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Best Films of 2012 – Part 1

It’s one of my amazing special posts, yay! (Nobody really cares, just look at the pretty pictures). Friday I will be posting a ‘Best of Christopher Nolan’ because of the Dark Knight Rises release.

Ok so we are now into the 7th month of the year so I thought I would put my favourite films of the year into monthly winners for the first half of 2012. Obviously part 2 won’t be coming out until January next year so keep an eye out for that when I will also reveal my winner of the year in genre categories (nobody really cares, just look at the pretty posters). Each winner is only put in a mini review but has been linked to the full reviews if you want to read more.

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The Top Ten Horror Films Part 1&2 – Polls closed

This is my top ten horror list I hope you enjoy. Thank all for voting and I hope your film won.

Oh My God what the hell is that, arghghhhh it’s got me! Where’s my shot gun damn it! OH GOD NOT MY BRAIN… [Part 1]

Go into caves, tempt ghosts, open portals into other dimensions, go into any room with a 1408 number, go into a theme park when it’s a zombie apocalypse and drink crazy water![Part 2]

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Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows (2011) Review

The film is exactly what you expect, if you like this type of film then sure it’s a good, fun and smartly created mystery action film. But if you don’t like this type of film (Sherlock Holmes (2009) for example) then you should give it a miss. I am the first person because I actually like this type, it’s just fun to watch and as long as I enjoy the experience there’s nothing else it really needs to do.

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John Carter (2012) Review

Think I may be crazy, because I actually really liked this film. The film deserved a better rap than it got and the films advertisement was terrible. The main reason I would say the film didn’t make much money was the advertisement because even I didn’t go see it at the cinema and that’s really saying something. A massive surprise to me! That’s some good Sci-Fi.

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The Top Ten Comedies Part 1&2 Polls closed

Now just to state that originally I had a list of 38 comedy films and then had to cut it down to just 10 films, so I know people will be asking why their favourite film isn’t on here and believe me it was hard to cut 28 of my favourite comedy films off the list. But the films on the list are the best of the best and deserve your laughs.

You can check out part 1 here and part 2 here.

Votes have now closed and the winners are revealed below:

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Snow White and the Huntsman (2012) Review

This is a classic example of trailers being better than the film it represents. I really didn’t like this film much as I thought it was painfully average, but perhaps that is because I was not it’s target audience. Still I didn’t hear any praise from people leaving the cinema or any complaints really. A very boring average.

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Prometheus (2012) Review

It’s a good Sci-Fi film with great acting and an interesting plot, but sadly it wasn’t a great Sci-Fi film and definitely wasn’t this generations Alien. But I would love to see a sequel which could easily fix the problems I found with this film.

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The Best of Ridley Scott

With the release of Prometheus this weekend I have decided to take a good look at its director’s past films and have decided that these are his top 4 films. Ridley Scott has made some of the best films ever made and four of them are below, so please check them out to get a good look inside of Ridley Scott’s mind.

Don’t forget to vote for your favourite Ridley Scott Film at the end.

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Men in Black III (2012) Review

It was actually pretty good to my surprise and would say it’s mainly down to Josh Brolin’s fantastic portrayal of a young agent K. In Men in Black 3, Agents J (Will Smith) and K (Tommy Lee Jones) are back…in time. J has seen some inexplicable things in his 15 years with the Men in Black, but nothing, not even aliens, perplexes him as much as his wry, reticent partner. But when K’s life and the fate of the planet are put at stake, Agent J will have to travel back in time to put things right.

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Top Ten Horror Films 2000-2010 Part 2

Oh snap! Don’t go in there you fool! WHY DON’T YOU LEARN! Well in top ten horror films part 2 we learn not to go into caves, tempt ghosts, open portals into other dimensions, go into any room with a 1408 number, don’t go into a theme park when it’s a zombie apocalypse and don’t drink crazy water!

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