People will know me as Tim The Film Guy or from my site Tim’s Film Reviews, by the way my name is Tim if anyone didn’t realise that. I write about all things film, except that emotional crap which I don’t understand since I am an emotionless monster. Oh and I’m British. From Lancashire in the North, the best part of Britain. My favourite films are Sci-Fi, horror, action, comedy…Drama, oh wait that’s all of them hmm. Ok Sci-Fi then, love me some science fiction. To be honest I do watch a lot of films and a lot of TV which at least means I know what I am talking about, sadly that skill is absolutely useless everywhere else in the real world.

If nothing is in the cinema for a while I will be posting a special review depending on what film topics come up; new trailers, film news etc.

Please email me at timthefilmguy@gmail.com

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115 responses to “About/Contact”

  1. emmakwall says :

    Hey Tim, you are a bright spark on wordpress so I’ve nominated you for The Sunshine Award! Read about it here –



  2. evelynfilmfan says :

    I’ve nominated you for a Liebster Award! See http://evelynfilmfan.wordpress.com/2014/04/14/liebster-award/ for the rules… Keep up the good work!


  3. The Celtic Predator says :

    Hey Tim, I have a general wordpress/blogging question. How do you make your pictures in your posts bigger? Whenever I go to adjust the size of my pics, I can never raise the size of them past 100%. Any suggestions?


  4. cevans1982 says :

    Cool blog, look forward to reading more!


  5. Gary Smith says :

    I nominated you for the One Lovely Blog Award. Keep up the awesome work.


  6. Smash says :

    You know what’s going on dude, all the awesome and none of the emotional. That sounds good to me! I love me some sci-fi as well, so I’m looking forward to your take on Ender’s Game when it comes out later this year. I’m very excited about that movie. Probably my most anticipated of 2013. Keep up the great work! 🙂


  7. cindybruchman says :

    I haven’t nominated you for any award. Just getting to know you. I was stationed in Scotland and loved popping down to England a lot. Your part of England is underrated. I like the moors. It would be swell if you dropped by blog and commented when you felt the urge. Ta!


  8. theipc says :

    Hey Tim – I don’t know why email isn’t working – for your Airbender review I want to put out tomorrow – did you have a particular place you wanted me to put those pics you sent over or do you just want me to place them arbitrarily here and there? If for some reason you can’t get back to me, i’ll just place them throughout the paragraphs.

    (feel free to delete this comment if you like)


  9. Natasha Harmer says :

    Just nominated you for the liebster award 😀 sharing some blog love 🙂 http://natashaharmeryear1.wordpress.com/2013/05/13/nominated-for-the-liebster-award-again-d/


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