The Sony Hack: From a Funny Leak to a Horrifying Precedent

I avoid politics on my film blog because it very rarely has a place being here. However recently it has become such an all-consuming part of the film news world I thought I should chime in. Then a few days ago Sony had pulled the release of ‘The Interview’ from worldwide screenings. Bringing both my film nerd side and my political nerd side crashing together to form this post. I will discuss what happened, theory on why and my views on it happening.


First I’d like to say that I understand the cinemas that pulled the film from being screened, the threat was aimed at your customers and staff and in recent years there have been terrifying attacks in US cinemas. One in particular comes to mind in the memory of the shooting at a premier screening of The Dark Knight Rises.

So I do understand and get the fear that is felt. However I have to applaud a few cinemas in Texas that I believe even after Sony pulled the film ‘The Interview’ are going to show ‘Team America World Police’ just to spite the Hackers. Bravo I say. I think I may even review that film myself this week for the same reason.

Now from Sony’s side they really shouldn’t have caved in. If I was head at Sony I’d release ‘The Interview’ for free online and make five smaller indie films for next year all about Kim Jong-Un. You can never give into “do it or else” demands, because it sets a horrifying precedent for the future. The world now knows that this behaviour works and that really worries me.

But what I think is even worse is that I think people will shy away from making anything satirical about world leaders, anything that criticises them or points out the lunacy of their rule. Imagine if this worked when Charlie Chaplin made ‘The Great Dictator’. Now am not saying ‘The Interview’ is hard hitting poignant stuff but in basic principle it’s the same and it makes me sad to think what this means for future films

We wouldn’t stop watching ‘The Great Dictator’ just because Hitler wasn’t a big fan.


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14 responses to “The Sony Hack: From a Funny Leak to a Horrifying Precedent”

  1. Kristin says :

    Yeah, I’m with you on this completely, Tim. Good points, good post. I’m glad they released it online!

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  2. Three Rows Back says :

    Very well said mate. A worrying precedent indeed. Sony officially has no backbone.

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  3. gilbertspeaks says :

    Tim, I agree with you 99% and by the way this was an excellent review of what is happening between Sony and North Korea. Where I disagree is this: Our country does have freedom of Speech, but other countries don’t and can’t understand the principle of free speech even if it smacked them in the face, that said, we have to remember we are dealing with a man who likes to play with nuclear weapons. What we don’t need now is another enemy. Heaven knows we have enough. I don’t think Kim Jong-Un would have been as upset if we did not use his name. We embarrassed him in front of his people. That is not good form. The power of free speech is knowing how to say “you’re a total screw up” and having a tyrant think it a compliment. I love reading your blog and will have to interview you one day. Have a great Holiday and keep posting

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    • Tim The Film Guy says :

      You raise an interesting point. What’s the limit or range if you will when it comes to free speech.

      For example I make excepts when it comes to racism or making fun of disabled people. That list could go on for a while but politics is a different game.

      Free speech is all about politics and our right to complain and poke fun at the people who make the decisions that effect all our lives.

      Haha I would love an interview with you. Thanks for the comment and hope you have a good holiday too 😀


  4. The Celtic Predator says :

    Not to be the further bearer of bad news, but Paramount also pulled any and all showings of ‘Team America: World Police’ from the Texas chains planning to show them. A precedent is already being set 😦

    Thank you very much for speaking out on this, Tim.

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  5. Ben says :

    I can see The Interview being released quietly next year, on Blu-Ray or through streaming. I agree with your point about the nasty precedent though and there are already films being cancelled (a Steve Carell one comes to mind) because of these events. Going to be an interesting year considering the fallout of the hack.

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  6. Tom says :

    You make an interesting point about the potential Sony has to actually capitalize on this event. I wonder what would happen if they went ahead and did make 5 indie films focusing on that little cock-sucker.

    Sorry, no other word really seems to do him justice.

    Did you realize the theaters that were planning on releasing Team America in lieu of The Interview were also pressured to drop it, too? It’s just crazy. What a dangerously insecure world this has become, so so quickly.

    And if it’s not insecurity then it’s global paranoia.

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    • Tim The Film Guy says :

      Sadly I have heard that the cinemas in Texas aren’t showing Team America anymore 😦

      Fear and stupidity is ruining this world.

      Thanks for reading anyway. Just thought I had to say my piece 😀

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      • Tom says :

        Yeah in my Quick Thought I pointed out that Team America was also being banned. In light of the incredible sensitivity that everyone who has a Korean name now is demonstrating towards political satire, the banning of that one doesn’t actually surprise me anymore. This whole situation is just nonsense.

        I haven’t given too much thought to the precedent Sony is setting by refusing to release The Interview, but it’s 100% a terrible shame. Who knows what else is going to get blocked down the road.

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