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Hiatus over!

Yes I am truly back. As bitter and angry as ever. Going to be reviewing films, the odd trailer and maybe even some movie news.

If your wondering why I left my reviews for nearly a year then (wow a year!) I havent got an answer but I am refreshed and have plenty of opinions to share with you all.

Sadly the worst part of my break was that I also never really visited anybody elses sites and reviews. I am sorry and will be trying to give everyones sites a good look.

Now as for what’s next I will be reviewing Batman V superman first, that’ll be out later today or tomorrow. As a slight teaser I was actually going to start the reviews as soon as that came out but after watching it I pushed it back to now.

Then I’ll review Deadpool, Captain America and a couple of other films I’ve seen.


Editor’s Note

I am watching Dredd 3D tonight so will be posting my review of that tomorrow hopefully. For now though I thought I would give my followers some information on how I actually give my scores to films and why I chose this form of rating system. Nah only kidding I am crazy and most of the Stuff i do is based on random thought processes. Please enjoy my nonsense. Oh and tell me if you are watching Dredd 3D tonight or if not you better have a good explanation for why not! I’ll except living in the USA because they sadly have to wait until the 21st. Oh and I recently reached 20,000 views so I thought that was really good (if I don’t say so myself haha).

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