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Star Trek Into Darkness (2013) Review

Star Trek Into Darkness has really up’d the game this summer. It’s going to take something truly epic to take Into Darkness off the top spot in my opinion, looking at you Man of Steel. The story is very good and benefits from the always brilliant plot driver revenge, someone’s really not happy. The acting was great had the same brilliant performances from the first film with the added bonus of Benedict Cumberbatch being full on badass! We also get some great dialogue going in this film, decided to not put a spoiler one in the first paragraph but it’s a great line anyway. Unlike Iron Man 3 you will quote this films villain. Science fiction wise this film gave logic a slight beating but nothing that would make stop and think what? The visuals are just spectacular and it’s the first film this year that I saw any reason to put a pair of 3D glasses on, also recommending full IMAX for this one. Bookmark this if you are waiting to see the film, leave any comments below, if you have seen the film check out the spoiler sections and I will look forward to hearing everyone’s thoughts.

“Let me explain to you what’s going on here. You are a criminal! I watched you murder innocent men and women. I was authorized to end you! And the only reason you are still alive is because I am allowing it! So shut your mouth!”


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Star Trek (2009) Review

With the release of Star Trek Into Darkness this weekend I thought it would be a great time to review part 1 in the nerdiest reboot of all time. This Star Trek was a shockingly good film when it came out and I was very impressed when I first saw, so angry I didn’t get to see in IMAX but either watching it on a phone or the big screen this film was excellent. The story was clever and allowed for both an origin story of the original and a whole new path for the franchise, Abram’s you sneaky Bastard. The cast is great and I loved their interpretations of the characters, some interesting choices for the roles but they paid off with some great performances. The visuals are amazing and are truly breath-taking, from the halls of the Enterprise to the epic battles in space. The science fiction is fascinating but for the new generation a little heart pounding action is required and that’s what this film does well in many different ways. I hope you all enjoy the new Star Trek this weekend and come back for my review on Friday. Live long and prosper \\//.

“You know your father was Captain of a Starship for 12 minutes. He saved 800 lives, including your mother’s… and yours. I dare you to do better.”


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