got me! ha. oh man……it appears I agree with lukebbtt “Even WordPress isn’t safe from the Ice Bucket Challenge.”


  8. Kim @ Tranquil Dreams says :

    Awesome job! Love it! 🙂


  9. Kristin says :

    Haha, this is great! Nice of you to nominate some fellow film bloggers. I got nominated twice by friends/family and just donated to the cause. Great video! I’m hoping your nominations will participate as well! 🙂


  10. lukebbtt says :

    Even WordPress isn’t safe from the Ice Bucket Challenge.


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