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Captain America: Civil War (2016) Review

The Russo brothers might be my favourite superhero directors. This film is easily one of marvels best and it did this by building on what the franchise has forged so far. It pitted Iron Man’s fear, anger and guilt against Captain America’s fight the good fight spirit and the ensuing drama was spectacular to watch. They really packed all the emotions into this one but it never felt stuffed or long winded and that is damn impressive given how much actually happens in this film.

“I’m saying there may be a causality. Our very strength invites challenge, challenge incites conflict, and conflict… breeds catastrophe.”


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Iron Man 3 (2013) Review

Iron Man 3 the first of this summer’s superhero films was very good but not the best. The story is strong and draws this strength from a brilliant comic arc which is one of my favourites called Extremis, it did take some liberties. The acting was great benefiting from some fantastic new additions to the cast, Pierce, Kingsley. Good dialogue but I expect something juicy to quote from, like a villain (Complaints for this are in spoiler section) or Hero. As a superhero film something was just off, still very good but some themes just didn’t work for me. The visuals are amazing and will in no way disappoint, the new extremis armour is great and you get to see a lot of interesting tech and powers. Bookmark this if you are waiting to see the film, leave any comments below and I will look forward to hearing everyone’s thoughts.

“Do you want an empty life or a meaningful death?”


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