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Winter TV 2013/2014 Part 1 Review

Winter is going to be here for a while apparently and whether your drowning in floods or freezing snow, the TV has got your back as you cosy up to a fire. So with the TV shows coming back from their break, returning shows and because every season has a bunch of new show I get to be judgmental year round Mwahahaha! The way I am reviewing them is based off the shows first three episodes because that’s how long I watch a show before I decide to keep watching a new show or drop it like led brick. So here come my views, if you think there is a show I am not watching that I should please bring it up because I am always looking for suggestions.


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Ted (2012) Review

Its early family guy which means it very funny but doesn’t always gel, that’s fine in a TV show but can be strange in a full length film. Nevertheless it’s really funny and that’s all a comedy film needs to be so it’s winning. This is so Seth MacFarlane that it’s hard to escape the family guy comparisons. Although it does have some unique and unseen funny parts which I am glad of because I was worried about the trailer being all of its comedy.

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