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The LEGO Movie (2014) Review

This has taken far too long to review but here we are. I really liked this film and when I first heard of it I didn’t care, love a pleasant surprise. Its action packed, funny, got a great voice cast, and the story is quite touching, very much to my surprise. The visuals in this are great, I really thought the mix of Stop-motion and CGI was very impressive; I was often unable to see the difference in the film. The characters are either really funny or are great character parodies. I’ll go into much more detail below but for now bookmark this if you are waiting to see the film, if you have seen the film then check out the spoiler sections and I will look forward to hearing everyone’s thoughts.

“I know what you’re thinking, he’s the least qualified person to lead us…and you’re right!”


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Mini Trailer Reviews

Trailers appear to be coming out of the woodwork recently so I thought I would review a few of them all in one post because 1 I am lazy and 2 its Christmas time so I am busy. I am afraid there will be no teaser trailers so don’t look for the Godzilla, Interstellar, or Planet of the Apes in this post, I liked all three but without more content I really can’t pass my judgement’s. Hope you enjoy the mini reviews and I will get back to the full ones after the holidays. Enjoy the reviews and please tell me your initial reactions to these new trailers, more so if you disagree.


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Now You See Me (2013) Review

This film looked good and I expected something clever and fun based off the trailer and story. Well after seeing it I got one of those, it was definitely fun but not very smart at all. The film was filled plot problems but runs at fast speed so you don’t notice many. The cast is alright and some are funny but the characters don’t get fleshed out and I couldn’t care less about them. The magic is weak and I expect smarter tricks than what I actually saw. I’ll go into much more detail below but for now bookmark this if you are waiting to see the film, leave any comments below, if you have seen the film then check out the spoiler sections and I will look forward to hearing everyone’s thoughts.

“If you could re-enact that look of absolute befuddlement, it would be perfect for the cover of my DVD.”


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Oblivion (2013) Review

Not what I was expecting at all. The first of big science fiction films coming out this spring and it was surprising treat both in its original story and breath taking visuals. If you have seen the trailer and made your mind up think again because it really goes in different directions and I hope everyone goes out to give it a go. The acting was very good, the characters were good and the dialogue was good. It may not be for everyone but I struggle to find any complaints and have plenty to compliment as you will find as you read on. I would recommend the IMAX as it’s a great film with eye popping visuals. There will be a spoiler section but other than that this is spoiler free so no need to worry. Leave any comments below I look forward to hearing everyone’s views.

Oblivion - Banner

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5 Best Alien Invasion Films

Second feature of the 5 bests is the best alien invasion films. Science fiction is my genre, alien films are a keen interest and alien invasion films are just damn cool! It’s a good mixture of these types of films. I have featured action heavy films to dramatic paranoia and all of which I would recommend to my readers. If anyone has any film they are adamant that I have over looked, please point that film out to me because I am not an expert even though I have watched a lot of these films. Please enjoy the list and comment at the end.


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Olympus Has Fallen (Trailer #1) Review

Yeah I am not sure about this one at all, the cast is great, the visuals are pretty bad, the plot is interesting but I really don’t see anything special. The trailer starts off with some story of a body guard who couldn’t save the first ladies life (bored) don’t really see the point of this but then we get to the white house it all starts tuning up a gear. The trailer then gets to this air horn warning system which is always fun and we see a plane flying low over iconic Washington monuments oooh menacing. Then the guns start firing and I am taken right out of the film and its bad CGI, but nothing beats the shot of those security guard gets blown away by an explosion, one of them falls down and up again (well done wire guys). I do like the plot of this film but there is a strong sense of deja vu, you’ve got a bit of Die Hard, Air Force One and little bit of Red Dawn. I think this aspect could be the films downfall; however I will probably go see this. Lastly after asking a few friends about the trailer most of them seem to really like and whilst I don’t see anything special this must appeal to a lot of people and I would love to hear everyone’s thoughts.

Olympus Has Fallen - Banner

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Outbreak (1995) Review

Just watched this film at the weekend and thought it was actually good, it presents a scenario which is very plausible and presents it in a near realistic manner except for some Hollywood cheese flying around but it’s fun to watch so I don’t really care. This film is super star studded so it would be unrealistic back in the 90’s not to have big action scenes and jokey scenes, plus a Morgan Freeman speech because they had Morgan Freeman. At the same time, ordinary people struggle to survive and you see a great outbreak story from the people who are to fix the problem and how dangerous their jobs can be.

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The Dark Knight Rises (2012) Review

‘Christopher Nolan’ really doesn’t make bad films. ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ was a great film to end the epic trilogy Nolan started with Batman Begins and then made better with ‘The Dark Knight’. This film really brings the old school epics such as ‘Ben-Hur’ with thousands of extras running around on giant sets to the modern era of films. But sadly it was the last of this superhero trilogy and possibly the best adaptation of a comic hero we will ever see.

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