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V/H/S/2 (2013) Review

Feels like only a week ago I was reviewing the trailer and only a year ago I reviewed the first film, no wait it was. And you’d think with such a ridiculously quick turn over that this film would be a shambles but surprisingly it’s actually better than its predecessor. All of the segments are at least good and I haven’t seen that in anthology for a very long time. One of the segments could easily be turned into a full length film that I would easily watch. This time around the film has some new and really talented writers and directors which make for the significant improvement over the last film. In this film you get to look forward to ghosts, zombies, demon monsters and even aliens so get your copy of V/H/S/2 however you like because you won’t regret it.

“Yesterday you were tainted and sullied. Today you stand as angels of purity. Don’t be afraid, hold firm. Guide yourself to the promised land… ‘Sir?’ Don’t fucking interrupt me!”


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Mortal Kombat: Legacy (Live Action) Web Series Review

I just watched this at the weekend after the series second season trailer came out (wow!). So apparently to adapt a video game into anything remotely good you have to launch a live action web series. Granted this web series isn’t perfect but it was much better than I thought it would be and definitely better than the last film they made of Mortal Kombat. I knew a little of the back stories from the games but not much and it was fun to see them played out as a prologue to the game. The fights in this are great and really fun to watch, my only complaint is I want more! The visuals are also strong in this series, costumes and settings where impressively realistic in their appearance. The acting and dialogue was a little all over the place but wasn’t too bad, some were actually good but not most.

Mortal Kombat Lagacy Season 1 - Banner

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