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The Opinions Are In & The Vote Is Finished

I needed you to vote for my next feature post and you did, more than I expected. I do have some other posts in the timeline such as the Guardians of the Galaxy trailer #2 review and the X-Men Days of Future Past film review. However the first feature post will be coming out next Friday. I didn’t mention this in the last post but all of the feature posts will be done but the order will be by the most votes. Check out the winner and the exact details on what they will be after the break.


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Box Office Predictions (23-25th Aug) Results

This weekend did not go as I predicted at all, a lot of shocking numbers, but mostly low. Returning films did very well but most of the new releases bombed. Or did they? Go watch some movies!


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Box Office Predictions (26-28th July)

I don’t see anything special happening this weekend as we all know who’s going to win out. I am of course referring to The Wolverine, the only big player releasing this weekend. What I am interested in seeing is how well the returning films do on their second weekend. How will The Conjuring hold up to a second weekend? Because the The Purge dropped massively, and of course we have the other three releases. Look on for my analysis and go out to see some films. And I still haven’t forgotten about Pacific Rim!


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