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The Conjuring (2013) Review

The film is good but my hang up comes with the idea of another haunting film that uses the same clichés over and over again. As a horror film it is better than most, the acting is good, it’s well-paced and the story had a clear direction, my only problem is it being another haunted house. I promise I won’t judge it harshly for its stereotypical genre but I will be mentioning it. There is one golden nugget in this film though and it’s the idea of professional Paranormal Investigators, it’s been done before but this felt like a lot of fun and I really wanted to see the stories behind some of the weirder items in their paranormal vault, like that samurai mask (sequel! Or prequel). The film is well made but the film is getting ridiculous hype for nothing more than a polished version of the same haunted house story. I’ll go into much more detail below but for now bookmark this if you are waiting to see the film, leave any comments below, I look forward to hearing everyone’s thoughts. There will be spoilers.


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Box Office Predictions (19-21st July)

Guess what am back to…PREDICTIONS!!! But first I have to issue my deep disappointment of Pacific Rims box office last weekend. The US has let me down and hopefully the international markets can save this wonderful film. Also if you haven’t seen it yet please go out this weekend so you don’t have to witness another of my Dredd breakdowns! Grown Ups 2 are F*CKING kidding me! Onto less ranting topics let’s talk about the FOUR new wide releases this weekend. We have Turbo the animated racing film about snails, The Conjuring a new horror film with excellent reviews, R.I.P.D. a comic book adaptation of what is essential MIB with ghosts and lastly Red 2 the sequel to a successful action film about not so retired CIA agents. Look on for my analysis and go out to see some films. Please go see Pacific Rim! PLEASE!!!


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