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Godzilla (2014) Review

Godzilla is a disaster film that also features Godzilla, this is both a strength and a weakness of the film. I liked the tone and serious nature of the film and how it portrayed the title monster but it had problems. The human element was strong to start with but quickly became bland and lifeless. The story whilst for the most was fresh in its delivery did at times revisit monster franchises that it clearly wanted to be and came very close. The visuals are great and from the creature designs to the environment everything looked real, if this happened this is how it would look. Gareth Edwards clearly has talent and for a first big budget outing he has accomplished a really entertaining film. I look forward to his future work. I’ll go into much more detail below but for now bookmark this if you are waiting to see the film, leave any comments below, if you have seen the film then check out the spoiler sections and I will look forward to hearing everyone’s thoughts.

“The arrogance of men is thinking nature is in their control and not the other way around. Let them fight.” – ‘Let Them Fight’ should have been the title.


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Godzilla (Trailer #2) Review

Wow okay I am totally on-board now, I was a little on the fence about this project but I am in, by all means bring me the King of Monsters! I didn’t review the first trailer because I viewed it more as a teaser, this however is the real deal. Cranston’s dialogue is great in the opening and the visuals are looking really sharp, dark and very real. That last shot of what I presume is Godzilla looked great, but more on that later. The themes and sound effects also very impressive. Enjoy the review and please tell me your initial reactions to this new trailer, more so if you disagree.

“In 1954 we awakened something”

“Those nuclear tests in the pacific. Not Tests.”

“We were trying to kill it”


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Total Recall (2012) Review

First off just forget about the original film entirely because it isn’t the same in anyway other than the recall thing. Not really impressed by this remake and I am not one of those people who hate remakes, I don’t mind an old film being redone but it has to be clever and original but also know what made the original so popular. However the visuals where good and I didn’t mind the new story which is actually more like the original plot from the book.

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Best Films of 2012 – Part 1

It’s one of my amazing special posts, yay! (Nobody really cares, just look at the pretty pictures). Friday I will be posting a ‘Best of Christopher Nolan’ because of the Dark Knight Rises release.

Ok so we are now into the 7th month of the year so I thought I would put my favourite films of the year into monthly winners for the first half of 2012. Obviously part 2 won’t be coming out until January next year so keep an eye out for that when I will also reveal my winner of the year in genre categories (nobody really cares, just look at the pretty posters). Each winner is only put in a mini review but has been linked to the full reviews if you want to read more.

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John Carter (2012) Review

Think I may be crazy, because I actually really liked this film. The film deserved a better rap than it got and the films advertisement was terrible. The main reason I would say the film didn’t make much money was the advertisement because even I didn’t go see it at the cinema and that’s really saying something. A massive surprise to me! That’s some good Sci-Fi.

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